Project Bluebeam Warning of Staged Alien Invasion and Jesus Secound Coming.

by Chris on October 22nd, 2013

Alex Collier Any savior that comes down here and Implements a goverment freedoms will be taken away.

In the near future the New World Order and Malevlent ET groups will lauched the Alien invasion and secound coming. people will see alien beings and spaceships attacking humans and the world goverment will tell people we must unite in a common cause to fight this ememy from space and form a one world army and goverment to fight this alien threat then Jesus Clone will apear to save humanity and be acompanied by holographic projections of Angels Demons and the moon will turn red like blood and will proclaim to humans i am the god of heavan and he will proclaim New World Order as his holy Empire to rule the and form a One World Religion and those who do not worship or obey him will be killed, he tell his followers to slay the non belivers who he will on in league with the Devil and The Jesus clone will tell many christain people that they will be raptured into spaceships and be teleported to heavan.

Alex Collier Info on Project Bluebeam and regressive et manipulations of religion.

The Shroud of Turin. According to the Andromedans, this is one example of the extra terrestrial manipulation or assault of our belief systems. This holographic image on the shroud was created by the Greys and Sirians B,s to strengthen a belief system in a savior or messiah. This belief system assists their plan for control because humanity would love to give their power away to someone that appeared to be a true and legitimate messiah, because we’ve been taught to do that.

The Greys know that few people truly want to accept responsibility for their own evolution. Most would rather be told what to do, than to realize the situation and take the appropriate action necessary to free themselves.

To further realize the Grey manipulation on a belief system level, there is also a plan in development to play out a staged second coming. This will occur shortly after the destruction of the world economy, maybe six years, tops. This being will be a clone human being, a biological, who will holographically be imprinted with everything from spiritual truths regarding information about all religions, metaphysics, and he will come out speaking about all of these great wonders.

He will strongly profess the Hindu philosophy. Why, I don’t know, but this is what they’re saying. The intent is evil; this being will not have a soul. He is not spirit. He is robotoid, a clone, a robot, a synthetic. The Greys have this kind of ability to stage this kind of action using their technology. He will be the image of the man on the Shroud of Turin.

The Anti-Christ will not be the evil soul portrayed in the Bible. The Anti-Christ will truly be someone who tried to express the truth on the true matters and seize the United States government as the cause of all this evil. This is what they’ve said. Now, I have to add this, in defense of that belief system.

The Vatican, in 1960, admitted that there were fourteen plagiarisms in the New Testament. They refused to say what they were, but they said that there were fourteen. That means you can’t believe by it as gospel, so to speak, because they changed it. It wasn’t God who wrote it. The church changed it and they admitted it. So, you do with that what you want.

But everyone is believing it has to happen, and by us believing it has to happen, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to create it! We’re going to make it happen, and they’re sitting up there laughing at us, saying look at those idiots. Look what they’re doing to themselves.

The Greys were responsible for the Fatima episode in Portugal, where the Virgin Mary supposedly spoke to the children. This was a holographic image of a woman who professed to be the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The sun supposedly fell from the sky and miraculously healed people. Using Grey technology, these somewhat miracles did occur., But they used light and sound, which they beamed from their ship to the various people affecting these cures in their physical bodies.

Now, this is technology that has been here on the earth, at least the last hundred years or more. But it is against the law now, in most places in the United States because it works.

And that’s color and sound. And the reason for sound work, is because the entire universe is a holographic projection turned inside of itself. It’s all a holograph. Virtually all the people present were implanted during the missing time phase of this episode. A large mothership positioned itself in front of the sun to create this occurrence.

The reasons this is not a true is because the biblical Jesus is a composite character. And as such, is an allegorical myth. The Virgin Mary is also a composite character and these composites were made for the purposes of uniting the religions of the ancient Roman Empire so that their resources were not being used to constantly stop religious wars between different factions.

Alex Collier Secret Government Planning a Fake Alien Invasion And Secound coming.

Project Blue Beam: Government Plans Fake Alien Invasion To Usher in World Peace .


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bluesbaby5050: I just HOPE that the mass of people that............

READ these reports, and watch these video's believe that ALL the Top leaders in connection with the 'UNITED NATIONS Etc. " of this planet, have a long time planned INVESTMENT TO a "'Take -Over" for the Control and Domination of this planet Earth, and that this is Very TRUE! They have spent many years in this planning, and now they are just waiting for the RIGHT TIME to employ their Evil plans. It is not far off, so please be fore warned.

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