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Does anybody know how to delete one's account from this site? I'd like to know how if anyone is willing to share. Thank you in advance!



Ecbra de Oaoj: sent in particular to

Kierkegaard but;
public that it is also:

I wish that you reach the Knowlegde and Wisdon that you search. That you understand that it will happen when you acept the simplicity.

Heart represents your-self.

I would like that you stay here with us; discuting, with your sharp inteligence, points of view that each see for Truth. Because, maybe, each one have it own.

Like Einstein relativity about light; where you are when cames pulse?

We, humans - I assume that you also be- are enemis? If you for some reason wanna that it can be, I refute. We are the same family in this Terra. We just need adjust our diferences. Peace and Harmony is possible. real Justice. and etc.

When you feel one Mozart's music or see a paint of Rembrant no one word is necessary.

Indeed, are ilusionists that transform words; deceits. half truth is a whole lie. Interests makes exist the ocultism. the last secret is: no are secret.

you can descover for your-self. its what we are searching too. sense of askings and aswers.

please, pardon if I was deselegant with you before; did'nt my intention, just clear to you that I and others here arent cultist of entities or "sillys". Tarheel and Bluesbaby, if you dont know yet, clashed many times before; they are friends now. We are here learning together. teaching, if possible. and you are indeed important.

Good Vibes and Salute.


Terran resistance: I dont think you can delete your profile

You are stuck here for ever and ever mwahahaha :)
to forever debate with the looney toons

just delete your data and walk away, thats all you can do really

bluesbaby5050: To Ecbra----

This was very gracious of you.You extended your hand in friendship.maybe he will stay,and maybe not. Yes ,this is true,Tarheel Cowboy,and Myself did clash ,knock heads together before ,many times here in this forum,and the older members do remember this. It got pretty rough here.We disputed many differences here,and this helped us grow in many ways.We became better people for it. Maybe some of us don't speak good english,or speak the big words,and the big phases,but then again we don't have anything to prove from this. I keep it simple,because I know people are here in this forum that do not understand this language very well. I have to say though ,that they do quite well. At lease they make an effort to.This means alot here.THAT WE ALL TRY.This is a very Good point indeed.I keep it simple,and Not because I am simple headed.Not everyone here will see eye to eye. This is good also.We are all different people,and it would be a very boring place if we were all the same. I like the color differences,and the culture differences,and the total differences in the climates in the world,and it's peoples,and animals.This makes it all the more interesting for all of us. We learn from each other in many ways,but we all bleed the same,and have the same range of emotions,and this is what makes us HUMANS.I thank Inki for this,He is hated because he did this. He loved life so much,and cared for his creations so much that he in turn suffered for them.And this does make him a God! People would say but Jesus did this same thing too.Jesus did not make mankind, Inki did. Jesus was concieved for the use of control because of the greed in some mens hearts.Learn the true story of why this person was made up,and put in the bible,another tool for control,and the slaughter of mankind down thoughout the ages of time.Many men in history shed their blood for each other.But they were never exalted for this valor.It is all just a story for those that want to believe,and for those that want to gain.This is very simple.The Human Race is very special.We are all very special.Each one of us ,is a part of this whole human race. We are very special,and there are none like us.We are one of a special kind.This is why we are so valuable to others.Some even want to be like us,and they try to take us apart to see what makes us tick. They will never find it. We are born into the race of humans.You can't even clone the whole aspect of us. They have tried,and they also failed.You can't copy a soul,but a person can grow his/her own soul.This is called spiritual growth.You can accomplish this here,if a person choose's to.That is their choice.

Ecbra de Oaoj: To Bluesbaby and

who read.

well... I tried explain that we can respect our diferents opinions and keep on one another. well... maybe Im a romantic. I continue beliving that its possible...

ofenses, racism. cowardy. I will not more waste time with this retrograde world. neither here neither... in moon. enough. my chooice is Love. Universal Law, in just time Im sure... will take care about... there is no getting rid of it.

Job include... ei: change your despair for... Hope! bring a option to darkness. the reason of feathers; in net and 3D reality... in dream's fields. but you know that are souls that will choose.. nightmares... free will...could you make nothing more for who wants it.

here is just one more site... but I know that is important. should be in the air to let people know that not everything you learn in school, on the street, in the media...

and ... Forest Gump and Batman are movies... you can see both... enjoy!

Crigitine: It's on the Internet, there

It's on the Internet, there is no getting rid of it. You would need batmans program for that. The only way it is directly tied to you is when you put your straw man information.

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