PRIDE and FREE-WILL are a sin to Christianity's "God"

Ever thought that in the eyes of "god", your pride and own free will could send you to hell.(yeah right).


FREE WILL- I'm going to use an example I found on YouTube.
Imagine! Some robber confronts you in the street, asking for your money. You then refuse, then he shoots you dead. In court the robber's desperate, yet smart and persuasive lawyer, convinces the Jury it was suicide, since technically you chose to deny the robber money, making it almost seem like you chose to have someone take your life away.

So reimagine the scenario, this time your walking down the street, and some guy comes up behind you and says "Hey The Lord is i front of you and he is asking you to accept him" obviously no one there's so you say NO. Boom, your deemed an atheist and an outcast by Christians, then for the next week or so you are constantly bombered by die hard Christians who say the same thing. "Your going to burn in hell" I speak from experience.( about the your going to burn in hell part, not the robbery)

PRIDE- Do you take pride in your faith/what you believe? Well if it's not Christianity then you are seen as being manipulated by satan even thought it's your belief. Your own emotion is practically a sin!

Do ultimatums eliminate responsibility?

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obsrvantlouie: I say no

Even given an ultimatum - you are still responsible for getting self into the situational ultimatum - furthermore, upon the ultimatum - you still have free will to choose the red pill or the blue pill.

cosmicstorm: Couldn't have said it better.

Couldn't have said it better.

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