I am pregnant by a draco reptiluan what should i do i was once a human being and now i feel as though i have become one of these creatures. Im starting to think differently , all of my actions feel forced or fake . i have to get energy from others in order to feel emotion. I dont want to be this way , i want to help people and light up the world not darken it . is love the answer? Is terminating pregnancy the answer? I feel disconnected from god, my higher self . The UFOs are always around in the sky , like they are watching me . im soo lost. Can anyone help me ?

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LoliApolys: first off you can not just

first off you can not just change into a draconian lol its not how they are made. NOT ALL DRACONIAN OR REPTILIANS ARE EVIL its a war propaganda crap and the war is over so people can stop the hate..humans know very little of the truth behind draconians and the many other kingdoms that exist..some even are alliances with Andromeda council not all want to control or eat you. second if you actually have a et baby in you getting a dna test will help..but for emotional support and help.. please check this group out on facebook. many on there are part of the hybrid program from many factions and et species Hybrid Babies & Children - Multidimensional Hybrid Support....many programs consist of many rules and regulations so not all are the same...feel free to talk to the admins in this group if you need help as well :)

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