by edisonik on April 28th, 2012

The Massive Motherships around the Sun are doing their Duty protecting Earth from Devastating Solar Flares. The Power of Atlantia and Neptunia Two Awsome Motherships Bigger than Planet Earth.
Blessed are the Benevolant Forces of heaven.
Humanity will be Protected, Humanity is an Evolving Species and therefore must be portected and allowed to proceed to the next Level Space Colonization.

Humanity will achieve Destiny and a Beautiful Future.
The Dark Forces on this Earth are running on borrowed time.
That is simply the truth.

Peace and Harmony to Humanity and Rememberance of Atlantis , the beautiful City of the Oceans.


bluesbaby5050: Dear lord Edison---

Welcome back Sir, We are so glad you are here with us.This is so good to hear! We have been waiting to hear all this Great news! Thank You for bringing this news to us.We are delighted! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: excellent

i came upon this article, i personally filed a complaint to the SEC whistleblower site and reported that this dude was back in business with a fraud hedge fund, its nice to see things moving. here is the link.

bluesbaby5050: This is great news!

I am so glad he sings like a canary! lol! I hope he sings loud and clear! Falcon G.

wmarkley: try again

lets try that again,

bluesbaby5050: I hope the----

I Hope the Net closes Tight around all their necks! Give them just enough air to breath to recieve their punisnments,and they are will deserved to them all! Their dirty plots,and plans are exposed for all to see! Down with the Tryants! You have no place to run,and no place to hide!Falcon goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: he will

these types are used to being pampered, put them in a cage with the sodomites and they will give up their own mother to get out. they truely have no honor, he is probably screaming like a little girl right now, lol

wmarkley: mitt

I cant wait to see Mitt Romney in an orange jump suit. with his soon to be wife Jeb Bush.

bluesbaby5050: Mitt Romney was---

Bought and paid for by the MOBS! The crooks are going DOWN! Falcon.

wmarkley: yea

and Goldman sachs was funding his campain, and the people STILL didnt GET IT! i was talking to a smart friend of mine a month ago, and he was telling me how he favored Mitt ( orange jump suit) Romney, i wanted to grab him and shake him, but i figured that he will wake up on his own, i just told him to do some research into WHO is funding Mr. Crooks campain. the next couple of weeks will be very interesting.

bluesbaby5050: I hear ya Wmarkley!

It's like a great novel! I can't wait to get to the next chapters! LOL! This is very exciting indeed! Falcon G.

Son of Leod: You forgot

Not to mention that Goldman-Sachs and Romney's wife were into some trouble about having money in a Sex Trafficking fund. I was just like wow, how much more blatant can you be. Look at all the bankers, donating towards Romney's campaign. He will more than likely win, even if it is by voter fraud, especially as seeing he is the only one of the nominations besides Obama related to the other 43 presidents.

bluesbaby5050: We had all this exact information ---

Posted in this forum, Many times before this, for all the New members already.We did not forget anything here.We just get a little tired of having to re-post all this information for the new members re-peatedly.This is why we have put all the infomation for EVERYONE to study in the TOPICS PAGE. SO MUCH RICH information is listed there for all your conviences. Quinton has set this all up for all of you here.He is the OWNER of this web site. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: Thanks Great Falcon Master for the wonderful news.

And thanks to you and all involved in helping Humanity forge a destiny amongst the stars.

caseyhue: This doesn't hurt either!!

To help against the evil dark forces, not only do i say my prayers at night against the dark forces.. I also imagine my entire being wrapping my self around the earth an praying that all the dark forces remove themselves an the blind sided people wake up so we can all band together against the forces of the dark. I see my self out to help those that are in.

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