by bluesbaby5050 on November 25th, 2013

Here is a web site to some Very POWERFUL SELF-CLEARING TECHNIQUES, and REMOTE ENERGY CLEARINGS to Freeing the Mind From Limitations to Become a HIGHER FREQUENCY Human Being. To BECOMING a SOVEREIGN = FREE Human Being. www.AcsensionHelp.com { This web site is a great "EYE OPENER" to the Real Truth for the soul }.

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bluesbaby5050: Here is the NEW LINK ...........

Sorry for the mix-up, the Old Link is no longer in use, as I just found out. So now here is the NEW link to this above information:www.2012Emergence.com { Shattering the Matrix }.

bluesbaby5050: Look UNDER the TITLE of "Lords of Karma"...........

For the section on the Above Article- "Powerful Self-Clearing Techniques" to being a Higher Frequency Human Being. This site contains so much information that will help many people in this great awakening that is happening right now in this present time.

Crackdown: Link is broken

Ascension, not acsension

bluesbaby5050: Sorry............

Sorry for the misspelled word, I was in a hurry, and had to leave soon after. Corrections are always welcomed. Thanks! :-)

Quaesitor: IMHO they ask for entirely

IMHO they ask for entirely too much private information.

bluesbaby5050: Don't give them any.........

I didn't. I just compare notes, and that's all. Nothing more. No One Has To Subscribe to this site. I didn't. Just has interesting info. People need to use discernment.

bluesbaby5050: Notice the picture, and the message contained in it?

Another reason I posted this site.

edisonik: Merry Christmas!, Happy New Year!

We will all have a Great Christmas and Humanity will Celebrate Peace , Harmony & Love.
Let us enjoy this Festive Season and understand that Humanity is unique in this Galaxy.
Beautiful Humanity , Precious Humanity.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year


Enjoy the Holidays , Live with Happiness & Joy.
Love you all.

Peace & Harmony to all Humanity.

Tarheel: This Season has always been my favorite.

Mainly because almost everyone seems to be in a MUCH better spirit &/or mindset. If we could somehow get this "feeling" to stay with everyone the whole yearS around, The Earth would be a much, much better place to spend this incarnation.

This is cool.

Quaesitor: LOL I am almost always on a

LOL I am almost always on a mobile device. It asks you to sign in with no option to view the site at all. I can see it now on my home computer without giving them everything but my blood type. Thanks BB5050 it looks chock full of info!

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