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by reyalsnam on December 19th, 2008

I hope that everyone that comes across this site has a general knowledge of the possibilities of truth. I suggest that everyone watch every single interview and lecture done by Alex Collier. It truly woke me up into taking action!

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Quinton: I agree, Alex Collier has

I agree, Alex Collier has some great info.

edisonik: Alex Collier is Interesting

The Alien Question is truly the Biggest Question to ever happen to the History of Mankind.
It is the Biggest Question and the Biggest activity to have ever been denied by World Governments. Like one Famous person said the Alien Threat is truly the Invisible Elephant in the room that all Governments simply do not what to talk about, they know the Elephant is there but you can't see it , you can here it and you know it's there but you can't see the Elephant and if you get in the way, you get squashed.

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