by Annunaki77 on August 12th, 2012

Every Human Life has Value, though you go on without understanding the Great Scheme of things you know you exist. You understand that you are alive and that your lives are there but you do not understand why?.

I understand why, I understand the Ancient Secrets of your Divnity, your " Holy Me".
Your Independance, your Divine Right to Chart your Destiny According to your Design.
I am a voice that has travelled through vast Time and Space so that others may hear what has not been heard in over a Million Years, the Sacred Truth that cannot be denied and that truth is you, Yes you, you, you who thirst for the meaning of your Soul and why you exist.

Let the Ancient Ones awaken in you what has been asleep within your Ancestors for many Centuries, Let the Truth Pour out like the Holy Waters of the Abzu.
Let me Refresh your Spirit with the Sacred Truths of the Ancient Holy Me.

Your Bodies are the Vessels in which you experience, each and everyone of you understand your way,your scedule, your Dreams, your Desires, your Ambitions, your Fears, your Plans, your Wishes and your Inner Fire which Burns Bright but yet you still do not understand the Ways of the Holy Me.

You are moved by the Holy Spirit, your Body is useless without the Spirit that moves you.
You are Spirit First and Flesh Second, understand the Great Awesome Power you hold inside your very being.

Who has given you this Sacred knowledge, Who has given you so much and then had been punished for your Advanced DNA which you have come into Existence through the Womb. Who is he who has done what was not suppose to be done, who is he who has done the Greatest Evil in the Eyes of his Brother and his Father and the Empires of Sirius & Orion.
Who is he who has given the Adamu a choice along with knowledge and the aquiring of the Soul of the Falcons above, the "Aku", the Gift of the Feather.

For this Ba El ( Enki ) Lord of Creation was punished by the Annunaki Council. He broke the Commands of the Council.
A Renegade in Heart, A Renegade in Spirit, A Renegade in Flesh, A Renegade in his every breath until his Dying Day before the Holy Execution because of his Love for his Adamu.Even the Flood couldn't destroy Lord Enki's beloveds.
Enki saved the Humans during the flood. This angered his ambitious Brother.

You all have a Beautiful Life, even though there is constant Problems with your Nations within your Planet and the Decayed Cabal who do not Serve Humanity but themselves , you still have the Most Precious Gift, that Gift is Free Will, Passion & Destiny.Make the best of what you have and never surrender your Liberties.

Without what was given to you by Lord Enki , you would be just like the rests of the Beasts on this Planet, but instead you are much more than the beasts of this Planet, you are so much more. It will be up to you to find yourselves from within.
Because you are Ancient and this Life which you have is only one Life in a Drop of Water in a vast Ocean called Eternal Life. Learn to tune into yourselves and find yourselves from within , your Heart will give you the clues.

I am your Greatest Friend. Be my Friend because I Love you all. Peace to you and your Families.
Believe and everything you wanted to know or become will manifest into this Reality but your Heart must be opened so that the Holy Spirit can transform you into Gods and Goddesses you all want to be.

Nothing is Impossible.
Believe and go beyond what you think you understand, go beyond your current Reality into the Beyond my beloveds.

Power Above all Power, The Seed of the House of Heaven lives within you. Demi-Gods you are.


Humanity will not be destroyed, the New World Disorder will be Destroyed.
Lord Enki is not Pleased.


Ecbra de Oaoj: you are a Friend

we know you; Dear ... Anunaki77...

you are and always will be our loved Friend...


God Bless you... from Eternity to Eternity

Annunaki77: Lord Aya was never Humanities Enemy

Lord Da Aya was and will always be a Friend to Humanity.
Peace and Harmony to you Ecbra de Oaoj.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Aya has given humanity much ---

In the way of love,and knowledge.For this I/we will be forever greatful to Lord Inki.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Annu77,It's so good to have you back here once again !

You have been greatly missed, by us. I missed you very much. You are Always in my thoughts.

Annunaki77: I had to crack some Eggs

You can't make an Omelette without cracking some Interplanetary Eggs.
You mess with Humanity you mess with the Kods.

SpiritualWarrior92: Cherrish the moment

Long Live Humanity and beloved Enki ! Long Live Gaia and its beautiful landscapes !
Thank you very much Annunaki77 for your loyalty and service. We will RISE ABOVE All Odds as One without a doubt, then We will surface into space and join the federation that awaits us.. and as for the the oppressors of humanity ,well their gonna wish they never messed with a tidal wave of full force. I am a mighty SOUL within and my body is the reflection! I am eternal forever lasting and forever living in the cosmos! I am your friend in peace and through combat ! LOVE & LIGHT to every creations and souls in their journey for Truth and Grace. Let those who paved the way be remember and imprinted in our Hearts.. The ugly six will met their maker, very soon!

Peace, Love and Unity, always!


Tarheel: Very happy to have Lord De Aya ba El back in Forum.

Anu77's presence is returned but his spirit NEVER left us.

edisonik: You can bet that in the End, Humanity Wins and the ET's Lose

When Humanity was Created the Intention was never Servitude or Enslavement.
The Intention was never Abuse or Death.
The Intention was never Biological Beasts to serve for only one specific Purpose, to Mine for Gold and Minerals Until Death.

The Purpose was to give Humanity the Opportunity to become Free Beings so they can Chart their own Destiny and fullfill their Destiny and accomplish their Divine Mission to Colonize other Planets.

Not a New World Disorder with Robots but a Human Collective with the Desire and Heart to Travel the Stars with the Approval of Lord Enki.

Humanities Holy Mission is not War or Destruction but Space Travel.
Those who Wish Destruction on Humanity are Severely Wrong and will Face Justice for the Attrocities they have committed against Humanity.
Their Treachery will not go unpunished, those who Conspire against Free Humanity will face " THE WRATH OF HEAVEN ".

If any Organization plots against Humanity they will be found and Destroyed by Lord Enki Himself. He has had Enough.
I pity those who Hurt Humanity, like the New World Disorder.

They have been Decieved by their Greys and their 1954 Greada Treaty.

The Final Countdown

Tarheel: Falcon Master is very kind and humble.

We also recognize The Falcons contribution/help to Lord Enki so he could create humanity...the gift of the feather. We are forever grateful.

bluesbaby5050: The Falcon Master is Very Kind, and Humble, But, He---

Also Speaks the Truth ! You, the Enemy of the Humans! WILL BE FOUND IN YOUR HIDING PLACES,AND YOU WILL BE DISTROYED! Don't Mess around with the Humans,or The Lord Prince Inki,and The Falcon Masters,and Company, OR YOU ALL WILL PAY DEARLY,WITH YOUR LIFES! This is their Promise to All of You! I Dare You!

BenjaminFalkenrath: Acceptence

I keep reading these articles. I wish I had a better outlet, but out of fear or ridicule I've decided not to post anymore on here. I'll talk to folks in private if I can. I'm happy I have at least a friend or two to talk with. I'd like to know more, than what I remember, what I feel, an how I remember of my home, that I am not crazy! An that there are others like me. This site, an a few people I've talked to give me new hope. My isolation and lonely feelings like no one understand will soon be over! I hope!

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