Possible Bigfoot Video?

by Quinton on February 10th, 2015

I'm not sure if this video has been posted here or not but I thought you might find it interesting:

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Tarheel: Based on the current weather.....

....he may want to put on snow shoes, in which case we can call him "Yeti".
That may have been the funniest thing I've posted, uh......this week.

bluesbaby5050: Quinton......

I have already seen this great video, and I chose not to post it because of the negative feedback myprevious BF post recieved a few months ago in this forum, and the names that I was called because I did. I have an open mind, and I chose to express it on this topic of our cousins, 'Big Foot', and both Annunaki77, and Edisonik said that they were indeed our cousins, and how this fact came to be in ours, and their early history. The' native Indian Americans' knew this to be the truth as well, and they lived side by side with them in peace, and they shared their crops with them, and they also traded with them. I'm glad that YOU took an interest in them besides me, and that you posted the reality of BF for this forum again. I also keep track on any new reports on our cousins,' Big Foot'. Thank you.

Tim Lovell: ok I want to say one thing ,

ok I want to say one thing , bigfoot , all the giant hominids are remnant populations of our seed hominid homo erectus , but these were not killed off by the virus the annunaki released to kill them all after creating homo spapiens (us) now these beings dna remained intact (homo erectus was easily able to see into the 4th dimension ) so they now all exist up at the 4d level the lower level(not to be confused with the astral illusional trap reality) now they periodically may choose to go back down to the 3d level to hunt for PREY , and THIS is the primary reason they are so rarely seen , this is a VERY important point to understand regarding `bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti etc etc) , I hope I have helped shed light on the reality regarding this .


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