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by Tarheel on March 12th, 2014

It is always better to favor PEACE over Victory. That is so very easy to achieve if we choose not to contend.

Contention is a trait of Patriarchy, and is what has this planet in the "warring factions" state it is in. Actually, I may retract that. That is what we are being made to "think" is going on. I don't believe a "warring parties" mindset is actually what the majority of Humanity has. To be honest, I don't even believe Americans want to be "the most powerful nation" as we are portrayed.

Peaceful coexistence and Love is what the bulk of Humanity wants. We just all need to start acting like it and make sure our leaders know exactly how we feel.

I Love all of you with all of my heart

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Sky: WHATONEARTHISHAPPENING.COM is my recoomendation for pro ACTION

I highly recommend Mark Passio website WHATONEARTHISHAPPENING.COM He helps expose institutions and organizational behaviour that deliberately and also unknowingly make veg & blured upper levels of deliberate deceivers that work to OCCULT knowledge rather to De-cult knowledge so persons and organizations can make informed decisions that are what their choices intended.

Tarheel: Dont get me wrong here.

What I mean is, always defend yourself if you're right or being violated, just give Peace a chance. Love is all we need.


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