Thoughts , what do you Love and Enjoy?. Find what you love and do not give up in your Destiny. Believe in your Destiny and your Mission here on Earth, learn more about Love.

As I have taught you more about Love and Focusing on Love the Earth is currently recieving Love Vibrations this is good. I have noticed a Increase in Positive Energy around the Earth and that Energy is called Love is Divine.

The Focus on Positive Energy is what this Schooling is all about, it is about how a Star Seed can coup in a Negative Enviroment by keeping their Soul Energy Positive with Love.Those who are Negative can't handle this Energy coming from the Galactic Center of this Galaxy, the Vibrations of Love and Compassion is Radiating on all Star Systems and all Planets from this Eridanice Galaxy. Yes there are 100 Billion Star Systems and even more facing this Awsome Power of Positive Energy and it can't be stopped , no one can run away from this Energy , it is washing away all the Dark Negative Energy.

As this Transformation takes place there will be those who feel Angry with everybody and others, those who are holding Negative Energy are getting Burned by this Energy of Universal Love.
You will notice some People behaving very Agressive and Angry at others during this process as well as very Arrogant and stupid. They do not know what is happening and therefore vent out in an Agressive manner of Disrespect and Stupidity. You don't have to believe me you will see this for yourselves , you will see some people behaving odd and disrespecting others.

These are the side effects of this Positive Energy coming from the Galactic Plain. The 4th Dimension is having a Painful Effect on the Wicked and Evil, it is Burning their Darkness away and it hurts like Fire Burning their Skin, Like Vampires seeing the Sun or Daylight, it is Burning Evil away.

This is the Agenda of Evolution and that of the Elder Kods.Humanity will Live Long and Beautiful Lives and I am proud of them all. Humanity will Travel the Stars and Ultimately Colonize other Planets.

Keep Teaching Bluesbaby5050, Keep Teaching Mighty Tarheel , Keep Teaching Ecbra de Oaj , Keep Teaching 11ORION11, Keep Teaching Mighty Lord Chrishek , Keep Teaching Quinton (Ikikik Warrior), Keep Teaching all who have Love and Truth in their Heart.

You will become the Teachers of the Next Century. This Species will depend on you and you will Teach them the Divine ways of Heaven.

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bluesbaby5050: We can't take all this credit............

You ,and Edisonik have helped to take the time to come to this forum to show us the light on the path of truth,and knowledge Sir. We have you both to thank for this. Yes Quinton provided this web site,and You both provided your Love,and Your Knowledge. And I thank you both for these selfless gifts! I Love You Both Always! BB5050.

Ecbra de Oaoj: :)

thank you Lord Anu77; fo your Presence and Wise Lessons...

yes; let Future says for All We... Destiny and Progress in Peace; Love... Hamony...

Learning... always and if someone to say to serv to Teach

... Balance... and Tolerance ... Good Wins... Vibing...


Adamu for Next Stage... High...

Haribol... Aloha...



ShockRah Zulu: I have proof that this

I have proof that this vibrational love is burning away the evil!! My father, who is a 'mans man' always in control of everything, and who I have felt has been through a lot of darkness in this lifetime. (Desert Storm, and as a police officer) He recently fell very ill.. with no apparent medical cause.. the dr. was baffled- he now is experiencing debilitating panic attacks.. but I see the good in this. I love my father very dearly, even though he hasn't been the most loving back, this medical condition-or vibrational condition perhaps, has caused him to make DRASTIC life changes... The man is Meditating for gadsake! As a close minded individual I never saw the day when his stubborn, ignorant ways would change.. This is a man who once said, and i will never forget this, "it is my god given right to discriminate against whoever i wish".
I see a change in him for the better and I owe it all to the Vibrational shift. If this isn't proof i dont know what is!!

Tarheel: You have VISION, SRZ.

When you are able to see the divine at work, your eyes are open.

Hope Dad continues his path towards enlightenment & good health.

ShockRah Zulu: Thank you Tarheel!

Its kind of funny, about 3 years ago He and I had a sit down- to discuss where my head was at... I told him my belief on religion (a sham created to keep control of the masses), my belief on the govt. (a sham created to keep control of the masses, and to keep the Fat Cats obese), and my belief in Extra Terrestrials.. He had me pegged as a wack job conspiracy theorist. I believe that day I planted a seed in a barren desert... one day it will hopefully flower into a beautiful oasis.

bluesbaby5050: What a loveyl thread ShockRah Zulu.......

Thank you for sharing what you had felt, and learned along your spiritual path with this forum. Yes, The Devine is here now with us, and it is also hard at work to remove the darkness from our lives.

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