by Annunaki77 on December 9th, 2012

Ha Ha Ha, life can often throw curve balls Ha Ha Ha, The Spirits have favoured a Cycle , a Return.
Now Olympus were was Olympus. Olympus was on the South American Andes Mountains.
You think I would forget this?, I don't think so.

Yes Mount Olympus was on the Andes Mountains , a Piece of Olympus still exists on the Andes Mountains, the Titans and Tartarus is there also.

Poseidon is Enki, Zeus was a True Friend and Brother, both ANNUNAKI.
Let the Spirits of the Ancients testify to what is being said tonight.

These Pathetic Leaders Lust for War. Fools they are Absolute Fools. With the snap of a finger the Kods can Crush them. Keep it up you fools. You are being Warned and yet you Lust for Blood and Destruction to satisfy your Bloodlust, you claim to do this for the Kods but you do this for your own Personal Gain.
If you do not cease from this you will be Destroyed by Heaven.

This is will Happen and the World will see the Awsome Power of Heaven.

Native WBE America-Wonderful Freedom

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bluesbaby5050: Annunaki77 please correct me if I am wrong but.....

I always thought that Olympus was located in Greece, on Mount Olympus? And this was in reality a space ship that would dock on Mount Olympus, and this is where the Kods of Legend lived. Are you telling us that there was actually 2 ? Would you expain this further Sir? Thank's.

bluesbaby5050: I was aware that when ENlil left the dessert for a while.....

That Enlil and his clans had gone to South America and had taught the local natives many teachings involving many subjects. He did not just stay with the people that went into exile into the desserts for 40 days,and for 40 nights. The Mayans soon dissapeared after,and only left records ,and empty stone cities. They were not the only native South Americans the ET'S had influenced then. They had traveled up into the North America's too,and had contact with many tribes of people there also.

bluesbaby5050: I also knew that Inki was Posiedon as I already posted this ...

I posted this info on Inki a couple months ago in the forum, but I didn't know Inki was a brother to Lord Zeus? This is a surprize! I noticed you mentioned this 2 weeks ago in the forum, but I thought you meant "Brothers in Arms," in regards to Lord Zeus when you made this statement.

Annunaki77: These are Family Members Bluesbaby5050

King An An and Al Al were Brothers. King An An was betrayed and killed by his Brother for the throne of Sirius. The Canus Families were well aware of the Treachery.
So before Al Al was caught and sentenced to Death he bartered a Deal with the Serpent Queens of Orion. The Deal went through and Al Al became King Al Al of the Bod Star System.

King Al Al had a Son his Name was Cronus, Cronus had a Son his name was Ikumabeh later his Title because Zu Zu , Zeus.
Enki and Zeus were practically family. I hope this works.

As far as Olympus goes the Earth was very Different when the Olympians were in Control, the Coninents were together when Olympus was around and yes Olympus was part of the Andes Mountains , the other part was destroyed during the War. Earth was shattered in two, one part is the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the other part well your Living on it Bluesbaby5050.


Power above all Power, The Awsome History of Earth.
Can you feel the Power and Glory of Earth.

Your Religions Divide you to create Ignorance.
Your Politicians Lie to you for Money.
Your Medical Industry Poisons you for Profit.
Your Secret Socities Chemtrail you for Control.
You Military Industrial Complex Promotes War to Test their Machines for Profit.

And there are those Few who are not part of the System who actually Love you and are Renegades because they do not believe in the System.
Love you all.

Tarheel: Anu77-So. American Andes is where Olympus was..Nafta?

Is Nafta where Olympus was?

Nafta is well documented in Ancient Aliens, and has all the figures of animalia viewable only from the sky. They show MAJOR mountains that have been shaved flat so (apparently) aircraft could take off and land.

History Channel is doing much to discredit this theory after they promoted it for so long!!!

bluesbaby5050: Oh OK! I knew about the story of Al Al as he is the one that

Bit off the genticles of King Anu during their fight, and then Al Al was sent into exile on Mars where he then died. Yes, and Zeus was hidden by his mother away from his father Cronus, so Zeus would not be eaten by his father. He grew up to distroy Cronus,and free his siblings. Is this correct Sir?

bluesbaby5050: This is all correct 11O11.....

Al Al tried to go back, and when he did he had a confrontation with the then King Anu, and this is when he bit off the Testicles of King Anu during a fight,and he was then exiled to Mars where he then died for his crimes.

Annunaki77: Correct

Many People say that Jesus and Christianity is the only way, it is not the only way.
Pan Hellenism is the other way, the way of the Mighty Olympians.
The Kor Anu ( Koran ) or the Bi Baal (Bible) are just Religions that take away your Freedom.

The Gods and Goddesses method is the other and better way, Love and Free Will.

Learn to become Independants.
The ET Factions do not want Humans to be Free because if they become Free their Apple Card will go down the Toilet. You watch Movies in the Theatre correct, well this Real Time Theatre on Earth is there Entertainment, if you wake up the Draco and Annunaki are screwed.

So this is why I keep trying to wake up the Masses.


Tarheel: Anu77, What MORE can we do to help Awaken the Masses?

We are trying to help BUT How can we BETTER help? Is there something MORE we can be doing? I am trying, and Im sure there are others here trying,too.

Please be direct with us, as I know you will.

bluesbaby5050: A REpost for the Newest members.............

Lessons for the newest members.

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