Pope says many powerful people don't want peace

Hah, I suppose the Pope would know a thing or two about war and world peace...


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Tarheel: He's including himself in that grouping.

But, will someone thank him for shining all that light on us, please.(joking)
It's a good thing we have the Pope to let us know there's war-mongering going on. Is his last name Einstein? wtf

sdk: Many people are not like you

Many people are not like you and I. They don't see what's going on. You and I know the major players by now. Biggest one is the Bank. A huge, very sophisticated engine.
The Pope said “every war has the arms industry behind it” and he said it with thousands of kids around him. Good for him!!! We need a major figure, that people look up too, to tell it like it is. This generation is waking up!

Sp3ctre21: You are right. I

You are right. I independently proved the model. Now everyone must wake up

Tim Lovell: the `pope` is just a remenant

the `pope` is just a remenant from an earlier age he has no real power like he did in the past just a figure head for the vast religious program of the ancient times do not waste your energies on worrying about him or the church , the truly liberated and free ones need no religion or `pope` figure` they understand that they create their OWN reality and are free of the frequency control and mind control programs of the old religious programings , you don't need a pope figure surrounded by kids , you need each and every human to be free to be in their soverign intergrated state to create their own reality freely

Sp3ctre21: What is the value of an idea?

What is the value of an idea?

sdk: I agree that the truly

I agree that the truly liberated ones need no religion….but you have an estimated 58 million religious people in the world and many listen to the Pope so he has a little bit of power. No matter which way you look at it religion plays an important part in many people's lives and probably always will and this is one small step for those people to move forward. I have no doubt religion will take on a more mature shape in the future (more spiritual than religious) and we will all understand how important it is to have the freedom many of us hope for. I'm not religious but I do like this Pope so far.

Wayne81: Religion

I need no religion to interpret what my heart is telling me already

harrison orono: The soul that is enlihtenened

The soul that is enlihtenened needs no religion bingo Tim but the world in general is swayed by religion which is dangerous because the true concept of religion has been manipulated for the purpose of controlling the masses.God gave each individual free will but this has been engulfed.I have set myself free from this,what about the milions still under controll?

Tim Lovell: Wow long time no see , nice

Wow long time no see , nice to see you again Harrison , yes this is the problem today and unfortunately the repttilians and others that have controlled this world for so long are stirring up more trouble by creating disparate dualistic groups like Isis , is etc to try and maintain control over the unawakened humans

harrison orono: That is very true TIM this

That is very true TIM this aliens are afraid of humans coz they thinj humans will destroy them in future which is not true Infact the ruthless ehavior we see is not human,it is the behaviour of the reptillians from the Limbo univese.Very wicked if not crucade.what's up?

harrison orono: Pease let me correct the

Pease let me correct the following;thinj=think,univese=universe my keyboard sometimes fails

harrison orono: OUR PLANET

I am concermed about our planet because we need as human beings to live as one family in love allowing each one to exercise free will choice in doing anything.not forgeting the laws of god and the creation.

Chris: human are aliwn hybrids

You do know that humans are hybrid mixture of different alien races were are not a naturaly indecent developed race we have been interfered with for hundreds of thousands of year all human culturecuptures races goverment religion all of it came of planet how can all of the sudden the aliens want to to say we can not intervene when they have been doing so for centuries here humans and all the life here was brought herr we are not a nautral develped race that has evolved on its own

Tim Lovell: Why the dislike Harrison ,

Why the dislike Harrison , repttilians have been frequency controlling this planet for thousands of years..

Terran resistance: sorry

sorry couldnt resist XD

Tim Lovell: Lol


Tim Lovell: Lol


Tim Lovell: Sry double post heh

Sry double post heh

harrison orono: IS IT GODLY TO RESIST?

Is it godly to resist evil by force? eg self defence, as an individual or as anation

pasqualie: Pope is the spokesperson for the one world order

its why he went to speak at the UN for all people and religions even though he represents the catholics only. right now he playing good cop, he wants all the bad corporations and rich people and countries to raise up the poor and the masses. He doesnt tell ya the catholic church probably is worth billions and they not forking over one dime.

he is just playing the pick a side game in the polarity matrix. you pick a side he is happy cuz you lose.

pick your side go inwards raise your consciousness you win.

pasqualie: Next thing you know the pope will tell all those people

he says he supports and sympathizes with, that God wants them to get microchipped or they wil burn in hell

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