Politic's & Religion Equals Behaviour Modification !

by edisonik on October 10th, 2010

Yes it's true Politic's and Religion is nothing more then behaviour modification for you human beings. The System was not designed for your personal and spiritual growth, this Draconian system was designed by yes you got it!, the Draconans ( Reptilians), like if your not with the program you will burn in hell, or your Religion is the truth path and everybody else not following this path is an infidel, it's doctrines like these that enslave and oppress you true spiritual freedoms and creativities.

Politic's and Corporations are another problem, these systems teach control through behaviour modification via Money, Drugs, Laws etc.
For example you must follow a budget or else, money was specifically created to control all of you like robots and keep you all under control when in fact your much more then just mere money. The system also makes you dependant on drugs, your stressed?, take this drug or try this other drug, pretty soon you become a Drug Addicted Zombie which becomes a loose Cannon and then you wind up committing Suicide or worse hurting other people.
Then there's Draconian Legislation which takes away more and more freedoms from you because of Politicians sell themselves out for a Quick buck, Politic's is the Second Oldest Proffession , the first is Prostitution. I guess these two Trades could be classified as the same since both tades sellout for a quick buck!, the bottom line is if you want to be free your gonna have to create a New Domain of Knowing perhaps New Commerce and Belief Systems away from the Current Systems that you are currently using because the System your using now will Bankrupt you and eventually Break you!, that is the whole point behind it.

Learn to Create a New System for your Communities, it will take Courage and Brilliance, I do believe you Humans have both Good Luck.

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edisonik: The Way of Extraterrestrials Malevolant Vs Benevolant!

When I see humanity I see great potential but the Current Engineered System/ Reality has everyone in Fear Mode, Fear works well for the Lords of Darkness but doesn't work well for you and your heart. When you Fear you are declaring to the World that you cannot be Responsible for yourself and that you need help, that is what the Malevolant ET's love, they love being Worshipped as Gods. You fall for it everytime, get off your knees and stop bowing and worshipping when you do that you submit to Tyranny.

Worship no one!, if you want you can pray to Prime Creator but never Worship others because when you do that you give away your freedoms, learn to be unconditionally responsible for yourselves, it about personal accountability and responsibility not surrendering your freedoms to other beings.

The Benevolants work like this, No# 1 They are humble and give help.

No# 2 They Observe and Educate your Heart.

No# 3 They never , ever want to be Worshipped as Gods.

No# 4 They offer Unconditional Love.

No# 5 They are among you and you don't even realize it.

No# 6 They are extremely positive.

No# 7 Some are here via Spaceships other choose to

incarnate here to continue the awakening.

No# 8 Many Benevolants are still asleep and don't realize the

reason why they are here is to help others and not about

Wealth Hoarding or Corporate Greed, many are in

human bodies and don't know why they are different then

everybody else, what they do know is that they are

different then other people but they can't put their finger

on it, well I here to tell you, you are Angels here to help

Humanity please wake up and find your Mission because

time is running out my beloveds.

All I have to gain for telling you this is the Love of the One, once your Soul opens up to all of this then I have done my Job and since I'm an Immortal I will see the Fruits of my Labours in my next Incarnation, Just do your best to help your Human Species, Give Love and make the change to defend life instead of destroying Life or Humanity , Life is Eternal the Material is Temporary but the Energy which is what you really are is Eternal.

Unconditional Love, step away from Hate & Fear then you will Win this Battle between Light & Dark.

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