Pleiadian Federation Flagship, Nibiru, and so much more......

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information being circulated regarding Nibiru. The following is my attempt to sort out that information and put it in its proper perspective. Much of what has been channeled from other sources has truth in it. The only problem with some if this information is that it is being taken out of context or is expressed as a blanket statement when the information really only applies to a small segment or group of the Nibiruan population.Picture by Andy Lloyd -

Nibiru is the 4th dimensional flagship of the Milky Way Galaxy’s Galactic Federation. Like Pelegai, many different civilizations have representatives that live aboard it. As well as being a Federation Flagship, Nibiru is also a planet and a battle star. Nibiru is a little over three times the size of earth.

Nibiru was originally a planet that was thrown out of orbit with the implosion/explosion of Sirius B. It wound up in the Pleiades and therefore is known to some as a Pleiadian planet.

Nibiru became a star ship when it was converted from a near lifeless form, hollowed out and turned into a ship. You could liken it in some ways to the space station on the TV show called Deep Space Nine. The only difference is that Nibiru travels the galaxy. That is why the people live inside of it instead of on the surface. Another reason is that it was created for deep space travel where there would be no sun for many years. In a way, you could say that it is an artificial planet. Only the shell is original.

Nibiru is a battle star because it was outfitted for war with ships and heavy weapons. When negotiations fail Nibiru is capable of waging war to defend itself against attack. It also uses these same weapons to defend planets and races against attack when authorized to do so.

What color is Nibiru?

Nibiru is a red planet with a gold hue. As a result, it appears as a bright yellow-gold star when seen from earth. Nibiru’s brightness is due in part to the gold dust suspended in its atmosphere. This gold dust is used to maintain the atmosphere of Nibiru and fill the holes in its atmosphere that were caused by atomic missiles fired at it during the last Great Galactic War in which it was involved and seriously crippled. The gold repels radiation from space and keeps the people inside the ship from dying.

By the way, this was the same war in which Maldek was destroyed by Nibiru after the opposing forces had destroyed the colonies on Mars, Venus and Earth. The biosphere of Mars and Venus were also destroyed along with their colonies leaving both planets a wasteland. In ancient times Nibiru was symbolized as the eight-pointed star mostly due to its brightness. The Egyptians called it “the bright star of the crossing.”

Does Nibiru have rings?

Yes, it is my understanding that Nibiru has rings much like those of Saturn. It uses them as a sort of propulsion system. They propel Nibiru through space. The rings move in opposite directions from each other and up and down like wings, but the wings move in opposite directions. I am not a scientist and, therefore, I find it hard to describe what I see. There is a term for it but that term escapes me at the moment.

Why do some people call Nibiru a red comet?

I believe this is due to the fact that Nibiru has an orbit and for a time was restricted to that orbit when it was overtaken in 2000 BC. Other than that, Nibiru appears to be in an orbit because it circles the galaxy. But it can break from its normal rotation whenever it is needed for a particular assignment that would take it out of that orbit. Once again, we must look at the historical orientation of the people making this claim. It can very well come from a time when their ancestors knew Nibiru to be in a stationary orbit just like the other planets of our solar system. They are accurate in their claim but only as it pertains to that specific timeframe. It does not apply in general.

Is Nibiru a brown dwarf?

Many scientists are speculating that Nibiru is a dark star or a “brown dwarf.” A brown dwarf is a star that never accumulated enough mass to ignite. Nibiru may be classified as a brown dwarf because it was either a planet or a star before it was expelled from the Sirius star system with the implosion or explosion of Sirius B. Since I am not sure which one it was, I have no problem with scientists labeling it a brown dwarf. They can only work with what they know as the present time. Time will tell which one it is.

As Nibiru comes closer, it will create a heyday of confusion and radical theories as scientists and mankind in general grapple with the mystery of Nibiru. It will be just one more way in which Nibiru will play a role in mankind’s awakening to all there is.

Who lives on Nibiru?

There are many races and civilizations represented in the population aboard Nibiru. Some are more predominant than others. Some are hominoid, some reptilian, some insectillian, some android, etc. Some are even like hairy apes. There are literally hundreds of races and hybrid varieties represented in the population of Nibiru. Once again I reference Deep Space Nine and also Star Trek.

Each group of beings have living areas that simulate their natural environment. For example the dolphin representatives live in an aquatic environment while the reptilians live an a hot and humid environment. The humans live in an environment much like ours on earth. The octopus like beings live in tanks made especially for them and so on. Since Nibiru is almost 4 times the size of earth, there is plenty of room to move. Some groups have developed into entire civilizations as a result and don’t return to their home worlds as often as the others.

And just like in your country, there are factions within these races with differing agendas. Some work for the betterment of all and some do not. One faction may be in conflict a particular race and others of that race are not. They have disagreements and prejudices, positive qualities and not so desirable qualities just like us.

Do these different races have family members (channels) on earth and are those channels sharing information with us?

Yes, yes, yes!!! This is where a lot of the confusion comes from. For example, there are a few channels that are receiving information that Nibiru wants to take over earth and enslave humans. In that case, one must ask, “Which individual group channeling from the starship Nibiru wants to do this?” It does not mean everyone on Nibiru wants to do it. It is like saying the Ku Klux Klan represents all of the white people on earth and therefore all the whites wants to destroy the Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and every other culture and race of which the KKK does not approve. Do you see what I mean?

These channels are getting information from their individual groups aboard Nibiru. It does not mean that one group’s beliefs and agendas represent all of the population of Nibiru just like the Nazis’ views and agendas don’t represent those of the entire Aryan population of earth.

Yes, there are small groups aboard Nibiru that want to take over earth and they are mostly, but not all reptilian, but they in no way represent the majority of people on Nibiru nor Nibiru’s Prime directive for earth. There are also small groups of people here on earth that want to take over earth. I reference the James Bond movies, but does that mean that they represent all of our views?

If we can stop thinking of other planets and civilizations as all good or all bad and with only one agenda or belief system, then we will end a lot of the fear that is generated because of this all or nothing way of thinking. And let’s keep these channeled agendas in perspective. It is not that they are incorrect, it is that they represent the agendas and beliefs of a only a certain group. So if a group is saying that there is a whole planet wanting to take over earth, it is best to ask who on that planet is wanting that takeover instead of just assuming it means everyone.

What is Nibiru’s purpose?

Nibiru has many purposes. I will outline a few of them:

1. Peace keeper - Nibiru’s main overall purpose is that of a galactic peace keeper. As a peace keeper Nibiru’s duties are many. One of the most important duties is to move around the galaxy and negotiate treaties and alliances among the many evolving and advanced races. This includes negotiating peace between warring races.

2. Genetic Upgrading - Negotiating peace sometimes involves using the laboratories aboard Nibiru to create new hybrid races. These new races and the genetic upgrades involved, in some cases provided the means to end wars since many wars were started over genetics. Just like children need to learn to share so do evolving races.

In races that are ready to be introduced into the galactic community, genetic upgrading is facilitated through processes being sent to the planet. That is why there are many people who are writing books on DNA Recoding, providing various process and also facilitating workshops to provide training and support. The Beings who send the information will in most cases be GF members and also have starseed children on earth that they are attempting to assist.

This also explains why there are many different techniques being given for DNA Recoding. Each race has a particular genetic make up and recoding their DNA may require certain processes that are not needed by other races. But in all cases some things are the same. Emotional clearing is the key to DNA Recoding and that holds true for every race represented on earth.

3. The Galactic Federation’s Mission Control Planetary Ascension Programs. - Though the main operations of any planetary ascension plan are located at the GF headquarters in the Sirius star system, having an orbiting satellite office makes carrying out the many tasks involved much easier and efficient. Since Nibiru’s orbit traverses our galaxy and is a the GF’s key flag ship, it is the perfect location for organizing and carrying out ascension programs for planets and civilizations connected to the GF. Since most of the planets in our galaxy are seeded by Federation member races that may or may not be in close proximity to the planet, having a starship available to carry out critical tasks such as genetic upgrading is vital to success.

Earth’s ascension program is being coordinated through Nibiru with each starseed race having representation on and in the many councils of Nibiru. With the council’s working together to complete our ascension plan, we are in good hands and can rest assured that every measure is being taken to protect and ensure our success and eventual entry in the galactic neighborhood.

4. The Mission Control center for Starseeds and Walk-ins. - Among the many responsibilities of Nibiru is that of training, support and guidance for Walk-ins and Starseeds. For Walk-ins, Nibiru provides mission plans, and assigns support staff to watch over and protect the soul being sent to earth. For starseeds, they are given guidance on which templates are to be created to assist their home worlds in their spiritual evolution to the next step.

There is much more to this but suffice it to say that the beautiful settings with moving sidewalks, the slender Grecian-like columns and the singing, telepathic dolphins (some of which walk upright) is the setting on Nibiru where the walk-ins and starseeds are trained. Many report being in classrooms during the dream state. Though this is common among Grey and Zeta abductees and the ships are different, Nibiru also has classrooms. The difference I have come to understand is most often the setting. This is a very serene setting with music, and other worldly colors. Very peaceful. When I go there in the dream state, I don’t want to come back.

Who is in control of Nibiru?

Nibiru receives its orders from the central command of the Galactic Federation’s Greater Nibiruan Council. The Greater Nibiruan Council, as we have discussed before, was established to handle the management duties and responsibilities of the GF. This includes giving assignments to various Federation starships of which Nibiru, though the GF’s Flagship, is only one. This means that whenever Nibiru is sent on assignment to a planet or star system, it was sent there by order of the GF.

Nibiru is in essence a field office just like Deep Space Nine was a field office of the Galactic Federation in the TV show. Don’t remember exactly what they called that GF.

What role does Nibiru play in our ascension?

Nibiru remains our trigger for awakening. Once it gets close enough to us, uncloaks and shows itself, it will bring about a universal shift in consciousness. Mankind will then wake up to the fact that they are not alone in the universe and will begin to search for the reason and purpose behind this great planet/ship. It is then that the ancient knowledge suppressed by the religions and governments of earth in order to control the people, will come to light. Mankind’s true identity will be made known to them and they will have the opportunity to embrace it on a global scale.

Nibiru’s effects are already being felt. Due to its massive size, Nibiru is already affecting our weather, our planetary frequency and our sun. Once again, I am not a scientist so I cannot give you this information in those terms. I will give you what they show me.

Nibiru is affecting our sun. Because of the pressure being exerted by its mass moving closer to us, it is creating pressure on the sun. This pressure is like squeezing a tomato until it begins to rupture. These ruptures are the solar flares and emissions from the sun. The sun is changing and emitting more light. Much like going from a 75 watt bulb to a 150 watt bulb. This changes our DNA and activates the dormant codes within it to begin the transmutation of our bodies from carbon-based to crystalline-based. (see Let’s Get Real about Ascension Part I. and Part II)

Though uncomfortable, this transmutation is necessary to move into a higher dimension i.e., 5D.

Where is Nibiru now and when will it return?

Nibiru is in our solar system and headed towards earth on its routine run through our galaxy. That is why we are feeling its effects. NASA and other governmental groups know this very well. Nibiru was first spotted by our scientists back in 1987. We have been feeling its effects since 1996.

As for when it will return, I will state again that it is up to us. Nibiru is waiting on us to get our heads out of the sand, so to speak, and accept that we are not alone in the universe. When enough people have reached this level of understanding, Nibiru will uncloak and reveal itself. This could by the year 2011-2012. By then it will be seen in the southern hemisphere of planet Earth. Don't expect your US government to come clean about this, but many other world governments certainly will, because they are much more open to their populations of people. We hope at the very latest that it will be by 2012. So, once again, we are in charge of when it will occur. Nibiru is there to serve us and assist in our ascension. That is why the GF is sending it to this remote little corner of the galaxy. It is time for us to move up to galactic citizenship. Nibiru is here to help us like it helps all other planets going through the same process, and will continue to do so for many millions of years to come. And who knows, perhaps one day you will be on that ship en route to the next planet ready to ascend.
Jelaila Starr;

Nibiruan Council messenger, mother, wife, researcher, teacher, counselor, and visionary entrepreneur.After her spiritual awakening experience in 1992, Jelaila sought to heal the emotional wounds of her past and thus began the Spiritual Path.

In December, 1995, Jelaila was awakened to the knowledge of her walk-in. The following January Jelaila began the first phase of her mission, DNA Recoding.

In July 1996, after six successful years with CRN (Creative Referral Networks, Inc., a company she started in 1992, Jelaila felt a calling to change her career focus to a new spiritual and humanitarian field which brought her into alignment with her assignment as a galactic messenger.

In January 1997, Jelaila completed her initial training as a galactic messenger and founded The Nibiruan Council, named after the 12th planet of our solar system, Nibiru. The Nibiruan Council was created to be a vehicle through which Jelaila could publish her writings as a spiritual visionary and messenger of the higher knowledge of our origins as a race, as well as the bigger picture of our galactic and universal history.

This knowledge coupled with Jelaila’s simple, uncomplicated and down-to-earth approach, enables her to reach across the boundaries of belief systems that separate our world, to provide insight, understanding and hope and, more importantly, a concrete formula for self empowerment.

Jelaila’s direct and open manner is refreshing and welcome in this time of complex and often complicated approaches to understanding our world. At this time when many speak of doom and catastrophic change, Jelaila’s is a voice of calm, reason and hope.

Jelaila is living proof that you can be spiritual, happy, healthy and financially successful at the same time. Through her own example and experiences, she provides an alternate way out of the earth systems, while still taking part in the good they have to offer.

Jelaila has built a library of multidimensional and galactic knowledge for the Nibiruan Council which includes three books, and over 100 booklets, CDs, and DVDS.

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bluesbaby5050: UPDATE- Earth's 5D Timeline and the Global Currency Reset

Jelaila's Weekly Message:
Update on Earth's 5D Timeline and the Global Currency Reset - It's been 3 months since I began offering the FREE mini-sessions at the request of the Guides. If you recall, I said I would do it until I received the sign that I could stop. So far that sign has not come...but what has come is greater understanding of why I was asked to do the Free sessions, along with what the sign will be.

Earth's 5D Timeline and the Coming Global Currency Reset:

A 5D timeline is unique in the ascension process because it is the first one in which the people have a chance to become fully liberated. The reason is that an information grid (Internet) is established. Once the information grid is up and running, all things that have been hidden can be brought to light freeing the people from corrupted systems and societal beliefs that shackled them. This brings me to the corruption being revealed in one of Earth's systems; the global monetary system.

As many of you know, a new monetary system based on asset backed rather than fiat (fake) currencies is about to be instituted. Before this system can start we must do a reset. This reset has become known as the Global Currency Reset (GCR).

I was told (by the Nibiruans) back in the early part of the year that my work would be done once the GCR is in place because a monetary system is the key component of any advanced timeline. (There must be an established means for buying and selling).

The reason I could retire is that their work would also come to an end. If you recall, the 9D Nibiruans (timeline healers from Lyra) have stated that the purpose of their interaction is to help bring about the changes. The 5D Nibiruans, of the Pleaidian planet Nibiru, have said their purpose is to prepare us to graduate and enter the galactic community. The 9D Nibiruans aided us through showing how to create templates for the grid that when activated would enable us to alter the timeline at critical junctures in the future. The 5D Nibiruans gave us higher dimensional tools to recode and reconnect our 12 strand DNA in order to regain full consciousness as galactic humans. A recounting of galactic history was also given by both the 9D and 5D Nibiruans so that we would know where we came from, our galactic past and our future.

The Nibiruans, both 9D and 5D, did not say they had any intentions of sticking around afterward. Once we show that we can move our planet onto a 5D timeline, establish new systems, steering them in the right direction, along with preventing a 3rd world war, we will have graduated. At that point we will no longer need or cosmic parents.

I was informed back in January that it wouldn't be much longer, but like all things on Earth, the Nibiruans know that they cannot interfere as it would violate the Law of Free Will. But, they can assist by giving us messages of what we can do to move ourselves forward. When it became clear that the PTB (Powers That Be) were hanging on much tighter than expected, the call went out for spiritual teachers to offer more assistance. I, along with my good friend and fellow teacher Nancy Joy Hefron, began offering free 15 minute sessions. It was explained that by giving people a chance to connect with their guides, important and often life changing decisions could be made. The positive energy of those decisions would enter the mass consciousness grid, providing much needed energetic support for the GCR. Hope that makes sense.

About the FREE Mini-Sessions: Yes Free!........

It has been 3 months since I began doing the free 15 minute sessions (mini-sessions). Overall it has been good. With that said, I did not think I would be asked to continue into a 4th month, but that appears to be the case. So, I have agreed to continue the free sessions as my way of supporting the GCR.

For those who purchased additonal session time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With so many people wanting just the free time, you made it possible for me to continue funding this work.

In closing, it is my great hope that we are about to see the new monetary system as that means we have completed one more task for our graduation. But until that time comes I will be here sharing the weekly messages and offering counseling, emotional clearing retreats, and tools/support for DNA Recoding.

Big hugs to you all, and a Super Fantastic week!

Jelaila Starr
Psychic/Intuitive Counselor
The Nibiruan Council

obsrvantlouie: Jelaila is a shyster

And I wouldn't pay her a dime. This is BS

Tarheel: Hook, line & sinker.

Oh, come on. Give her your credit card, OL.

bluesbaby5050: IT SAID FREE!

She is well known. Your also entitled to your own opinion as well. And it said FREE! And many people do ask for their guides for assistance in prayers, and they also receive it too. I do not channel, but other well known people do. There is along lists of such people. Each to their own I always say. Free Will, and Allowance.

obsrvantlouie: Nothing is free


bluesbaby5050: Some things in life are still Free ...............

And I do know what she says in her post. Like I said before, people have been contacting me in private on this forum, but I CHOSE not to Broadcast this information, but more people kept asking me, and so I DELIVERED the information for ALL the people in this forum, now maybe my inbox will stay cleared for a while. It is up to each person to decide for them self. I don't pass judgement, because this is their choice to make. I leave room for allowance. If it's NOT for You then Fine. That's your choice. You can NOT Speak for others, maybe for your wife, and for yourself, but not for this planet. People from the USA, and the UK are not the only people that venture to this web site, many other countries do too, and those people ask me. And most people are adults, and they earn their own money to do with it AS THEY WISH. They earned it, and they are willing to seek out this information, and I'm tired of refusing them. Tarheel was one of those people just 2 years ago. I refused him, and now he still resents me for it. I do not care. If people want this, then they have a right to it.

obsrvantlouie: I never spoke for anyone but myself

A new monetary system has nothing to do with spiritual graduation - she is a shyster and I am not speaking for others....I am advising others not waste their money on this shit. May as well pay John Edwards or the psychic in the ghetto to shake the magic 8 - ball.

For persons seeking this type of some more research on chakras, third eye, meditations, yoga, internal energy, tai chi, as an individual are capable and more than capable of discovering your own truth if you take the time to study, reflect and work on self. NO SHYSTER PSYCHIC knows you better than you.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions people. Do it yourself!!! It will feel so much better!!

Tarheel: HEY ! Al Gore is selling "carbon credits" !

Maybe they could buy some of them, too.

bluesbaby5050: Many people on this site have also been told this too......

Very many times in fact, including by me. So they will have to choose wisely. They have been told to research all the very topics you listed, because I have done postings on all of these same subjects since I have been a member. They are looking for a quick fix, and they are not patient enough to follow though with this advice. It's their money, and if they want to waste it this way, then let them. Some people will do this any ways, and talking till your blue in the face won't help any. That's WHY I HAD REFUSED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

obsrvantlouie: Perhaps this is where

You and I are different; I won't waste my time and someone else's by offering links to the quick fix. Advising against the quick fix, as blue as my face may get - to me this is not a waste of time.

bluesbaby5050: To me informing people around this planet Earth is not a waste

Is not a waste of time. I already have spent many hours, and a few years of my free time helping to give links, along with important information to people. My past work on this site proves just what I'm stating here now. I do not receive money to do this. I do it freely, and I get satisfaction from this knowing I did my best. I am not here just to read the posting from others. I ADD to them. So this is also where I differ from most people here. I give my own information, and knowledge as well, along with the results of the research that I do. I even post pictures that have a connection with the source of information that I post. The pictures I ADD, because they are not included with the info. This is more then most people do here I noticed. So when people complain, instead of helping out, then this speaks volumes in itself.

obsrvantlouie: Thanks for another reminder

Of all your past continues to speak volumes for your current actions. Stop playing the victim card and pretending to be more or better than others who post or blog here....fact of the mater is your message is scattered, the majority of your postings are laced with fear, you are a disrespectful drama queen and you play the victim/guilt card constantly.

It's your choice to spend your time here so stop feeling sorry for yourself and your alleged mission.

I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week and even the untrained eye can spot the aforementioned Q that you are seriously lacking in.

HebrianDaniel: could by the year 2011-2012.

could by the year 2011-2012. By then it will be seen in the southern hemisphere of planet Earth.
its 2014... 2-3 years after the peredictions
this post that posted by that jeilaila its old
and now its 2014 and i dont see anything happen or feel something special.
dont look like i can bealive it many people say stories like that
like that "japanese princess" who peredicted 3days of darkness in 21dec 2012 and
then 2000years of light.
everything that sound good to hears can make people to bealive it
its easy to lie and disinformate today.

bluesbaby5050: She has up-dated information on her site.....

She started out early on, and yes now it's 2014, and she did add a lot more information that is updated by guides, her source. Her site was mostly about humans ascension, and she explained in detail the transitions, and the steps that people would have to go though, and how to go about them, and what they could, and should do. It was about humans going though the ascension periods of the 1990's and which lasts until 2016. And she gave information about Niberu, and the history of Niberu, because this is where she had incarnated from, and this is her mission, as many people are here now to help humans though this stage of their evolution. Many people will most certainly doubt others, because they will refuse to believe that highly evolved beings incarnated on Earth to help others during these special times, and that they have special abilities that are advanced more then most humans, and that they had to have them in order to be able to achieve the utmost performance in their duties. There will always be Naysayers abound.

HebrianDaniel: like i said there many

like i said there many peredictions of people mediums say they sight the future tarrot cards people bealive card can change fate.
take example christians who bealived in Rapture day the day when everyone will dissapear from the world and will Join Jesus(Yesoha)
that make me luagh at those people.

its hard for me to bealive any perediction today because i once bealived in december 2012 many people bealived something will happen.
but nothing happen.

like i say..

Nothing is True Everything is Permitted.. "Assassin Creed"

live the life as you can enjoy the life as best you can to the last end.
and in the end you will know that you dont regret the life you lived because you made something good of it.

bluesbaby5050: That's because people did NOT Understand the TRUE MEANING -2012

And you did not either. The true meaning of 2012 was about the new changes coming in to this planet starting at 2012 and beyond. Life and this planet was not going to be destroyed in 2012 Dec. This was lies being spread from the dark side mixing truths with lies to the ignorant (meaning LACK of knowledge) people to INSTILL FEAR IN TO THEM, and CONFUSION, and you should of known better then to believe those lies. ( I never did because I understood the true meaning of the coming times ahead) We are still in for very many great changes in many areas, and this will improve all life as a whole on this planet.

Tim Lovell: 2012 was simpily the date the

2012 was simpily the date the family of light had to make the changes and insert the new positive reality to change their present(our future) it only really mattered to them ...

also this article is correct about the true nature of `nibiru` and how it is propelled but never pay for channelled stuff or predictions lol

bluesbaby5050: I already know this Tim...........

I WROTE THE TRUTH, but as you already know who the members here are that want to stick together just to keep the Male Bonding- Buddy- System on going in this forum, and they are the real Naysayers here. Some of them just stick together to stay SAFE, and the others just are not informed enough, and the other ones just want to have something to bitch about, and to divide this forum apart. This is so common, and those types of people have a craving for drama. If it is not here, then they find ways to create it. This is nothing new, and it is happening on other blogs, and in their forums too. Just wait and see the ones that bite on this thread! LOL!

obsrvantlouie: I'll bite

You take personal shots at Uniphi - constantly reminding him of his past. You take personal shots at Tarheel doing the same and now you take shot at HD. You seek drama and fulfill the role of drama queen on this site. However, you are wise and you knew this therefore in an attempt to cover your trolling tracks you planted this seed ahead of time in hopes that another would not be able to use it against you.

Furthermore, you are constantly posting trashy articles not unlike the one above and similar smitten trash like Karen hudes whistleblower. Also, in general, you are constantly posting and commenting (MOSTLY Trash) and I assume this is an effort to keep your admitted "quick fix" articles in front of the audience and also to disable any user comment continuity for truth seekers to latch onto.

I wonder how many people would grow and how quickly this would become a community if we didn't look to the right on the homepage to see the BB show....posting and commenting to herself.

You have not posted truth in quite some time....and this posting above is evident of the trash you are spreading. If you cared as much as you lamented you wouldn't make the "quick fix" available to the masses because if your intentions were pure you wouldn't want to offer any quick fix but rather advise against it and how to educate and advance as an individual.

Why do you make a forum post and then add more information into the comments of your own post than the post itself?

I have noticed that you have not refuted my allegation of you being a troll....would you care to set the record straight with a simple yes or no?

bluesbaby5050: I'm entitled to post what I like to, and what is important for

For some people, while the information would not be as important to others. I do not give Quick Fixes as you accused me of, and I do not channel for people either, as I had told them in my Inbox ,nor will I tutor them personally either as they have asked me to do this for them when THEY CONTACTED ME. I never contact people when they first become a member here. And I recall you did this SAME thing to me right after you joined TC. I never intrude on another's personal space unless they invite me to. I also post articles in the same section, and there is AWAYS room for the comments below on the same pages, and people post them there too. I Think it's best this way, rather then make 20 more postings of the SAME Subject matter on different pages, and my way makes more sense to me. Yes I will confront people when they continue to tell the forum something about them selves, and then lie months after telling the forum that they NEVER made that statement. And UNI1 did exactly that. And Tarheel is another matter. I tell it like I have seen it in the past long before you ever became a member here, and in the present too. And sometimes the truth does feel like a thorn in some ones side, and they will have a negative reaction always when confronted with the truth. Tarheel is great at telling someone to change, but on the other hand he NEVER DOES. I stated that he should take his OWN ADVICE TOO. If a person can dish it out, then they should be able to receive it back when needed. And I do not feel that I should consult you before I make a post of any kind. I am NOT a troll, as you had also accused Karoline from the UK, along with other Male members in this forum. I never said one word to her when she was on this forum, I just sat back, and watched the people that were attacking her repeatedly while she was on here. She had every right to make her postings just like other members do. That is their right as a member on Truth Control. I am not here to empress you, or any one else on Truth Control for that matter, and I stated this to you before this. You do not contribute anything here at all, except repeat what others have posted, and it is not hard to do that. It takes very little time, and little energy to do so. Your critical of many people on this forum, and you justify yourself, as using freedom of speech to do this. I have it too, but I do not speak in a vulgar manner to people either. You don't have respect for people here. You take hits at many people on Truth Control. You are very sarcastic as well, and you also choose to use vulgar words to express yourself, and this shows that you have very many pent up frustrations, and you come here, and take it out on your favorite targets. Me and Tarheel, and other females, when they have a strong mind to speak up to a bully, when a bully is bulling another person on this forum. Just 2 week ago you told Nivine off, and she is also female too. She is from Lebanon, and she is also in college to become a Criminal Pathologist, and your rude to people on here, and it's aimed mostly at the female gender. Nivine only told you something simple, and you reacted very rudely to her, and she was polite to you as well. You can call me what ever flows though your head, because I don't care at all. I will not respond to your childish, rude comments from now on, because it's not worth my time, or my energy. I'll just block you out, because you have no effect on me. I have meant many bullies in my 62 years on this planet, and your no different then they are. Yes life is hard at times, but loving others that are different then yourself is even harder. I hope that some day you will find peace from within yourself. @UNI1, and OL you both can take your thumbs, and stick it where the sun does not shine. What I said about you both IS THE REAL TRUTH TOO!

obsrvantlouie: A smooth performance

I notice now you have shifted your tactics to make it look like I and certain others attack the female gender. This is utterly baseless and you are flat out lying with regards to Karoline - she was a troll and YOU SAID SO YOURSELF ON OPEN FORUM....ooops!! Did you forget about this? Your getting caught up in your own webs BB!

I can pull up the link for other members interested. I believe your words were (regarding Karoline) "it was quite obvious to me and others that she is a troll!" And you were quick to jump on the bandwagon and act is if you has known all along. Rut RO!

With regards to my tone, language and use of sarcasm - so what? Is this place rated PG 13? Does language upset you? Very rarely have I used stern or foul language directed at anyone aside from Edisonk the homophobe and his partner in crime Annu77. And even then, I do this rarely.

With regards to my material and comments here and your claims that I only repeat what others say....this is laughable, all my material comes from the heart and is unique & written by me with an aim to awaken persons to their own power; you are running out of digs troll.

Like I said, quality over quantity and your posts severely lack quality....aside from the point that you And your message is about as consistent as Peter Griffins....the lionshare of your posts are links to videos that are usually fear spreading trash.

If you were as advanced as you said and possessed the powers you claimed coupled with your alleged mission in your flimsy bio - YOU WOULD NOT BE POSTING YOUTUBE VIDEOS.....YOU WOULD BE WRITING UNIQUE ARTICLES ON HOW TO INCREASE VIBRATIONAL RESONANCE AND HOW TO HANDLE THE CHANGES THAT COME ALONG WITH AWAKENING.

You sit high above everyone else on this forum and your arrogance is quite unattractive - age is just a number so stop acting as if you are wise beyond a younger persons years.

That you claim I attack the female gender.....ha, another baseless claim that you cannot back up with any hard data. Regarding my communication to Nivine....I think she and I both could have handled things more delicately but we ironed it out and days later we were laughing as I was applauding and commenting on a forum post of hers.

The only reason I ever contacted you upfront was because I wanted to uncover more about you because I had suspected you of trolling for quite sometime.

Your messages are filled with many truths and this is necessary to confuse and hide your unsavory ways...BB THE LIGHTWORKER.....o Nevermind, I forgot you are no longer a light worker.

You can try your best to take shots at me with regards to my information posted, language and 'smarty pants' style but one thing you will never catch me doing is tripping over my feet and claiming to be something I am not or claiming something that I do not understand. The observant reader will also notice how I do not speak for others as you do...furthermore, you claim I am critical of many persons on this site yet you say that you will confront anyone whom you think is lying.

Well, I think you lie....and I think you get paid to do so.

You don't back away from anyone in the past dear BB?? Let me quote master Yoda "IF SO POWERFUL YOU ARE....WHY LEAVE?

I'll tell you why you are leaving; you know I am onto you and every time you interact with me you trip yourself up even more and show your true colors for others to pick up on.

Tarheel: You cant argue with Delusion, OL.

Don't ground yourself arguing w/ perpetual 3D people. I am glad someone else sees the intent/hidden agenda behind the diversion tactics & constant attempts to undermine the forum.
Nobody is THAT delusional. There is a hidden agenda. She'll quickly absorb herself in her self-defeats. She's her own biggest enemy.

But, be careful not to interrupt the "forbidden knowledge". .....dude

UN.i1-PHI: You got it so twisted BB

yes i did put my thumb down somewhere the sun does not shine, right there in your deceptive comment again, and actually i stick by sticking thumbs down only in such cases like when you talk wrong about people, especially when you're lying about me, what you said about me is not the truth as usual, you talked twisted/lies about me because you've been deluded/fooled to think crazy things about me for whatever delusional reasoning probably just because i made a new account and then you think i'm a troll for it or conspiring against the forum or members, before that, there was no problem between us for as much as i noticed back then and i used to talk nice with you but suddenly you got everything about me twisted wrong in your mind and trying to smear you accusations out of delusion on me and others, you're even trying to pull off this gender card you're pushing again as you oftenly did before against me that you think/said we're ganging up on/against female members!!? you're very ridiculous when it comes to personal issues, you don't remember things correctly of what they said,meant and were in the past, and go propagate untruths about them, i don't know how much you do it intentionally as i've noticed you actually believe your own delusions because you got it twisted and that's why you go propagate whatever you think about certain people as if it were the truth even if they can speak for themselves and have said oftenly it is otherwise, but you just have to make more ridiculous connections to create more bad stories to tell about others, wich they'll have to defend and explain themselves from your insanity about them, and you just don't get it, no matter how much people explain and tell it to you, you think to know them better, and this is where you go wrong and tell untruths eventough you believe it to be true
sure bb you're 'entitled' to post whatever you want, but what is not important to others is needlessly post personal issues/details/things about others you keep ranting about like now again about nivine, atleast you might be right about her personal details like the gender and study or whatever, but you're so often so wrong when you talk about me its just insane and i'm not sure what to do about it
you got some nerve to tell us we're ganging up against female members and this just proves again your delusion and your smear tactics,
remember what supposedly happened with Moonsstarr, sure you think you do, as you have often tried to remind people about this and that i made her ran off or something, because would be a female too, what a BS bb, this is how blindly you take your stance in something while being very wrong and not understanding what really happened or is true,
just like you said that i came from the uk and am a (paid)troll just because you associated me with others members because they arrived around the same time and supposedly are trolls/shills because they would have some stance against you or others and from some problem and misunderstanding you have with them just like you have with me
to explain again what happened to show that i had nothing against moonstar or her post about colossal chinese pyramids what-so-ever, i actually always had very nice conversations with her especially in private and then i posted a comment to add some things on topic to consider and my comment was titled something like 'size does not (really) equal importance', what i meant with that is that size is used as a symbolic attribute to show/express importance, and this is a common spread ideology trough the world, but it's just used like that, and therefore not really equal importance, and because that post was about big chinese pyramids and i only shortly/bluntly said after that 'nice post btw', others like the killingwithkindness guy took it as if i were criticizing her! and then she took it that way too and was very upset because she was just so happy she posted a nice article and then she thinks someone who used to talk nice with her suddenly goes criticize and demean her and however they mistook it, but i never did or meant any of that, that guy misjudged my comment as being critical tough it wasnt meant like that at all and then moonstar took it that way too and they just believe it like that just as you do and keep reminding me of it as if i made her ran off, it was rather other people who told these things about me that made her believe it and ran off but if you look clearly at my comment there was no such critical intention at all and i just probably didnt compliment her enough for it to make clear i really liked her (post), i find it very sad because she was very sad and disappointed (believing in other's misinterpretation about me critisizing her) tough i did nothing and meant nothing wrong i only added some things to consider as a concept and complimented her just shortly btw and for some stupid reason people just mistook it as if i were critisizing/demeaning her, while i really wasnt as you could see in my comment, i saw her as a nice friend but other people like killerwithkindness made her think different by misjudging what i had said, (and this is very similar if not the same to what bb is doing all the time to me and others)
and since then, if not earlier, you're calling out on it as if i and others are bullying females and you keep insinuating and saying this over and over in a lot of comments, i know/noticed a lot of them, it only creates chaos and division for nothing, from misunderstandings gone ridiculous!!!
all i did is try to explain myself to you and others, i never meant to fight or go against anyone, you went against me everytime you misunderstood me and it not only created accumulated tension but all this accumulated delusions you now have in your mind about me and some others
and then still complain and nagg when i dislike your comments as if i have no reason, haha c'mon really go play with someone else because i'm tired and have had enough of it as i've really tried to make you understand me but you simply wont and make things worse with this riduculous behaviour towards others ABOUT them, and this is the reason i have to say this now about you, eventough you won't understand as usual, others could!

Tarheel: Dig it.

Words of wisdom from HD.

bluesbaby5050: As HD said he watched, and he read, and then He was fooled

Fooled Too. He just did not understand. So, IF HE HAD ANY WISDOM, then he SHOULD have KNOWN better, and NOT followed those Predictions from those people, as he stated that he did.

bluesbaby5050: HD said he watched, and he read, and followed the predictions

He just did not understand that they did not mean that they Would come true, but Could become a possible out come.

obsrvantlouie: Well said HD

There are more shysters abound than naysayers, that is for certain.

UN.i1-PHI: and what about neehohea, tachoma

don't forget that niburu's supposed to come with another dancing friend joining the party ;P

Tarheel: Word

"Never throw good money after bad." The hole just keeps getting DEEPER.


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