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by MC Target on October 12th, 2011

Surreptitiously implanted 'Mind Control Technology'.

You may or may not have any knowledge of covert 'Mind Control Operations', but they're very real and I can prove it. It's also very much a global issue and not unique to the States.

It's not news that's broken yet, but I am the subject of an investigation which has recently been instigated by a 'National Newspaper' in Britain with a view to exposing the 'fact' that I am implanted with Mind Control Technology and have been since I was a child. I have also now received two letters from Parliament here in relation to this and - I flippin hope so at any rate - that I'll be able to blow the lid off this horrific practice very soon.

Rather than going into great depth here and now though I'll ask that you first view my blog prior to passing any comment or responding to this message. On it you will see MRI scans clearly showing the implanted technology I'm referring to and that clearly again that it is indeed attached to my brain.

The address is

Be good to hear from you.

Best regards,



Fal: I'm surprised this received

I'm surprised this received no attention. Welcome to Truth Control, and I hope within the last 3 weeks you have made some progress with your blowing the top off things.

MC Target: Thank you sir!

Thanks for your words of encouragement, and indeed, I never cease to be amazed at how little attention my circumstances get too. Surprised though? Well not really ... there seem to be so many on the internet making claims they cannot substantiate that 'others' now seem conditioned to being 'unable' to see 'The Truth' even when its punching them in the face.

Things have moved on yes, but what the current situation amounts to is that I have opened/created a number of channels. Channels into which I'm able to feed information, channels into environments that can bring the issue of humans being implanted with technology above board – environments though that have not yet committed to facilitating exposure of said practice. Some decisions have to be made I'm told and they're all currently waiting for me too start feeding information into the afore mentioned thoroughfares.

In truth, I rolled a 'King Size Joint' on Friday night and I only put it out today. So I'm just beginning to get my head around all the serious bollocks again as I enter a puff free phase.

F*ckin heavy duty bollocks all this is you know?! Well, in my puff free periods it is anyhow!

All very real though; and all very 'TRUE' too. Unfortunately so pour poor moi.


FOE_HAMMER: Hello fellow new member.

Total bummer for you. Sounds like your taking it very bravely. Hang in there resist anyone/ anything that seeks to limit your free will! Fight the power! Don't let them get away scott free. Hammer the foes of liberty!

There are people who will never believe anything not within the confines of 'normal' reality so try not to let people saying your crazy get to you. That anyone is taking your story seriously is a huge victory, ravel in it! You are in a position to make a huge difference for other people with your same condition, so make the most of it!

As for help getting rid of it? Short of the DARPA type surgeon who must have put it in there, there might not be any 'normal' doctor who can take it out. Worse, there might be ethereal implants present not currently detectible by known science. Sound grim? Nope! There is hope!

This very topic is directly addressed by a very exciting news development also not in the 'normal' realm. It may sound far fetched, but here is a link to a group which can help you also a way listed you can contact this group.

Good luck, be well!

MC Target: Mmmmn ... ?

I did reply to the above comment but it seems not to have been processed.

Thanks anyhow.

MC Target: A 'Total Bummer' indeed!!

Can you imagine a worse predicament?

Still, as you've said, I have managed to manoeuvre myself into a position to start hitting back, but the violence that's continually being perpetrated against my person as I prepare to is obscenely horrific.

I actually went to a party at the weekend with indescribable pain/pressure in my head accompanied by a high pitch screaming in my cochlear regions and hardly mentioned my overall circumstances at all. To boot too didn't utter one word as to the pain I was in I'll add; because, well, what good is hearing about it going to do anybody? Particularly whilst out partying.

Ces't la vie, some might say. But life 'shouldn't' be such as it is for me and 'many' others, we're suffering abuses so vile they are beyond the comprehension of any mind, or say scope of any imagination, that has not experienced them. Most that have or do, will, most certainly shatter at some point.

I'd say its an 'absolute' and 'necessary truth' that if governments are perpetrating such crimes against people - which Western ones most certainly are - that revolution be justifiable.

I'm off to stay with friends for a couple of days though, to eat food, drink wine and talk nonsense - through the screaming and pressure inside my head.

Go well yer self.


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