Planned Genocide Of The Jews And Syrians

Planned Genocide Of The Jews And Syrians.

Im an atheist by the way.

Masons fulfilling Bible prophecies in order to bring about the apocalypse.

Here are some quotes from the bible, what western leaders plan to do against Israel and Syria.

Damascus is in Syria by the way. Will you try to stop them?? I bet you won't.

Isaiah 17:1:
This message came to me concerning Damascus: "Look, the city of Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins."

Isaiah 17:2
"The towns of Aroer will be deserted. Flocks will graze in the streets and lie down undisturbed, with no one to chase them away."

Isaiah 17:3
"The fortified towns of Israel will also be destroyed, and the royal power of Damascus will end. All that remains of Syria will share the fate of Israel's departed glory," declares the LORD of Heaven's Armies.

Isaiah 17:4
"In that day Israel's glory will grow dim; its robust body will waste away."

Isaiah 17:5
"The whole land will look like a grainfield after the harvesters have gathered the grain. It will be desolate, like the fields in the valley of Rephaim after the harvest."

Isaiah 17:6
"Only a few of its people will be left, like stray olives left on a tree after the harvest. Only two or three remain in the highest branches, four or five scattered here and there on the limbs," declares the LORD, the God of Israel.

Isaiah 17:9
"Their largest cities will be like a deserted forest, like the land the Hivites and Amorites abandoned when the Israelites came here so long ago. It will be utterly desolate."

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Chazz: They're still trying to get

They're still trying to get off-planet. Their destruction will occur, as they cannot do so.

bluesbaby5050: Ya, and they Head Straight for the Moon!

Because this is alot closer to the Earth, and then they try for Mars also. Mars is the next stop. The Moon is only a stop-over. The Elitists take their vacations on the Moon! The Moon was an abandoned hulled out Reptilian spaceship of Long ago,and then it was RE-claimed again, and is fully functional inside, and out. Long before the sinking of Atlantis , the Moon was Never here at all,and was Never spoken of in the bible. The Moon was brought here to help stablize the Earth after the sinking of Atlantis,because it would regulate the waters,and the tides.

Terran resistance: uh pyramids

the pyramids are more for stabilsing the earth, the moon not so much. The moon is what I believe brought the sumerian god marduk here. Marduk comes from the word maldek or some other derivative. Maldek being the orion owned planet where the asteroid belt used to be.

bluesbaby5050: I'm aware of what the purposes ,and why the pyramids were built

On the Earth, and on ALL the other planets too.( I had posted this infomation before this, but I didn't think it was nessesary to do it again.)The pyramids were to bring stability to each planet, so they would not roll out of orbit, and so they would stay on an orbital path once they were settled down. Thanks anywaysTR.

Terran resistance: told you so

told you so, refugees from Syria.

Terran resistance: i posted this

i posted this three years ago, dont say i didnt tell you so.

edisonik: They will not get their way

They will not get their way if Adamu Prays for Peace & Harmony.

You have the Power to Alter Destiny.

HebrianDaniel: the problem why we jewish

the problem why we jewish people has many problem is due our zodiac sign age.
we represented the age of Aries which is Fire element and Mars planet star sign.
and mars is war sign.
as you see in the bible we were always in wars and we made many semitic tribes and civilisations dissappear.
and for the glory of the war we sacrifice lamb in the holy tample and burn it on fire.
Aries replaced the Polythiesm to Monotheism. its mainly effected the Judaism Atenism and Zoroastranism.
by the start of Ariest there was Bronze Age collapes. a series of many civilisations fall like minoan hittite and semitic tribes that israel sweep.

by the end of Aries the zodiac changed to Pisces. and Pisces is water element which involve in Emotion and Empathy.
this began when Jesus(Yehosoa) preaced for the love and caring and change the judaical Aries trait to Pisces trait.
its didnt worked well and jewish still follow the Traits of the Aries. which is why we always into problems we always have bad attiude
Pisces sign is different on many level
because of that Roman Empire also fall. they based their Zodiac on aries fire elment war sign.
while the greek adopted pisces and byzantine empire which is why they survied till 1400+.
that explain the whole thing why we are that :).

plus aquarius next age is air element

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