Planet X, Our Prison Break Peggy Kane.

by Chris on September 28th, 2014

Planet X, Our Prison Break part 1
Using EVP electronic voice phenomena and reverse speaking, I have been able to cut through a lot of BS and figure out what the reptilian race has been doing here to humanity and Earth. The only force great enough to shred their force field and free us from our imprisonment is Planet X. The love and intelligence of the One, our Creator is hurtling this body to free us, not to damage Earth. This is a very big story and I am going to be putting up my sound files, from thousands of hours of listening to show that everyone knows about this in reverse. I have yet to hear a different version of reality in reverse. Only our conscious minds are awash in contradictory ideas and theories. The RS mind is consistent, Brilliant, and under great limitations, waiting to communicate with each one who will take the time to listen.

Planet X, Our Prison Break part 2
This is the second in a series of videos that I am creating which will include many of my sound files of EVP and reverse speaking.
This is to let people know what I have heard is the "true" reality here and why Planet X is our greatest help, and our freedom from absolute oppression.
The reptilian race had plans for humanity. Absolute control through micro-chipping, concentrations camps and using their human puppets in the NWO to get this ball moving.
This is not going to succeed and everyone knows it in the RS part of the mind.
I've reversed thousands of people and have never gotten a contradictory story as to what is really going on here behind the scenes.
These videos are to lay out the story and try to prove my theories. The more calm we are as the planet approaches, the less chance of harm coming to us.

Planet X, Our Prison Break part 3
Because I had the right equipment and absolute determination to speak to people on the other side, I finally made the breakthrough and got to talk to some spirit people directly. This is their story and how a reptilian race, technologically very advanced, took over Earth thousands of years ago. Nearly everything we believe, we've been given by them to keep us separated, confused, and fighting each other. Planet X is being sent by the Creator to free us, not harm us.

Planet X, Our Prison Break part 4
The astral world is for many, a nightmare. They don't deserve to have this suffering. Whole families with very young children have been attacked brutally in that world. We are cut off from them. Mediums are fed their information by reptilians who scan minds and give people what they want to hear. They didn't see EVP and RS coming. Now EVP is totally manipulated, but reverse speaking is still a tool to get to the truth.

Planet X, Our Prison Break part 5
In this part of the series, the reversals will refer to the net, which is the electromagnetic force field put around the Earth thousands of years ago by the reptilian race, who were able to capture this planet in a great war. This net acts like a Faraday cage to trap astral bodies. When we die, our astral body cannot leave this net unless there are certain conditions which I will cover in another chapter.
The One, our true Creator is enraged over what has happened here, much of it in His/Her name (Religious wars). The ruse here is ongoing.
Only reverse speaking, which came out of left field so to speak, tells the real story. I've reversed thousands of people and the story never contradicts. It is always the same information.
PX is coming to break up the force field and get us out of this cycle of murder, rape, torture and into freedom.

Planet X, Our Prison Break part 6
This series is explaining how by listening to and reversing both spirit people, and physical people, and later reptilians who also spoke in the EVP, I was able to piece together the reptilian agendas that run Earth. This hidden race has manipulated humanity for eons and are barbaric and cruel. They have given us war, and so much pain and suffering because they benefit. I will be also exposing what they intend to do as Planet X becomes visible. PX is being sent to break up their hold on Planet Earth and all life here. Welcome this beautiful planet X when it shows up.

Planet X, Important Warnings part 7
I along with others who listen to reverse speaking have heard many of the agendas of the reptilian race as they prepare to leave. They are going because as the electro-magnetic force field around Earth is broken up by Planet X, we will see them. Their facade will break down. When the planet first shows up, they will try to grab as many people as possible.
I am putting up these warning simply to inform people in the event that these "predictions" come to pass. I don't expect people to necessarily believe what I am saying, but just to hold this in the back of your mind.
I will continue to "tell" the story of how I came to understand the dynamic of this hidden race here using my audio files. But feel that time is of the essence and I wanted to at least try to warn people to keep them from harm.

Planet X, Our Prison Break, Part 8 Reptilian Voices
Planet X is much closer than assumed. Most people don't even know this planet exists. When it shows up, there will be a global panic. The incoming planet is our prison break. It is freeing us from the grip of the reptilian race.
This is a very disturbing audio that will be played on this video. I am putting this up because so many are either in delusion and thinking this race are allies with humans or that this is all just nonsense and there is no such thing as a reptilian race.
The audio is not meant to scare people, but alert us to the danger so we can protect ourselves and loved ones.

We also have the idea that people in countries like the U.S. and other more affluent countries, are exempted from the cruelty that is happening in other parts of the world. We feel somehow that we deserve a wonderful life and others must be less deserving.

We are all in this together. The reptilian race are the quintessential bigots and that is one of the reasons they keep the power in the hands of primarily white power elite and the other races seem to be brutalized.
The reptilians have also given us many reasons to fight and constantly feel separated. This has hurt humanity and served their agendas. Divide and conquer has worked wonderfully.

When PX shows up and the reptilian agendas are all exposed, humanity will finally be able to communicate directly with the Creator and see our true divinity. Paradise is close at hand and Planet X is the reason.

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danieln: Part 9 on youtube

Hi, i see the series on youtube but i cannot find the part9, the last link take me to part8. Thanks!!

Chris: heres some more info

Part 1 peggy kane interview Part 2 heres the thing about the ciakar draconians they are behind the manipulation of hummanity they come from orion draco hydra ursamajor and ursaminor and sirius b check out alex collier james bartley and rober morning sky and stewart swerdlow for more info on the draco reptilian species

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