Planet Tiamat was the Domain of Zeus

by ANUBIS on January 12th, 2011

Tiamat was another planet from another time and this planet was Governed by the Olympic Gods, Gods such as Zeus,Apollo , Hera and many other Olympians.
This Ancient Knowledge was given to the Greeks by the Andromedans, when Zeus had power over this Star System he was unstoppable. He had control over Eridanice and King Anu of Sirris was very angry , they waged a battle up in Space with AR 1 which was flown by Zeus and AR 2 which was flown by King Anu.
The battle was colossal Tiamat was destroyed and Zeus lost the battle and he and his Warriors were sent to Orion to be Imprisoned.
To this day Zeus is there very angry and wishing one day that he would return.
King Anu gave control of Eridance ( Our Star System ) to Enki & Enlil , the two brothers couldn't work things out when they were working on Earth, Enki was creating a new slave race which could do the mining of the gold on earth, but Enki knew what it was to be a slave so when he created the Humans he had given them his DNA and the DNA of an angel race, when Enlil found out he was very angry and tried to wipe humanity out with the flood via Nibiru.
He then banished Enki to the Pleades where he is to this very day.
Enlil was then kicked out by the Draconans , and that is who has power along with RA and his brother.

Humanity has the power to create their destiny but they must participate more in current events and not just say yes to everything the media tells them . So this is my take on the matter. The Illuminati are the children of RA.
In order to Rule they must oppress you and treat you like beasts. Wether this is right or wrong is entirely up to you.

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Quinton: Great information Anubis.

Great information Anubis. Thanks for sharing.

I have a ton of questions that you sound qualified to address. If you could share your take on any of these questions it would be much appreciated:

Why was King Anu upset with Zeus' control over Eridance?

Was Tiamat destroyed into what we now call the Astroid Belt?

Are Enki & Enlil both Anunnaki brothers from Nibiru?

Why did King Anu need to mine gold?

Do earth humans have the same DNA as Enki & Enlil?

Is Enlil our Jehovah (LORD) from the Hebrew Bible?

Was Enki the serpent in the Genesis garden story?

Are the Draconians the Reptilians?

Can the Reptilians take on human form?

Are AR 1 and AR 2 planetary spaceships?

Any help on any of these questions would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

ANUBIS: You are not the children of RA

The People of the World are the children of Enki, free Spirits to do as they wish to follow their Creativity and their hearts desire. Since Humanity is so unique this is why the children of RA want to wipe you out, the whole Economic Machine was designed by them through the Centuries , the whole Systems, Banking, Government, Agriculture, Philanthropy, Big Pharma, Sports Entertainment and everything else looks independant and separate but it is infact one elaborate machine for Global Takeover.
But the People are waking up and taking back their Soverienty. Ultimately the People must decide, will it be Freedom and Independance or will it be Tyranny and enslavement.
Choose your Destiny, no one can choose it for you.

ANUBIS: The Pharoahs are the Rockerfellers, Children of RA Rothchilds

The United States is just another Empire, it used to be a Republic untill the Pharoahs infilrated and took over through the Federal Reserve since 1913. You have been their slaves ever since, this is why your freedoms are being taken away through the Art of Terror.
Through fear and the Art of Fear they will take away your Liberties , for False Security.
This is why you have Obelisks in the USA.

Many of you are Gods but you must open your Chakras, you must empty yourself of Earthly Materialism and all that is pompus and materialistic ways.
Instead of looking outer start looking inner , into your very Soul. Discover who you really are from the inside, this is not the only life you had or will have, I should know trust me on this.
The Spirit will unlock what you are and who you are. ( 1 of 5 ) ( 2 of 5 ) ( 3 of 5 ) ( 4 of 5 ) ( 5 of 5 )

Do you want freedom , you must fight for it, choose your destiny.

ANUBIS: ANUBIS will answer your Questions Quinton

You are very wise Quinton and you ask Questions that were forbidden, since you are a seeker of truth and an Ancient Warrior in a previous life who died Gloriously in Battle, I will answer you.

Answer One: King Anu was angry with Zeus because he declared himself King of Eridanice contrary to the Serpent Queens Orders. Zeus was unstoppable so the Serpent Queens sent their Best Reptilian Warriors along with King Anu to battle Mighty Zeus and his Akiki Warriors, he was Half Man , Half Wolf all Warrior.
The Battles were like what you see in Underworld between the Vampires and Lycans, this is where these stories are coming from.
Reality is much more Exotic then Sci-fi could ever be.

Answer Two: Tiamat is the Asteroid Belt , yes Quinton Ikiki Warrior, this is why you seek truth Incarnate.

Answer Three: Enki and Enlil are brothers and their Father is King Anu.

Answer Four: The Annunaki needed to mine Gold because contrary to what most inhabitants think of Gold, it is not only a currency which never fails, it also purifies the Atmosphere of Planets and Nibiru needs constant Gold to purify it's Atmosphere purifying Equiptment and for their Canis Star System. It is the comodity of the GODS. Gold will never loose it's value so never sell your Gold.

Answer Five: Enlil is Lord of Command he is Quinton Yahweh.

Answer Six : When Enki gave his DNA to the Human Beasts and the Gift of the Feather he was Exiled and Demonized, he was declared Bad and that humans must never trust in him. Everything was twisted , all Enki wanted to do was to give the Humans Freedom and Passion which was forbidden. This is why the Illuminati want to destroy humanity, this is why there is much suffering on the lands and much War, Vaccinations, GMO Foods , Lies , Treachery and plans of Culling Humanity. This is not being done by mere Greed or Ambition this is being done by Extraterrestrials. Humanity has been deliberately misled for thousands of years.
The Draconans are Invloved Also they feed on Human Flesh and also have 50 Year cycles where they come to Earth to Abduct Humans like Swine to feed their people.
You must be Strong and know this you are divine, but you must find it within yourself for no one will find the God in you but you yourself Quinton. Accept your Immortality or just be a beast in service of your masters.

Answer Seven: Yes Reptilians can take Human Form they can infiltrate the Mind through your thoughts because your thoughts become your actions if not carefully checked. They also have Holographic Technology which enables them to look human, the People at the Top are Draconans in disguise.

Answer Eight: AR 1 & AR 2 are Planetary Spaceships with power to blow up whole Planets, George Lucas was told to create Star Wars so that people will be able to understand these far out concepts which are based on fact.

These words are true, let any who challenge me come fourth for if they do they will be fed to AMMIT.

Quinton: Thank you very much! These

Thank you very much! These are great answers :) I look forward to hearing more from you.

Genio: Anubis

I cant argue with anything you have said, and i doubt anyone can, this clearly sounds like the truth.
I knew some of these things but not all of them and its like you put things together from information that ive read in different places. I just want to thank you for this information its really good, can you tell me about atlantis and lumeria, i would like to know what you know on theese two places.
Also, are all races equal, why is there different races of humans on earth, we cant all come from enki can we ? like black people white people asian people arabians people mexican people =P, they all look different, this might be a hard question to answer, but if you could answer it i would be grateful. thanks

jborbecido: Good day ANUBIS... Very happy

Good day ANUBIS...
Very happy to have read your answers. I have found light after light with the informations that you gave. I have also some clarificatory questions to further dig the truth:
1.) Does En.Lil/Enlil equate to Yahweh/YHWH or Yod Heh Vav Heh?
2.) If En.Ki/Enki is the serpent, does En.Ki also be equated with Lucifer?
3.) What species is Archangel Metatron?
4.) With all this gods who reigned before us here on Earth, do we have a Supreme Being governing all of us here in the vast universe?

Thank you very much and looking forward for your response.

ANUBIS: Many of the different Races are not from Earth

Atlantis was Pleadian and Annunakian , Lemuria was Reptilian Colony. Both Civilizations were destroyed through an ancient War between the Species.
Many thousands of years ago.
You come from different slave planets, Saturn , Jupiter, Mars & Venus brought here as slave labour.
There are different types of Ancient Annunaki, some look like humans and others look like me like Anubis, like a wolfman from the Dog Star Sirius which is 8.6 Light years away from Earth.

Humans come from different Slave Planets , they were brought here but were engineered by Enki none the less Genio. You have now been given divine knowledge and everything else they told you can be thrown out the window, even your Genome is very different from Race to Race, this is a delicate Issue.
We are Interstellar Nations jammed into one planet. The Controllers do not want this information out, this is why all of you look at the Stars, you have family up there truly you do.
This Information has been denied to you the Lords of Darkness want you to remain here and to Worship them and not in remembering your divine past, your true home among the Stars.

Ecbra de Oaoj: the price of Freedom is

open hand for slavery.

yes, its my choose; and i think of all people that choose the Truth.

Peace and Harmony

Crigitine: I wonder what the proud

I wonder what the proud wolfsoliders were like. I would love to learn more of them, and of zeus. If the little so called elite we have on our planet are renegades that kicked the annunaki out but are working with the orion queen that.. I can't really piece those together if the annunaki were working with the queen to defeat and capture zeus.

I also wonder what would happen if any or all of the obelisks were to be destroyed. I've recently watched Rik Clay's findings, and I'm starting to wonder how much we were told was actually true about these objects and if they hold the power to keep this fabrication alive. Or any religious monument for that matter.

Furthermore I am curious about the leylines and if we were to ever reunite upon one that wasn't tainted with religious structures if the positive energy would make a dent in the puny elites forces and influence.

Annunaki77: It's about Power and the Throne of Sirius

Zeus was the Grandson of King AL AL, the King of Sirius.
When the Wolf Soldiers ventured into Orion they battled the Reptilians and Destroyed some Reptilian Civilizations and battled the Orion Mk Warriors ( Dragon Warriors).
It was Dog vs Lizard , it was very messy, the Orion Queens went to the Canus King for a Truce.

King AL AL bartered a Peace Treaty with the Serpent Queens of Orion.
Loyalty and Service to Orion and for this Service Sirius would get title to the Star Systems discovered around the Pesh Ma Ten Super Star Highway.

After this Deal the Royal Families were fighting amongst themselves for Power and Influence.
They didn't like the Deal King AL AL made with the Serpent Queens and the Families decided to Betray King AL AL so he knew their was a Plot Cooking on Sirius for his Hide so he went to the Serpent Queens of Orion and laid a claim for the Bod Star System.
For this Claim he pledged Loyalty and Service to the Orion Serpent Queens.

King AL AL left the Throne of Sirius and created a New Throne on Tiamat.
He Created Mount Olympus.

Later as the King aged and Passed on to the Next Dimension, his Grandson Zeus became the New Lord and Kod of Mount Olympus.

bluesbaby5050: TO ANNU77,or EDISONIK?? Pesh Ma Ten??

What are the names of some of these star systems in this Title of this Treaty the Orion Serpent Queens speak of, AROUND THE PESH MA TEN Super Star Highway?? This is THE HIGHWAYS THAT THE STARSHIPS TRAVEL THOUGH/USE. What EXACTLY IS THIS -->Pesh Ma Ten? I was told the Pesh Ma Ten is the name of a STAR SHIP someone owns! What is the REAL TRUTH here?? I would like the COMPLETE STORY PLEASE??! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Annu---?

How old was King AL AL when he died? He must of been very aged when he died?

bluesbaby5050: I read that---

King AL AL was exiled,and banished to Mars WHERE HE DIED, because he bit off the sexual organ of king Anu! And this was King AL AL'S punishment for this act.King AL AL WAS the King of the planet Sirius. He later set himself up as King on Tiamat ,and created Mount Olympus,and this is where Zesu the grandson of King AL AL Came from. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: Bit it off

When i read this it made me laugh, lol It seems to be an act from a misunderstanding, or a prison act that went terribly wrong, Why King Anu would place his Penis in the mouth of a man ,when he could have found a willing Goddess for this pleasure is beyond my reasoning. I would have bit it off too if Anu did this to me. Maybe he was confused, maybe AL AL had long hair and a pretty face, i dont know, but to King Anu I say, " Silly Faggot, Dicks are For Chicks " lol

bluesbaby5050: Wmarkley---

This happened after the battle they had in space,and AL AL was to be punished,and he almost got a pardon,and then he did this! He attacked King Anu! They were/are both CANUS from the planet, SIRIUS! ( INX.) Falcon.

wmarkley: ok

Then that explains it, ive seen dogs eat frozen shit, then lay down and lick his own balls, lol It was probably a good thing that Lord Enki created humanity and didnt give us the gift of the ability to lick our own groin, for various reasons, lol

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---!

Your helarious!! Hahahahaha! - -Gross! }:>P

Annunaki77: Yes many times older than a Human

Humans have been stunted in their Life Cycles so that they cannot compete with the Annunaki.
This was not done by Lord Enki, but by Brother Enlil to better Control and Oppress them.
You see this is why I do not accept Religions , these Doctrines as well as Language has been devised to keep Humans Divided.
United the Human Race is Awsome and cannot be manipulated to War each other.
But Divided they become Polarized and War with each other, in the end they can be easily managed and treated like cattle.

So I say unto you do not War with each other because Humanity is unique and you are all family, yes you are all different Culturally and Racially, but in the end you are all One.
Do not fight each other anymore.

Your Bloodline is from Heaven and not of Earth, this is why you are different of all other Animals.
You Creator lives in you.

Give Love a Chance.

Tarheel: The Bod Star System and Tiamat are a REAL find.

It is apparent that The Bod Star System and Tiamat are widely held as HIGHLY DESIRABLE.

Is that because of Humanity, Wise One, or location or just what makes/made Tiamat so "wanted"?

bluesbaby5050: To answer your question----

Because of Gold.Earth is the only planet here that has Gold.Also because of Earth's varity of plant,and, minerals,and animal life here.This planet is also a water world.This has everything you could ever want,or need.This planet is also on many regular trade routes too.Many alien beings pass though the Bod star system.BB5050.

Tarheel: Those Orion Queens sure hold that....

....cosmic, galactic super highway in high regard.

Why is that , BB? I petitioned Anu77 on it but if you know if you will share this.please do.

My guess is LOCATION !


bluesbaby5050: Tar,Your answer was----

In may first sentence I gave you already.IT IS GOLD! This IS a RARE Mineral.No where else is it found,in this solar system.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: I posted it already Tar??

Didn't you see the post Tar??LOLOL! Some of the Trade routes run though the Orion's Queens Star Systems Tar! They fought many wars to have the rights,and to hold onto it.These are important trade routes,and they are the ones that benifit from some of the trading going on in them,just like on our planet! Whoever owns the Tole Roads owns the profites! Same Ideas.You pay a fee to use the roads.Same out there too.You pay in some form of currency to go though the Star Routes they control,and own.OR you can NOT pass,and then NO trading will take place.They made the rules.They had to fight for the rights,Though the wars fought for them.

bluesbaby5050: Tar---

Also these Orion Queens are Draconion.They have been in our galaxy alot longer then most other life forms.They came from another Universe to begin with.They are an ancient race of alien beings.They are older then the Planet Earth itself! They have been in our galaxy for so long now,that they do NOT even remember how long they have been here! This is the truth.They had Plenty of time to lay claim to alot of territory out there.And this, they have done.They are the bullies of the galaxy.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry for the typo's.

I ment Toll roads. }:>) BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: I just watched a video on youtube,and it said ISREAL HAD ATTACKE

Attacked Iran??!! Has anyone seen this on CNN NEWS? THIS is the news station that carried this anoucenment! I saw it get hit with missles?Or bomb?I don't know which,but,the men are SAYIN HOLY SHIT,AND ARE SHOCKED FROM THIS! BB5050.

Ecbra de Oaoj: other questions

here are sayng about invasion and groups; well, importat then we know what about are happening and why and where, and how we need make to survive among this whole history.

1- these inteligences nactions of beings, that get travel inter-galacties, that have tablets, chips, and awful tecnology not yet been able to figure out how to atomically trasform other metals into gold? I read that our race know how do it but is very expensive; but more than travel to other solar sitem to bring?

2- robots. why dont desenveloped it instead mix gens with primates?

3- and that Al Al made a deal with Orion, Zeus continued this? where are Olimpicos, they are alive? they want came to here?

4- Lord Enki. I read that he was kiled on Mars by Enlil. He is now encarnated again? He planes came to here now a days?

5- King Anu. was said that his bat was strongest about let Earth out war. So, he is alive in Sirius? what is him relationship with the people and the rulers of Orion?

absolutely, my questions are not questions about God's plan; I just want better understand what are the positions of the potentates and who has humanity for friend (or unlike).

very att.

Truth and Courage

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