Pineal Gland Activation - Binaural Beats

by inanna17 on November 28th, 2010

Has anyone here used Binaural Beats for Pineal Gland activation exercises? I found my first experience to be incredible. It felt as if every cell in my body was activated, like cold crystals bouncing against each other. I also felt as if I was connected to the Source. Energy flowed through me like becoming one with a concentrated beam of lightning. Tears came as I realized I was spirit and I was responsible for my true reality. To be reintroduced to the truth of my childhood memories of being one with everything made me so happy. It was the second of my Kundalini or true Chi activation. I am an extreme newbie at all of this information, and find myself a bit overwhelmed at times. But I do know I am a light being, and I want to practice being in the place that I was meant to be - aligned with the collective spirit and living in truth. Any comments would be welcomed.

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paradigm.ascension: interested!

hello inanna,

what are binaural beats? i have been looking for better chi activation and am interested in all practices

inanna17: binaural beats

Hello Paradigm,

I found this information surfing for help with the ringing in my ears and my insomnia. Over the last three years, the high pitched sounds have caused me some grief. After going to some sites regarding ascension and kundalini awakening, I realize this is all part of moving up to a new frequency. On Halloween weekend, I was privy to my first real 'in the vortex' moment. I have had several since, and continue to work on my self as positively as possible. It gets tiring at times, but being in forums such as this help.

The last link is to youtube - there is a lot of 'meditative' sound videos out there. For best results, it is important to listen to these sounds through headphones. The wiki link will explain more.

Have fun - I have had some great experiences, especially with the youtube videos. I also recommend checking out tibetan crystal bowl healings. They have helped move some serious blockages from my chakras.

Hope you find this info helpful


highplainssister: Question

Hey, Sorry I havn't read your profile before now, I stay on this pc too much lately my normal activities are really getting a little behind. Are you in Wicca ? And thank you for your rely on the most current page.

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