Pic of girl Draconian or cat et race?

So I saw this pic and I remember reading a topic that if people had slatted pupils they are not human? What races are there that have this trate?

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LoliApolys: Lol my first time posting a

Lol my first time posting a pic XD

LoliApolys: the pic seems kinda small but

the pic seems kinda small but if you click on it , it will appear up right and you can enlarge it to zoom in

Terran resistance: not reptilian

lots of people have these kind of eyes, they usually wear contact lenses theres more of them than us....the aim of the game is to prop up governments for ufo disclosure. If you truly knew how many of them there were you would begin to realise why the government doesnt want people to know about aliens, they have lived amongst us for a very long time, they consider themselves terran thats how long they have been here...They can remember past lives and have a triple helix dna. They most likely come from fourth density their lineage hence why they have the same life expectancy, most of them are hyadeans originally from the hyades cluster on a soul level, anyone that says that they are reptilians doesnt know what they are really talking about because I KNOW people with these kind of eyes.

Terran resistance: whats also notable

whats also notable is the high fringe lines the hair has, which is very common with people with cat like eyes...

Terran resistance: reptilian eyes

I thought it was reptilian dna, then hollow earth dna, but i have begun to realise it most likey comes from another density.

LoliApolys: So TR what race would you say

So TR what race would you say this person is ? I got lost on the first post XD but also the fridge in the hair? What does that that mean? :)

Terran resistance: would it surprise you?

would it surprise you if i said that there was more of them than of us...because that is the sort of line we are talking about, the conspiracy is so big that it would blow our minds theory... if you watch adverts about the third world you will see some children have these eyes but they dont wear contact lenses because simple things like aid cannot reach them.

Terran resistance: they are

they are human like us, they consider themselves one of us, but their genetic lineage is from somewhere totally different, they are here to prop up our governments for ufo disclosure because they will not be surprised by evidence of advanced civlizations in the past, around us or time travel or any of that stuff BECAUSE the BIGGEST difference is they can remember past lives! They are not stuck in the state of mind that they dont know who they are, where they are, how they are here etc. Just as we were having this conversation SOMEONE from over the roadl to my house said that "people live very differently where they come from" talking indirectly to me about fourth density because they overheard the conversation, so they do exist, yes...

LoliApolys: I think you forget our much

I think you forget our much earlier conversations of what I am XD and what I do. So no its not surprise to me of how many people are not human well they may be not full et. But I remember many of my past lived.

Terran resistance: what can you remember about

what can you remember about your past lives?

LoliApolys: I remember

Quite a few I was a priestess in my first life on this planet. In one i was born to a Nobel family I have even met my sister from that life 3 years ago. Have some memories of that both of those I remember how I died. Then the matrix was up and magick was starting out fade from this world as magick creatures were being slaughtered. I was a soldier in the the Greek area male. I have been in most wars. I was a monk. And a Japanese Gaisha. My last life I actualy found my self XD I was a black man from Massachusetts. Exsplane a lot on my ways of life I have brought much soul scaring exsperances with me that forged me to what I am today. So there ya have it in the last few wars I was a medic.

LoliApolys: well this might be a bad idea lol

but for the truth of this pic. the girls eyes in this pic is 100% non photo shopped and no contacts were used. i know because when i took this pic it was a hot sunny day and it was bloody bright as hell out side. the sun was to my left and i could feel my eyes strain but i have not ever been able to get my eyes to do that on a picture before. o.0 my eyes are normal and when my eyes do this i can feel them do it but this is the first time i ever got it on pic lol. my boyfriend says my eyes do this some times exspcaly when i am not agreeing with something and do not show it i just have a blank stare lol. my eye color is a blue out side and has a green around the pupil. but have been known to change color depending on mood. yes they have gone red 3 times in my life rate up to the point of me losing control and having people injured or pining me down. why am i coming out and telling you this? because i believe in truth.

Tarheel: Check out Hillary Clinton's eyes.

These are worse than the visual I got of TR with lipstick on.

LoliApolys: XD i dont know a good shade

XD i dont know a good shade of pink for TR would go nicely ;)

capstun: Saw this today on Dr. Phil

I was watching Dr. Phil this morning which isn't normal but....I noticed Nancy Grace so I stopped and watched...but the the camera went to Dr. Phil and I saw his eyes....I don't know if it was lighting or what but the other guests had normal eyes...so I paused it and took this pic.

TriThorntheReaper: not everyone is human well

not everyone is human well are body are but our souls are not at time when someone awakens our body go through small transformations. so since you watch it on live tv that prove it not photoshopped. our world is filled with many thing that don't seam right. there are time where you have to make a judgment call. magic is real so are aliens. remember to all was have an open mind. the pic did not show up.

capstun: Dr. Phil

It was season 7 ep 75

30seeker: Hi all. Just joined and am

Hi all. Just joined and am pleased. Ive never seen anyone with cats eyes before and tho its different its not a big deal to me. Im african irish. What a mix eh? I beleive in what u'l post. Actually come to think of it, ive always believed since i can remember. I gentle and loving, but the irish in me....cross that line a number of times and ul find out. Anyway nice meeting u all :).

Fire Dragon: It's the light or lack of it in eyes of Reptilians, not pupils

Pupil doesn't matter, we're humans and mostly have rounded pupils which react to a light/darkness. Drug addicts have small pupils which are little reactive to the light. I've learnt to recognize negative Reptilians/ETs by a matte light in their eyes which make them look just '3D' while true positive ETs have 'enlighted eyes' as if filled with radiating love and light thus, they seem bigger than they really are and make an impression of seeing through you entirely. You can have a feeling of looking into the depth of cosmos with stars and galaxies while facing a positive ET/human hybrid. Negative people/ETs eyes always seems to have no special depth within.
Eyes are a reflection of one's ancient heart/soul, old saying but true, that's how we all recognize one another. That what's in the heart, is in the eye too, synchronized. Look at pictures of convicted criminals and their eyes. There's always something twisted in their energy field expressed through eyes too.
Btw. I think it's not OK to post a stranger's pix related to such a topic. How can she defend herself against your suggestion? Did you get any permission for posting her picture? You could have blurred her face and leave eyes only to protect her privacy. Just curious.

LoliApolys: you are not one for reading

you are not one for reading others comments are you lol. typical of a dragon to opinionate first before reading the fine print..no offence XD i thank you for your concern of my safety though. and no though i am not human i am not reptilian/draconian either. there are more races that humans do not know about. not all races visit earth on a normal basis as i can see why -.-' but they do leave traces left here it seems....so much girrrr

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