by edisonik on September 23rd, 2010

Phil Schnieder was a US Government Geologist for many years and in 1977 he was Prospecting in the USA and helping in the Construction of D.U.M.B. Military Bases, ( Deep Underground Military Bases), during that time the drilling equiptment kept coming up broken ( The Reptilians and their buddies the Greys were trashing US Equiptment), they sent down engineers and they kept coming up eaten, so they sent Phil and Soldiers down their and all hell broke loose, Phil was shot with a Laser Weapon and multiple dozens of Black Beret Soldiers ( Courageous Soldiers Indeed ) were slaughtered by those Creatures.

In 1995-1996 Phil had the Courage to come forward and disclose the truth to the American People, the US Dark Government ( there are two Governments Ruling America, the True Constitutional Government & the Alien Backed Shadow Government) had Phil eliminated before he can expose them any further. Many will say Phil Schnieder is Insane and Crazy, I say he is a Patriot and a Hero because he is telling you the bloody truth, he died telling the truth.

So here is one of his last Seminars before the Lizards got to him , enjoy, knowledge is absolute power.
GOD BLESS YOU PHIL, YOUR DEATH WILL NOT GO IN VAIN!, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH REGARDING THIS NASTY ALIENS. ( 1 of 7 ) ( 2 of 7 ) ( 3 of 7 ) ( 4 of 7 ) ( 5 of 7 ) ( 6 of 7 ) ( 7 of 7 )

Listen to Phil and then do not trust Government because they work for the NWO and the NWO works for the Malevolant Aliens ( Reptilians and the Greys ) the Aliens want all of you Culled.
Current year is 2010 , they want you all Culled by 2029. Believe it or not.

Al Bielek can back up Phil Schnieder for those stupid Disinfo Agents or Skeptics. Al Bielek works on the inside. ( 1 of 7 ) ( 2 of 7 ) ( 3 of 7 ) ( 4 of 7 ) ( 5 of 7 ) ( 6 of 7 ) ( 7 of 7 )

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Even the Russians are briefing their people on the Alien Technologies and the Aliens , yet here in North America it is riddiculed and laughed at!, this type of behaviour is very dangerous for North Americans, they really need to wake up before they become victims of the NWO!, which work for the aliens themselves. Wake up North America, do not listen to mainstream media or the Decietful politicians. ( 1 of 4 ) ( 2 of 4 ) ( 3 of 4 ) ( 4 of 4 )

Alot of the Alien hardware is being used for Military Applications rather then for the help of Mother Earth or the Benefit of Humankind. It is being used to subvert freedom and to enslave , terrorize and eliminate humanity.

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