Perseid Meteor shower peaks TONIGHT-Light SHOW

by Tarheel on August 12th, 2013

I hope it isn't cloudy for us Star-gazers.

Title- Nature’s Light show: Perseid Meteor Shower to Brighten Sky For Two Shining Nights (Beginning Tonight)

Excerpt- Hundreds of fireballs and shooting stars will dart across the sky over the next two nights, putting on a spectacular light show for stargazers. The annual Perseid meteor shower is considered to be one of Mother Nature’s most dazzling celestial displays.

According to NASA, around 90 to 100 bright and colorful meteors can be seen per hour during the meteor shower’s peak, which will take place August 11-12.

As with all meteor showers, the rate is greatest in the pre-dawn hours. Stargazers are expecting an especially impressive show this year because the waxing crescent moon will set early – allowing even the fainter meteors to be seen.


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Tarheel: Bummer

Of course we had a MAJOR thunderstorm last night so I couldn't view the Perseid meteor shower !

Anybody check it out?

bluesbaby5050: Of Course people did!

The people that had good weather, and clear enough skies had good reports of a great show.

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