Perhaps the timing was right

by Arac on August 30th, 2016

Hello all.

So while tangent-clicking links that piqued my interest, I came across this site.

While I have already spent quite some time browsing (as I found more details and open minds here), so perhaps I was drawn here seeking insight and prospective on some rather unsettling occurances.

At some point soon I'll trying to capture from my mind what I long believed to be vivid dreams and see what could be made of it; I've been more pulled to discussions on the origins of the galaxy as what has occurred feels related, leaving me with a sense of vague familiarity, or remnants. Leaving to often question the makeup of my essence as, well, an inhabitant of this place.

At any rate!

Hello all.
I am me.
Whatever that is
And for all its worth.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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Quinton: Great to have you here Arac!

Great to have you here Arac! Thanks for joining :)

Arac: Many thanks (:

Many thanks (:

Looking forward to more opportunities to learn and grow with such an interesting group and variety of insights/perspectives!

Tarheel: Welcome aboard !

Happy to have you !
Don't eat the brown acid. (joking)

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