The Evolution of Vicious Mammalian Preditors has occurred millions of years in the Past. The Survival of the fittest has been the way of Mammalian Preditors on Sirius. As the many Millions of years progressed the Vicious Mammalian Preditors Evolved with the help of Divine Intervention from the Ancient Kods to become Humanoids. These Mammalian Preditors Evolved to Walk on Two Legs but retained their Canus Ancestry of Wolfen Heritage.

These Mammalian Preditors became the Teeth of Sirius. The Empire of Sirius was Born. The ways of Battle was with them. In time Sirius became a Powerful Empire of the Mighty Barker ( The Mighty Dog Star ). The Mammalian Preditors Technologies Evolved also and as they became more Advanced their Ambition to Stretch their Interest further became apparent.

Devotion to the Canus Kings was absolute , anything less would mean Death. The Dak were the Destroyers ( The Dogs ) , their Star Ships were Unstoppable Conqouring all neighbouring Planets. Many Starsystems fell to the Wolf Packs of Sirius and the Canus Kings were pleased. It was said that the Wolfen Warriors were renown for Eating the Flesh of their Enemies like a Pack of Ravenous Wolves without Mercy.

Loyalty to Sirius and the Empire was Job 1. Billions of Years Created a Species on Sirius that was a Pack Hunting being perfect Soldiers they were.

As the Wolfen Warriors started to enter the Pesh ma ten Super Galaxy highway the Canus Ships attacked the Orion Reptilian Ships. The Canus Warriors finally found worthy opponents in the MK Reptilian Warriors.
The Reptilian Warriors underestimated the Power and Ruthlessness of the Canus Mammalian Warriors and on a Planet on the Outskirts of Orion the Enemy Party Ships Landed and they Pitted their Best Warriors in a Fight to the Death to see just who was Strongest.

The Best Canus Warriors vs the Best Reptilian Warriors. The battles were truly Vicious , truly Gruesome , and truly Unbelievable.The Strongest Most Vicious Wolfen Warrior showed Incredible Power and Ferociousness that took the Best Reptilian Warrior off gaurd by underestimating the Ferocious Teeth of Sirius the first Fights were Dominated by the Wolves. It was a See Saw battle to the Death between to Rival Groups, at one time it was the Wolfen Warriors that were Victorious against the Reptiles and at other turns it would be the Reptilian Elite Warriors Slashing the Canus Warriors with their Razor Sharp Accuracy Claws to Death. Martial Arts was not Invented by Humans only copied , Martial Arts was around millions of years before.

These Battles would Extend to Space to see just who had the Military Muscle in the Heavens. Big Massive Spaceships battling each other for Dominance.

The Serpent Queens couldn't take this Powerful Rival Empire anymore because many of the Reptilian Armies were getting Destroyed. The Serpent Queens had to send Ambassadors to the Canus Kings for a Treaty to prevent a Gruesome War between the Mammals and the Reptiles.
Deals were many and Military Might was displayed among these Meetings. Orion showed their Mighty Weapons of War. Their Best and most powerful of all Weapons was their Star Destroyer Weapon which was able to blow up Suns/Stars.

The Canus Kings were spectators of this Incredible Weapon of War by the Orion Empire able to Blow Up Suns. The Canus Kings were Humbled by such an Incredible Weapon of War.
They Quickly Understood that Battling the Orion Empire could mark the Destruction of the Sirius Star Systems and offered their Services to the Throne of the Orion Queens.
A Deal was made by King Al al. Prince Anu's Uncle.

And so it was after all this Carnage between Sirius & Orion that a Peace Deal was made that would benefit the people Sirius and Orion. Great Prosperity was Born between the Two Empires and both Empires experienced a Prosperity like never before seen in their Histories.

Together the Two Empires were not matched. Not even by Alpha Draconis or any other Foreign Empire. Their Influence was Unchallenged and they Governed the Pesh ma ten Super Star Highways , Foreigners would pay tolls to run the Super highway.

United the Colonies of Sirius & Orion formed the Annunaki Colonies. Colonies of Reptilian & Wolfen Heritage together they mixed Forming the Annunaki. This was going on before the Ape and before Man was even Created. This was the Age of the Heroes of Old , Warriors of Renown. Warriors of Mammalian and Reptilian Heritage.



E-NOMINE WOLFEN (Das tier in mir)

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bluesbaby5050: This is True History well Spoken and Explained in Detail !

This is the the Real Truths of the Ancient History Explained between the Sirius Canus Empire, and Orion Reptilian Queen Empire, and the Ancient Battle for The Pesh ma ten Super Galactic Highways. This is the Truth! There are those that like to Twist the True Facts of the Ancient History. But the Truths Cannot be Denied OR Twisted! Humans will NO Longer Be Ruled Under The Thumb of the Power Elites! We Are Taking Back Our Power! We Will No Longer Be Divided, but We Will Stand Together, and Be United in Freedom! We Will Defend Our Country,and We Will Defend Our Selves at all Costs!

bluesbaby5050: The Pentagram. The Teeth of Sirius

These are the ancient DAK warriors of the Sirius star system. They still exist to this day, and are seen all over this planet living in the deep forests. Forest rangers are told not to report their sightings or lose their jobs. In some cases they have been attacked, and lived to tell their stories, and their real names were changed. Tune in to The shows host is Vic Cundiff, that also had an encounter of his own to tell, and that's when he wanted to alert the public, and share his story with others. People are greatful to learn they aren't alone anymore. Vic has already done well over 100 episodes on air from America to the UK, and europe. Detective David Paulides connects 411 cases of missing people in national state parks to this creature. He even travels to Europe, and the UK, and talks to people while he investigates the sightings with pictures from the people, and records their encounters. The dogman is an inner dimensional creature, and they are very physic, and they have other abilities that have been reported by people that encounter them. These dogmen are NOT werewolfs, no connections at all. The video link shown above still works. Have you ever wondered why so many movies of these creatures were made? Maybe the PTB are telling us something that's been around for a very, very long time.

Tarheel: A fitting fate for Nasty Attitude .

Maybe we should commission Wolfen to take out AST.'s too much fun belittling & demeaning ast.

Silenci030310: How big do those mammalian

How big do those mammalian predators get? Are they related to big foot if i wrong correct me if im wrong. I wouldnt want to be those reptiles.

bluesbaby5050: They are NOT related to Bigfoot............

Bigfoot is a Homanid, and is related to the Humans,as a very, very far,far off relative. And NOT related to the DOG Family. It is a mammal though,which means it has WARM BLOOD. ALL Mammals have WARM BLOOD. Reptiles,and Amphibians, and Fish do not,they all are Cold Blooded creaters. According to Annu 77,they are Canus,and Canus means of Dog/Wolf Origins. Wolfins are also of the Dog Origins. WOLFIN Clans are very Huge. They stand at 20 feet tall and taller in height. Wolfins can weight in at 800 to1000 pounds or more.They are very Skilled Warriors,and they are very Viscious while they are battling it out with their enemies. Wolfins have very huge,and Sharp teeth,and Fangs,and they have very Long Sharp Claws to Rip, and Slash,Bite,and Tare the flesh off the bones of thier enemy.They have huge toned muscels,and are able to break the necks,and limbs of their enemy.They fight to the Death every time.They are very Fearsome,and a Force to be Reckened with. They can Jump,and Crawl with Stealth when needed. They have Awesome Night- vision too.They also have Acute hearing at Far away Distances,and they can Smell everything at a Faraway Distance as well. The Wolfins have what it takes to get the job done.

Silenci030310: Ok i ask from the pic i was

Ok i ask from the pic i was curious .they all huge thanks for the info

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