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by Chris on September 28th, 2014

The 2 hour video interview that Peggy did back in 2006 has certainly helped open people’s minds to the truth, but since then she has focused predominately on sharing her discoveries through her own websites, so there hasn’t been a lot of new interviews with her. That is until earlier this year when she conducted a radio interview with James Arthur Jancik for the “Feet to the Fire” radio show.

During the interview Peggy shares her most recent discoveries; including the truth about “Planet X”, the involvement of the Pleiadian and Sirian Alliance who have been helping humanity break free from Reptilian control, the true nature of “God”, and the coming freedom that is destined for planet Earth.

Peggy Kane Twards the light interviews

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pasqualie: Peggy is informative

But you have to look at people that make predictions. Even this radio show is from 2011. She says its all over and everything is going to change. Its 2014 now, and from observations just from 2014 it doesnt look like its going in that direction. If what she said was correct, i think we would have seen some changes at least in the 3 years since this radio interview.

She introduces some interesting concepts and information but use discernment. I say that with everyone who makes predictions on the future, because everyone who has made predictions has been wrong.

The one observation i have with Peggy is, she gives the message someone else is coming to save you. I dont know if that is the case. If they were, I think it would have happened by now.

I dont know alot about reverse speech but peggy says it always tells the truth. But if thats the case I think she is being fed bad information or being manipulated. I listen to the interview as well, i hear her voice, and hear fear or apprehension in her voice, and she may be putting a positive spin on her stuff now, because she was doom and gloom before. And lotta people got turned off when her 2006 prediction didnt come true.

Not to criticize her in any way, she is doing what is meant to do. But always use discernment, especially with people who put out predictions about what is going to happen in the future.

And as i said its not directed at peggy because all of em put out predictions, and use fear. Only one that hasnt put out a prediction or used fear, i think is Ester Hicks. Everyone else just impulsing people with fear to sell more stuff or get more followers and attention.

pasqualie: i know peggy is not selling anything

she doesnt even have a website. but saying information like someone is going to come and save you. I believe doesnt serve anyone, in particular because they may stop doing anything. They may stop trying to raise their consciousness and energy, which also impacts mass consciousness as well as the energy level of the planet, thinking its all over. When you look around in the world, it definitely doesnt look like it.

bluesbaby5050: What I heard Peggy say was that the 'prison break' was happening

Because the NET was thinning even more now then before, and that the people caught in the net when they passed over/died, are seeing this happening too. They say that objects are tranparent in most places, and that people can make better contact with people that are still living. She also stated that some people that were imprisoned by the reptilians that had died, are being freed by the Silver Legion when it's possible, and that they are brought aboard mother ships to be healed from the tramatic torture that they had experienced after being captured, and then they are allowed to go on to the higher realms where they belong. Peggy has made quite alot of videos that will play one after another that follow her explanations of all of this. She explains how some people are caught in the lower realms by the reptilians, and the ways that they are tortured, and kept as slaves even after death. All of this is happening 'ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VAIL', and not in this dimension.

bluesbaby5050: It would take a person a few days to listen to Peggy's videos to

Get the complete story of what is going on when some people pass over/die, some people are caught by the reptilians, while others are not. You would have to start at the beginning of her material, and then go though it accordingly, because you can not get the complete picture, and understand what Peggy is talking about unless you do it from the beginning. Starting at just one random link would not be enough, and it would become hard to follow if you do it in this manner. I have taken the time to listen to all Peggy's material, and I was able to follow her without any confusion. It's worth the time. And anyone making predictions should know that time is fluid, and it goes in many pathways according to the mass consiousness of this planet. So this is why the predictions do not come true. You must live in the PRESENT TIME, and this makes the choice of which direction life events will take, and where humanity will stand in the future. All people do is make many predictions in every possible pathway of what COULD happen, and not what will happen in the future. So mankind has every opportunity to change events for the better outcome if they have the highest good in their hearts, and minds for this planet, and for all of humanity.

pasqualie: One note

Well she has common thoughts from some views. She says the veil is thinning as do others. Others say the veil is thinning because the earth is raising in energy frequency. And its been thinning since 2000. Which was indicated with the earth's Schuman resonance rising, when it had been constant for a long time.

I am just saying that last interview was in 2011. Its been 3 years since then and she says things are getting better. I would assume if the reptilians had left on mass, that we would have seen at least some improvements visibly since then. Instead we seeing more murders and people going crazy and wars than ever. If things are clear or improved in the astral, then we should see improvements in the 3 years in this physical plane. There is a congruency issue here is just what I am pointing out.

And I have listened to peggys material. It was interesting in the begining but she even says that reverse speech will be corrupted in time. She also has truth and explanations in there, but always use discernment is what I am saying.

Just from a military point of view also, if you have control, you are not likely to send off your troops on mass elsewhere. I have not seen a reptilian, but from what I have read they are underground, so why would there need to be a reason to leave on mass, even if the net was coming down. Its clear the forces that are against them, they cant come down at eliminate them on mass.

The age old saying of as above so below, its not indicating what she says at least from the view its all done and everything will be better now.

Always use discernment. Unless you hear it from the horses mouth yourself with verification its authentic, just trust in your higher self. In the end the stories and drama draw your attention outward. Never give away your power.

She telling everyone the cavalry coming in and everyone is getting a free ride which in my opinion is dangerous, because one you may put your guard down thinking its over, and two you give away your power. Its apparent, what she has said since the last 3 years since 2011, its all over and everything will be fine doesnt look like it is so. Also everyone getting a free ride negates any personal responsibility.

pasqualie: Her concept also

That Source or God exists in duality, in my opinion up for debate. If what she says is true then the religions are correct in actions and about the nature of God. Peggy is saying source basically exists in 2 point consciousness instead of 1 point consciousness. So the light energy realms are corrupted as well as the physical. So she is implying the physical beings under 10th dimension have higher insight than source, so source needs their help. Also she uses a quote in the radio interviewin she says Man was created in Gods image from the Bible in the context she was refering to. This is actually disinformation and incorrect. The true phrase translated down from Greek and Hebrew, it says man was made in Our image. Its plural in the word that is used our, meaning many and not by one being.

If this is true then there is no point in pursuing unity because the source exists in duality.

Also the reptilians who have been here since the begining of time and never left in stories. I dont think they would just pull up and leave like that. Especially since the opposing forces seem not able or are not allowed to come down and take any direct action. So in my opinion it doesnt make sense from strategic logic. She says we are their entire life, they depend on us for food for their entire civilization. So why would they give up so easily, since she says if they lose us they will have to start eating each other for food and energy. How many children do you think they were able to fit on that ship, if its true for breeding stock, compared to what they were getting on planet earth.


my take on peggy is she was original in the begining, she was telling stuff basically everyone else was saying in her own way.

she got popular, and she got pulled into her own story and fear. when she gave that prediction on what would happen and it didnt. her popularity took a big hit. people started dropping away and questioning her, and even said she was in a sense all doom and gloom and never smiled. so she shut down her website. took a few years off, and recreated herself.

and in 2011 she came out with a more positive outlook based on what she was hearing form people about herself, and a brand new dramatic story in 2011. Problem here was she made a new prediction everything is over, and will start improving and everyone getting a free ride from the forces of good coming in to save the day. You look around this planet, everything seems to be getting worse. And the propaganda fear campaign is in full gear again in the news.

So dont get pulled into this story, always use discernment. People always looking for some white knight to come in and save the day. Its not done externally or intellectually with dramas. Its a personal journey that is experiential and always has been.

Its like the matrix 5 analogy, we are fleas in a jar with the lid on. fleas can jump 1 meter. but because of the lid they have been conditioned they cannot jump high. To get out, you have to realize there is a jar. You have to release the belief you cant jump higher than where the lid was. And you have to get out of the jar yourself. All personal and experiential. Getting out meaing you no longer buy into the polarity and dramas.

And it begins with the hints given in the egyptian mystery school. You have to release all fears, including fear of death, to gain the rite of passage. Stories, dramas, polarity keeps you attached to those fears, because as long as you hang onto it, you cant raise your energy up to go all the way. And no one else can do this for you. Its all personal inner journey and all experiential, and not intellectual.

pasqualie: its the problem with merging new age with ufo

people involved turned it into a money making enterprise, and dropped all the inner journey material and made people focus on the external story and drama.

its not about super powers, or you against the reptilians or other alien races, or someone coming into to save you.

you gotta go inside connect to your higher self, release all your fears and polarity. if you dont, because of the polarity and energy you give off from having fear and polarity, you start attracting things into your life or in the astral. because like attracts like.

bluesbaby5050: I do not, and never have believed that any cavalry/savior

Is coming. Humanity needs to save itself, and going within one's self is the key.The reptilian hybrids are still being used to bring in the NWO, and the reptilians underground are also in this fight too.... and they have not left Earth, and this is plain to see. Clones, and milabs, and many other sources are still being used on a large scale to help with their agenda. But, now most of the military, and the milabs, and others are now realizing what is happening , and some are trying to change things for the better. It will not happen overnight, and I think Peggy knows this too. By the year 2017 the higher vibrational humans will be locked in to the higher frequencies of Earth's conciousness, and living in a higher vibrational level on the new Earth. Those that are awake, and have done their inner work, and self clearing will be along with this new Earth, or move on into higher the realms though the passage of death of the physical body. Those that want to still experience the 3d life, and evolve at a slower rate will move onto a different planet in this universe. This planet already exists for this purpose. And for those that are still in the lower negative, war like frequencies they will stay on this Earth, and experience the wars, and the NWO. The awakened people of the mass consciousness will be living in the higher frequencies, and this will also lock all of us in our slots of our own doing, and choices. I think I made my opinion, and view points clear in my above thread. Thanks for the feedback.

pasqualie: i dont think anyone really knows what is going to happen

Its all theory, and yet to happen. different versions of what will happen. one being what you mentioned. another being as the earth raises it frequency those who are not in alignment. well they wont be killed or taken away. if you are in polarity based on actions and thoughts, or based on trauma on earth and your frequency is not in alignment. you just wont be able to pass on your genes, and you will age and pass on. what happens after is up for debate, whether they are taken to another place where polarity exists to work out things there with other people with same issues, or they go to stardust as some are saying.

pasqualie: As well

The issue is what peggy said, she has done what people in religion have been doing for thousands of years. In the radio interview, and you dont need to listen to her previous interviews to understand what she said in the last interview in 2011. She basically did what is known as anthropocentrism. Give something the attributes you have. So she basically said source is corrupted, and views things as humans do, and views things in human perspective. Which I do not think is true. To be honest I think she was just saying things on the fly, like saying like in the bible God made man in his image. Thats why i think its disinformation, she is saying Source exists in duality or two point consciousness. The ramification of that statement if it is true is huge. It essentially means there is no point in raising your consciousness if source is corrupted. Its why I am pointing it out, because its not the story or the drama she is telling that is key or important, it may or may not have happened. That story is just shock jock stuff. She has been saying things that shock for a while from being raped by reptilians when she sleeps, to the underworld where children are raped until they die from it. Do you not see the polarity she is using, good and bad, hell and heaven, cosmic drama of sides and opposing forces, even within source the existence of polarity. And that source needs the help of humans to work out its own duality, and its why we volunteered to be here to do that? As well as in the interview she herself existing in polarity by in a way seeking the approval of the interviewer and the audience saying she couldnt have made a story like this up on her own. Wanting approval, control, safety is all polarity because it is lack and judgment, which puts you in separation from yourself, others, the universe and source.

pasqualie: correction on the term used above

not anthropocentrism, but anthropomorphism. which means personification of the human form or attributes to anything that is not human. Such as thinking and feeling and viewing things as humans do.

If I were God and someone said i had the attributes of human thinking, emotions and behaviour, I would be insulted.

pasqualie: Everyone is free to believe what they wish also

I am not telling you not to listen to Peggy, I am just pointing out stuff other than the story she tells. Most dont listen to what she says with a discerning mind, and just get caught up in the fantastic story she is telling. And I just question everything in general to filter out stuff, because there is alot of disinformation out there.

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