Peace to all Mankind

by edisonik on December 30th, 2011

Peace will be , Harmony and Free Will.
This is the way of Lord of Hosts, Lord Aya, your Creator Kod.
Such is the Way of an Engi Geneticist Master of Sirius.

Look at the Majesty of Earth and the Beauty within it's Atmosphere. These Gifts will not be misused by Greedy and Corrupt Men nor will it be squandered by Reptilians.

This is a promise.

Eat well, make Love and always help one another.


Tarheel: I want to put together an Organizational Chart !

I want to put together an Organizatuional Chart. I will need the input of Edisonik, Annunaki77 , BluesBaby5050 and others.

Can you help me? I want to help others to understand Truth Control better. I think it will help bring Souls for us to shepard.

I would like to seperate the good from the bad, the friends from the foe...and I would like to start with the bllodlines and go as far back as anyone has knowledge of...and bring it forward so people here will klnow their background. This came to me as I was reading the translation of The Sumerian tablets. I was looking at Lord Enki's crossover to Earthling mates that lead to well...thats what I want to write.

I wonder, how far back do we know? Who was the first that we have knowledge of? I used to think it was Adam and Eve, but I now know that Enki brought forth Adapa and Titi.

Can The Great Falcon Master Eisonik and Annunaki77 help me get this started. I will take the information thru email.

Is this even possible?

Quinton: I do think this would be a

I do think this would be a very helpful thing. Maybe if we were to build some type of open genealogy platform where everyone can contribute and source where their item is coming from. This would help to clear up a lot of confusion with not just dates but also names.

I would be willing to develop some type of scalable platform that allows for names, dates and sources to be put in place. I've always wanted to do something similar to this myself. This could also be used to illustrate the power structure and the relationship between various organizations.

I think a good way to go about it would be to have some type of platform where everyone can contribute and it will show who contributed what and who agrees on what. I am pretty sure I could develop something like this fairly easily and add it to the site as some type of page.

Annunaki77: You are special Tarheel

But you cannot force people to take in information , they must decide on their own.
Free Will remember Free Will. If they search for truth guide them here.

Chris: hey kanesh

you said there are pleadians living among us you said the pleadians are protecting me i keep seeing orb,s in the sky a night follow me where ever i go and i get the feeling somtimes someone is wacthing me.

Annunaki77: Yes they are following you

But that is a good thing. These Orbs are there to keep the Peace.
They have been known to deactivate Missiles which cause major harm on humanity.

Chris: mavlevolent et and and benovolent et war update

hey kenesh are the reptilians and greys defeated yet the andromedan council destroyed all there underground bases when will the negative et,s be defeated also are the reptilians getting renforcements .

Annunaki77: Oh Chris dear Chris

Yes the Reptiles have been relocated but the Illuminati Hybreds are still here.
They run the IMF Bank, the United Nations, and some Governments.
They want Chaos and the only way they will get chaos is through Fear my Son.
You must not give them what they want for when Mankind conquors their Fears they will be free.

Be Strong and be Positive always.

Phaminator: I think the start of the

I think the start of the chart would be the problems/quarreling during the days of King Anu from Sirius A or B.

three: It is a brilliant idea, Tarheel Cowboy

I agree with Annunaki77 who says:

"But you cannot force people to take in information , they must decide on their own.
Free Will remember Free Will. If they search for truth guide them here."

But, it would make a most excellent resource for everybody.

Quinton, I would very much like to see this please.

Tarheel: I dont mean to force the info,.Wise Anu77 !

What I am talking about is a Family Tree Organizational Chart so that people arent confused about genealogy. It would start at the beginning (as we know it) and go as far as we know to take it. For instance, I would say we could start with King Anu(or his parents or go back as far as we know we can) and go as far as we can take it. Obviously, we wouldnt have every link, but Im talking about a guideline for us to understand WHERE WE CAME FROM.

Quinton, I would like to see this. Do we understand each other? I think a lot of people would like to see this as well. It would help clear up some of the confusion.

Quinton: I think we understand each

I think we understand each other. It would be interesting too as this genealogy would go beyond just this planet. It would provide information about the planet, gender (if any), whether it was an organic birth and things of this nature as well. And it would be nice to see how Adam and Eve fit in and all this. Is this kind of what you are talking about?

It would be pretty interesting because I think there are a lot of different dynamics going on here. For instance I think we are dealing with groups from various star nations mixing DNA with previously evolved indigenous Earth humans. And it would be also interesting to see where some of these original hybrid bloodlines are today. This would be a fairly large undertaking but I think it would be very valuable and beneficial.

Tarheel: Exactly!

It is exactly what I am talking about. I am studying the Sumerian tablets, on the behest of Wise Anu77. The tablets have King Anu as the father of Enlil and Enki. In other words, according to The Sumerian tablets, King Anu is where it all started. If it goes back further, SURE...I would LOVE to see that. But I would think that it starts at king Anu(unless I am wrong and if I am-PLEASE correct me). If it starts at King Anui,. then goes to Enki, then Enki impregnates 2 girls(names to follow) which kicks off humanity.

In other words, I would like to go as far back as possible and come as far forward as we can . It would help a lot of people understand.

Quinton: Oh also... I think this same

Oh also... I think this same platform could be used to show the power structure as well. It would be nice to use this same type of platform to show how organizations and families tie into power.

Tarheel: That's it, Quinton!

That would help the masses.

Thank You for your input. Tell me how, and If you want me to head this up, or if you want to do it-as you are webmaster, correct? I dont mean to dump on you.

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