by edisonik on August 5th, 2012

Delicous Pasta. The Lemurians ( Asians ) Invented Pasta, and then the Atlantians ( Europeans ) brought Pasta back to Europe.

Pasta is Delicious.


Earthly Food is Delicious.


HebrianDaniel: oh yeah? try to taste our

oh yeah? try to taste our falafels and Humus you will love it! :P

Phaminator: Food

I heard both falafels and humus are delicious but I never ate them before... i might go around town and buy one some other time.

bluesbaby5050: Hey Wmarkley---

How's it going? We haven't seen you here for a while,and Ecbra has asked about you.Inx.

Ecbra de Oaoj: and Harley...


wmarkley: Hello

I have been busy with family stuff, visiting with my new grandson, and hanging with my parents, I am enjoying as much time with them as i can, i dont want to put myself into a position of regretting, we must spend as much time with our loved ones as we can, strengthen the bonds of family and friends because when they are gone, you dont want to regret anything. we are in the calm before the storm. we must take this time to make ammends, and bring peace back into our hearts. Many citizens have taken an oath when we entered the armed forces, that oath is life binding and doesnt end with our tour of duty, Many citizens are prepared to honor our oath to protect, to serve, and to defend the constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic, we all know that our enemies are domestic, we also know that obama is up to something, the word on the street is that he will try to start a race war by staging a botched assasination attempt. its pretty low when someone plays the race card anymore, i would like to think that we as a people of earth, have out grown the race senario for a reason to hate. WE are one family, the color of ones skin should never be a reason to judge. WE of earth have a common goal, regardless of color, everyone has the GOD given right to FREEDOM, and it is comming, a planetary liberation of earths people is comming fast, WE will do this ourselves, with no help from anyone else, it has to be this way because of the law of free will. I dont care what color you are, i got your back, and i pray that you got mine. When we stand together we are unstopable, our enemies dont stand a chance of victory, when we are divided we dont have a prayer. Divided, we will always be slaves to someone elses cause. We must respect eachothers differences no matter what they are, because we are one family. Science has already proved that when they traced the human DNA to ONE woman. ALL of humanity is ONE family, and it is about time that WE act like it. WE were created to be a slave race, and we are. Now it is time to put our slave masters down and assume our rightful place in the Galactic community, but we must do this ourselves, for ourselves to get the respect of our Galactic family who is waiting for us to get it done. If we wait for a savier, they will come, and we will remain slaves to our savier. That is why we must do this ourselves, WE must be our own Savier. Only then will WE have true FREEDOM!

bluesbaby5050: This is very well spoken---

You are very right Wmarkley,as the American people are ready for anything now. I myself would NOT be surprized if Obama played this racial card out to EVEN FAKE HIS OWN DEATH TOO! How about that people!?? He is now in this too far to back out now,and this would be a good way to run off,and hide somewheres,like a coward,of many cowards at the top!

wmarkley: ears

He cant hide nowhere, those ears can be seen a mile away, lol

bluesbaby5050: Hahahaha okkkk----

As if! I know what you really look like,as you showed me.Your nothing like this.

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