Part 2-Beginning of new week

by Tarheel on February 3rd, 2014

I omitted part 2 so here it is:

The weather was actually quite nice Sat & Sun (60 degrees +/- and Sunny), but torrential rain and cooling came in at some juncture in the middle of last night. As I made my way into town, I came up behind a tractor/trailer carrying a load of chickens (alive) in crates- and traveling quite fast (I thought)

NOW, it is dumping rain and even worse it was 40 degrees and this guy is going 55 (I clocked him). My heart was in my throat for a semi-load of living animals freezing their butts off in the pouring rain. My eyes teared up and I grew angry, realizing there wasn't a thing I could do to stop this atrocity. It was a most helpless feeling and it makes me sick to my stomach and mad.

So, if you sense frustration in my verbage, you now know why. I had tried to forget it but I cannot.

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UN.i1-PHI: reminds me

of the rolling cows
the cows seems ok but its sad... alteast that didnt happen to those chickens aswell right...?

Tarheel: It was a nightmare that I re-live frequently.

I would not wish it on anyone.

I went from partially witnessing an animal's birth (cool in my opinion) to witnessing a HORRIFIC act/atrocity and all I can seem to think about now is the horrific act. It is a helpless, naked feeling.

UN.i1-PHI: poor animals :(

oh i take back those last words, if the truck would crash the chickens would probably have escaped and fly away(if not ran over cars),atleast the chance to do that.., i mean who's gonna be able to catch em chickens back lol:P
but even if they escape where can they go/live/eat from the road into the surroundings..?

yes tarheel your right animal slavery/cruelty/torture is an horrible abomination and they're the one suffering most from this, but lucky people have some compassion, understanding and feel with them and understand this is not right at all and must be stopped also!

moonsstarr923: to TAM's sorrowful story

A black rose is just a pretty as a red one. Like hope afloat on quicksand, , , I'll try to stay above the waters of your sorrowful story...

Tarheel: Good idea since you misinterpret most that I say

You're reading into it what isn't there.

People here know me and you do not or you wouldn't say that.

Quaesitor: Smartphone?

TAM if you see that and can manage to video/get pics//find out who owns the chickens or what processing plant they are going to, post it. Get it out there. Tell your friends and family. Get on and start a petition to change the laws. Send a vid to your local animal welfare groups. Send it anonymously to a local tv station. You are not helpless! You CAN help! I am sorry you had to be there to see it and it made you sad. :(
You know the saying, you can be the change.

Tarheel: Thank You to those who understand my intent w/ the post

I was literally sick to my stomach. I followed the truck and it was unlabeled, and the sick mf who was driving it was in too much of a hurry to get wherever he was going. I wanted to pass him and stop in the middle of the road so he would have to stop, but I was so pissed off I probably would have punched his lights out. I was too emotional. There has to be some sort of rules about that.

My God what a nightmare. I have re-lived over and over since it happened.

Tarheel: I was in shock.

I'll try to be more proactive from here fwd.

A couple of people have forgotten that I feed/care for 2 abandoned cats I'm allergic to, and that I was willing to put my arm in a Cow to help birth it (part 1 of the 2 part series posted, and NO, I have NOT taken any Bovine Lamaze classes) , and that I spearheaded a puppy mill bust.

I'm a friend of animalia. Most people here know my heart.

bluesbaby5050: That's Right Tarheel.........

I Do Remember all of that very well. I was one of the very first you had informed of the Puppy Mill. Tar had even Adopted one of them. I even have pictures of 2 of his small dogs. I know your heart Tar, and your fine with me :)

Tarheel: Thanks BB.

I'm glad someone remembers that Im a friend of animals. Both of my small pups came from there. I went there to get 1 and got 2. They specialized in Yorkies and had 1 Maltese/Toy mix that was obviously overlooked and unloved/uncared for. He had this "PLEASE get me TF outta here" look, and I thought the Yorkie could use a pal so soft-hearted Tar carried 2 home.

Remember, they both had kennel cough. NIGHTMARE ! And you know if my 2 had it that the other 100+ they had in that stupid metal building had it too. God, it makes me sick to relive that nightmare .

The WIN in this is they were put outta business and run outta town by Yours Truly. No, not on my watch, mofos. I get sick to my stomach every time I think of it. Plus, I am still dealing with the emotional scars they inflicted upon the Maltepoo. My Labs and the Yorkie have helped me with him. He knows he is loved and just as important as any of them now.

Yes, Tar runs a pseudo monastery- Tar and 4 male pups. (joking)

Quaesitor: Im sorry TAM

I can't really imagine. Where I live the trucks of death aren't to be seen. I keep chickens, and I would hate to think of my precious feathered friends in that state. :(

Quaesitor: I admit

Living in the west we don't see the trucks. Most of the large scale processing seems to be done in the east. I was horrified when I drove through AR and saw my first Tyson truck of death, all the horribly smashed and unhealthy Leghorns stacked on each other...yeah, I hear you. :(

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