by edisonik on August 6th, 2013

The New Movie Pacific Rim 2013 was very Informative about the Pacific Ocean. It seems once again that someone in Hollywood knows about the Deep Sea Underwater Bases of the Draco Reptilians that have now been destroyed by the Falcon Clans.

These Reptilian Underwater Portals and Reptilian Bases were in the Pacific Ocean as well as in Locations within the United States undersground. So you can see the Creative spin in this Movie regarding the Large Reptilian Creatures coming in to destroy Humanity and how Humanity United together to Create Super Robots to Defend Humanity.

So this Movie is not so Science Fiction but is Science Fact. The Giant Robots can be creativity but with all the Ultra Black Projects going on. This Titans could be Real.

Enjoy the Trailer folks.

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xamo1: "Large Reptilian Creatures coming in to destroy Humanity"

An enemy or rebellious subject serves no purpose if executed. But if the brain was re-programmed, resistance was eliminated and an able body was added to the labor force then it make sense to concur any world..

The REAL purpose for invasion:Those forces intends to join with their fifth column forces on and under planet Earth [Kamagol-II cult and its extensions at Pine Gap Australia and Dulce/Los Alamos New Mexico] to enforce the New World Order's electronic "assimilation" of the planet into the Draco-Orion "Hive", into which much of the Ashtar collective itself has since been assimilated.
The purpose is so that planet Earth and its unique animal, vegetable, chemical, liquid, mineral, genetic metagene, energy, and electromagnetic resources, along with time-space vortex gates above and below ground can be assimilated, so that planet Earth can be used as a staging base to attack the enemies of the "Hive" on other worlds, as well as in other dimensions.


Electronic space societies conditioned to war and destruction found a better way to win conflicts. Wars for territories became wars for the control of minds and entities, since it was learned that massive destruction is counterproductive.
Orion entities [several species of Greys and the Reptilians]...began an epoch of conquest and domination.
Occasionally, invaders would arrive on a planet targeted for colonization only to discover the presence of a primitive culture that had the potential of having tremendous psionic ability. Sometimes they would find their paths blocked by disembodied [other-dimensional] entities. They would employ electronic and psionic crystal-based weapons to drive away local denizens...

Since the original purpose was the conquest of the physical universe [which implies control of mind and mass-consciousness] it became necessary to create a more equitable system of prediction and control. The practice of implanting came into being as a method of population control. It was and always has been a political expediency...
Occasionally, a faction which opposes the invaders appears on one of the planets the Orion entities have taken over, in order to free the prisoners. They do this by giving them the technology or information which would make them free beings again. This creates a certain amount of instability in the un-stable and un-natural system which has been imposed on the planetary population. This is what is happening on Earth in 1990..

Quote from Wingmakers -
"Your planet is of interest to an extraterrestrial species that you are not aware of at this time. It is a species more advanced and more dangerous than your average citizen can imagine. If humankind is destined to be the stewards of this genetic library called earth, which we so carefully cultivated and exported to this galaxy, then it will need to defend itself from this predator race."

Tarheel: Fear NOT, scared one.

Dude, spread your FEAR elsewhere. We're hip to your gig.
And SIT DOWN, will ya? You're stealing my sunshine.
I'm here for a good time and some Vitamin D.

Fear Breaker-
This is as pop as you'll ever see me post. I had to break the mood.

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