Ourselves are the only ones who can step Higher

everyone of us has Level of Circles of Reality.
the first circle is Called "Comfort Zone" in this circle we feel at home havin easy life we dont want to do hard things dont like challange we tend to be more lazy.
we let our fears control ourselves .

Comfort zone: http://blog.crew.co/getting-out-of-your-comfort-zone-why-its-hard-and-wh...
comfort zone is like bird cage a 4 walls blocking your mind and eyes.

the only way to get out of it. is to start with first step beyond your comfort zone.
and you step out your comfort zone you go outside and see a new world open to your eyes.
and then the changes can be so drastic that you will find yourself 1day influencing many people
or maybe even the world itself.

i myself these days trying to get out of my comfort zone say no to computer playing.
and start living for real yes LIVING.
out of my self cage i created since childhood because its was warm and comfort place
like inside your mother womb.
but in the end you go out of th womb and born into new world new reality.

have you got the bravery to get out of your comfort zone?
changes always happens.
but to make changes we have to changes ourselves.
we are used to dailiy activities.
to wake up go to job going home from job eat watch a TV show taking care of your childs.
you live this life and you say to yourself that yo ugive up your dreams because you used to this lives

say NO! dont let it happen dont let make it happen bealive and do the steps.
you can create wonders.

many people are slaves to their fears but some who overcome themselves contributed to the humanity alot.

Archimedes De vinci Tesla Einstein.
Alexander. Sideharta Yeshoa Muhammad Zarathusra Hammurabi.
these people contributed to the world lots.
so what makes you difference than them? NOTHING there is no difference
you special by yourself and you can use your potential to create many things in your life
and other people life.

so dont be sad dont have fears.
your not alone .
you have family you have friends there always people near you.

never Give UP.


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