Oscar Pistorious

by Tim Lovell on September 14th, 2014

The Oscar Pistriouis Trial

It comes to an end...

did he kill his beautiful girlfriend?


I think yes tbh...
but that's just me...

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Tim Lovell: I am sorry this is my opinion

I am sorry this is my opinion,

but he surley did it,


Tim Lovell: not because he though there

not because he though there was an intruder,

but because he is a hot head with a gun AND he had an

heated argument with Reaver and then he shot her DEAD

I am sry but this is what I belive to be the truth of the situation...


pasqualie: I think he was mind controlled.

Sad to say it but alot of celebs or famous people are. Probably south african mk ultra victim.

He got triggered and he did something. Just like britney spears went wacko after remembering what was done to her, and she shaved her head symbolically to say dont touch me, leave me alone.

So far chapelle one of the only ones to escape the hollywood illuminati.

Tim Lovell: hmm might make sense I mean

hmm might make sense I mean why he does it? he is a world famous man with a goddess of a GF , it just dosent make sense ...sigh

pasqualie: if you look at youtube videos on victims

they either remember and go crazy like britney spears, who remembered what happen to her, and she symbolically shaved her head saying dont touch me.

or someone triggered him to kill his gf. why i dont know, maybe she found out stuff and was going to tell people.

from what i have heard they apply trauma to these people to fracture their personality so their mind becomes like a honey comb. and from there they can program in different identities and compartmentalize them, and also mask them from remembering unless certain trigger words are used. but apparently mid 20's to 30's this breaks down and they start recalling what has been done to them. cia was doing this research on people unknowingly in the 60's and 70's but when they were called to congress to find out what mk ultra and monarch were about, the director ordered all the data destroyed before they were brought before congress. This is documented, its just what was done and for what reason is unknown because they destroyed the data.

there is alot of stuff about it, what is fact is hard to determine so you have to listen to people and just compare.

there is a few things about hollywood also about the famous people. one came out and said it, some actress named tila tequila. she says you are given a choice, they tell you they can make you rich and famous. but you have to do a ritual.

if you cross reference some of the stuff its interesting lucas of star wars and even the star gate movie, credo mutwa the zulu shaman says some of the creations like darth maul, and the cream coloured reptile in stargate 2 are exactly how those casts of reptilians look. so he says no imagination can create them exactly like that with looks and colour. so they are getting information from some one or somewhere.

just look at hollywood, how many movies of aliens and mind controlled soldiers are there out year after year for a few years now. they are conditioning the population to accept it.

the theory being they want to eventually chip every person and kids from birth. and through technology they have they can control them. because now they can remove or put in good or bad memories with energy frequency in mice, so you have feelings attached to things. they said they wouldnt do it to humans because its unethical, but we all know how ethical the government is. They probably bombarding people from satellites right now, reason why we see spikes in violence in public this last year. Also the increase in public or celebrity suicides. My guess is they are testing stuff to see how triggering works in people.

Why chip people, well then they can create something like a hive mind, where people are controlled and like drones in a behive. Although they can do it to a certain extent now also, i think neural chips probably more effective.

bluesbaby5050: The chip is so tiny that it looks like a dot.........

At the end of a sentence. And all they have to do in put it in any fast foods, or sweet pastries, or sodas or anything good that people love to eat, and yes it's that easy. All soldiers have them and that's routine. No way to get around that. So my guess is that we have been already. Just some chips do not work in the higher range frequencies of some humans. And they know this. But, it's too late for them, because some of us are too advanced already, and that's WHY they fear us! It's the 100th monkey, and it's out running wld in humanities favor!

bluesbaby5050: The new vaccines that people are allowing them selves......

And their under aged children to receive will work against the adult that has not prepared his bodies . and they will be affected, but not the new children that are now being born. They have already been upgraded, and are not affected by the chips, and many other things, such as the poison in the foods, and in the water, and in the air. And their minds are very strong, and advanced, and resistant. And we mulitply fast, and this is another advantage that we have. So let's make lot's of love, and make plenty of peace, because we have already won. Love Unites Humanity, and with this We Will Have Peace.

pasqualie: i think thats why

They are building a new and larger super particle collider in Japan. They have one shot to disrupt the energy of the earth by building this before 2016 I hear. The first hadron collider in switzerland was too small and build too late, and it was also sabotaged i heard. They using 25 billion of government black ops money to build this, your tax payer dollars. And they already found the boson or god particle so the need to build a larger one bears suspicion.

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