hello.first of all, i would like to thank you for your website with this plentitude of information and sharing it.

i cannot get my head around the following: if we all are of et origins, why have we come here? it this all about a piece of land called earth?
what i mean is that we are here to raise the frequencies back into love, but if we all used to be of higher dimensional beings, why are we here to play a spiritual fight between reptials and the rest of the universe? who are the humans whom et souls are here to help out?

also, i would like to know a lot more about orion souls, beyond the generalisations. are they all bad???? there alre plenty of planets in that system.

i am asking this latter,in short, because i saw my body as a huge kind of floating butterfly-kind of being (can shape/sizeshift), some connections with the jackal-headed people, and i wish to find answers,sincerely.these days my 'mind/eyes' were even playing with me, noticing a pinkish upside down raindrop shape leading down to my nose, while the rest of my face was in yellow gold.

could you please help me understand the above.

thank you.

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butterfly: orion

wow,thanks for your comments!!! i think the same about good/overcome the bad. i also feel awkward about the tagging polarisation of blabk/white, good/evil, thus hard to express myself correctly and still avoiding correcting my generalisations ;-) catch 22

i have always known that i am an alien of a non-humanoid form, kept staring into the morror with a great surprise that who's this. i have kept thinking ou of box, have shocked a good few.... but still i have had the 'idea' of asking my true form in a meditation dates back a few months only. i may not come from orion, but seemingly i have some connections from there and seemingly i was guarding the jackal - headed people on a small planet, or small compared to my size. it was like a prison planet and i was invisible to them and about twice or 3 times bigger.

anyhow recently my 'rebellion' side has been reinforced a lot, letting people around me know more what i think, to a lot greater extent, even though i had been doing this for a good while.

i do believe that we cannot blame reptilians for all. what i mean is that there are quite a few out there, realising, overcoming, so this means that this is POSSIBLE

i think it is easy to find and fight against an external enemy, instead of looking inside. surely they appear there too, but those times, when i was not aware of these guys, i was fighting against myself for sudden and unexplainable feats of anger, etc. i was blaiming myself and not the neighbour. i had to learn how to make myself independent of others' actions, still practicing, but if we are in a bad mood we can make a mountain of a molehill. so it is our subjective perception, thus magnifying the objective reality. -if this exists...

also, most 'people' -if this general category exists'- do need darkness to wish for the light. most need suffering so that they wish for and APPRECIATE peace and harmony. sad psychological theory, tom sawyer effect, that something is perceived more valuable if they need to pay for it.
extremely sad.

i just wish for happiness and peace and love and harmony for all.

i also believe that that there are enough resources on earth. just think of the unsold cars, empty buildings, waiting for reconstruction/demolition for years.... we do have enough of everything BUT
-if foodstores would give the 'about to expire' foods to poor people, they would lose profits, other buyers would probably protest that they also needed to pay, so why would others get it for free
-who is poor? everyone can get more, so everyone is poor ;-)
-if i said, i give 1 apple for usd 1 for everyone, this would be unfair as people in india, ireland, usa , etc do not earn the same... some people live from usd 300 per month. or less
-ok, i say then, you give me 1% of your salary for 1 apple, but then you/average Joe would say that actually he is just earning usd10 per month, so it is very expensive to his fixed expenses
-so i say 1% of your spending money, possibly i would hear, yes but actually i need to finance my son's university, my mini-van's expensive insurance, etc...
-so it would be about cheating and abusing

-people like believing they are superior: blue collar/while collar. still, without cleaning ladies, etc we would have the plague..so, why to talk to them badly? or crate more mess for them than necessary by not even doing the minimum? everyone has their own place, we are equal, with different mission.

-we do have enough but we keep thinking of money. we could exist without!!!!
everyone would take what they need, when they need
-surely a honest and loving personality is a prerequisite
-noone would panic to stock up 100kgs of sugar/flour, etc for times of 'war', if they knew it is and will be there, readily available
-it is not logic that one needs 10 houses, 10 cars, etc -generally speaking
-we could have free holidays just by exchanging, but people are afraid as the other one would steal, spoil, search their homes, instead of politely enjoying their stay...
-it would be on a needs basis, not a direct a-b, b-a exchange but anyone with anyone else as it would be everyone's turn at a given time...
-we put everything in a big hat and we take when we need it
-obviously we would work for free, for the pleasure of helping others, say 5 hours a day, but a lot less, imagine the amount of work, which is meaningless, say: the job of extracting fluoride and adding it to the drinking water - calcifies the 3rd eye!
-or wastewater, etc.. we would need to be more attentive....
-we would eat fresh food, as we had the time to prepare them and share with others (less added ingredients, if any)
-i mean sharing - not gossiping about the lady who is wearing a pink dress with orange shoes and a red bag... i mean not joking about others' expense....

we can blaim the reptilians for wtc 9/11 but not for not having enough compassion at everyday level, not for not even trying and then saying it is ok because i was born with the original sin but jesus is my saviour, so it is enough to believe this and go to the church and thus i can do as before

sorry, i respect everone's feelings and belief systems, just to me being religious is not a good reason for having myself excused. obviously there are lots of great belivers of all religions, and i do love those big masters of jesus, buddha, etc, just what i am saying that we need to PRACTIVE with our acts, not just with our mouths.

to me it is more important to spak to a person in need/attention thenn showing up in the church for my own salvation. i cannot go there and leave others behind sad, feeling on their own.

you can always see shots on tv that if someone falls, people just walk by. if there is a terrorist -looking guy with a gun in a heavy traffic, once it took 5 full minutes so that someone would call the police.... ignorance.... we do need to stand by each other, be loyal and loving with each other. we can change the world for the better.

maybe not everyone will ascend/change/whatever, but i keep insisiting on their presence, we can never underestimate anyone.

once i read a story about buddha. he let in a criminal who has been a criminal over and over many many incarnations. buddha's mates did not understand his decision. b. said : this criminal is a lot more motivated than those being good because he really experienced the desire to live the enlightement and he advanced very quickly...

no matter what everyone thinks, i still hope you agree, that i say a prayer for all, including reptilians, because to me they have been created out of the need to experience light. god must have known what it did. i have faith in it and also that if we are all ready they can turn good as noone needed their negativity for learning and practising purposes. they would be free of their mission too.

please, if you have better ideas, or different, please discuss. we can learn from each other. we are all the fingers of god to put our individual knowledge together and create something lovingly happy, together, for each other.

butterfly: betonising

i dislike our buildings too, the 'betonising' effect, these last months this is strengthening in me sooo much. the land is not harmoneous, so unnatural. maybe haarps have something to do with this.

i do not know what you think, but i find our nature colourless. as if even a decade ago the colours would have been more vivid. kind of pale coulours, harsh bulidings, even in nature, unhappy lands, not all, but many. i cannot explain this impression. how do you feel about this?

butterfly: ACCIDENTAL discovery ;-)

you see, i love this site A LOT.
i had been feeling kind of isolated by not having enough contact with truly poisitive vibrational 'humans', was asking for HIGHLY RESONATING 'family' in the NOW, and then i typed in a question for google and then 'purely accidentally' ;-) arrived to this site.
i am elated, really

butterfly: BF

yes, we have the same 'sense' of accident. most of the times, i have these 'accidents', i know they are not, i live my everydays on that basis. say, i need to talk to people, i can't even explain why, sometimes i cannot resist saying things , even know i feel they will make a note on this, pleasant or not. i guess something you remarked for me - fly high, butterfly -. youmust do this. surely we can say no, but i feel that would be wrong, so i just let myself guided, and in my worst moments i explain myself, that no matter what i could not have been so stupid to get myself into a too serious trouble, so i will be 'saved', given a better path, when it is THE time, the end of my mission. i keep doing things in an irrational but 'timed' and 'programmed way.
it feels like i a, mot even real, and move with the universe, when portals of time or portals of change open, i move.
i guess you have the same, do you?

i love your sense of humour! i can understand BF in many ways and makes sense in many ways, even as BeeF ;-)
i am not sure which you meant, but i am loughing around! :D

i have read a few commenst by edisonic, unfortunately a few videos are in space, but i guess the info is already in the air, so we all can 'channel' this. i idslike this word, but is a catchphrase.

when in situations of stress and dispair, i was speaking 'language of light' , i did not know what that was, so i though i am getting mad, i was also singing weird songs, but i was feeling a lot better afterward. now this is taken as a talent, for me, natural, that we all have access to the KNOWLEGDE. we arrange this....

actually this webiste was on the 1st or top second page of my search ... :-)

i rather keep it for you, so if you can get my email address or you tell me how to tell you in private, as you suggested, i am sharing happily, then you decide if we can publish this.

i would be very curious of your ways of info collection. :-)

ShockRah Zulu: Skyrim :D

Dovahkiin, your Thu'Um is strong

butterfly: orion

i would not have killed the dragon neither....
he is so ugly that he becomes beautiful
what can poor dragon do? he has turned to his best, then he lets himself killed because he has stopped doing harm for others...
the hunter is driven by revenge and being in the power....
hard for me to face cruelty
-i may be a bit, just a little bit, oversensitive :-)
i think that killing even in a game is harmful to the spirit
but i do like his phylosophy.
i have not yet played any games of this kind since my childhood -on outdated versions- but thanks for sharing, i loved the first video a lot :-)

HebrianDaniel: Fus Ro DAH!!!

Fus Ro DAH!!!

UN.i1-PHI: haha

Skyrim - Kill Paarthurnax? FUS RO DAH!
frecking esbern/blades dragonslayers wanna slay em all!, *racists! ;p

butterfly: easy job :-)

oh, i love reading you, this makes me happy, it's like having the same mindset, drawing+making vivid this picture together, kind of i have the sketch in my mind and then you help me colour it and feel the smell and tastes of those fresh berries. jumping in that reality...

what do you think about the best way to realise this? i mean there are protests, etc in brazil, used to be in the arabic regions, but not much change. how can we be the most efficient?

can i ask you about your connections with the orion system please?

butterfly: efficenncy

thank you, i need to reread your lines to make the most of it, i love this way. ;-) let it be!

butterfly: efficenncy

practising, with more and more devotedness, belief and of course LOVE :-)

Terran resistance: orion
butterfly: orion flags

very interseting pararell, indeed!!!! i just looked up all the counties with flags of these colours. the dominican republic and nepal are also on the list. do you think that the above applies to all countries, or 'just' those you've shown above? also, do you think that other pararells can be drawn up for other combinations of coulors?

ShockRah Zulu: Parallels can be found

Parallels can be found everywhere.. TR can find connections between anything and any ET race/Secret Society/Etc.. tis a gift really

butterfly: parallels

that's sure!!!! i will do my best to learn from him, too
good night & lots of light to you all :-)

Terran resistance: its possible

its possible that the colors represent the trinity, but i have tested this idea, and it doesnt quite fit the pattern.

the other countries you mentioned may or may not be a coincidence that they share the same colors as the red, white and blue.

butterfly: flags

i was thinking that spanish is the world language... ahead of english. is there a way i can research this, i would we very interested in spain and pure red and white flags.

Terran resistance: the spanish flag

the spanish flag is red and yellow.
the spanish flag has three fleur de lis' on it which symbolically represent Orions belt.
and a lion which etymologically comes from the word orion (think of the sphinx and giza pyramids built to orions belt).

butterfly: spanish flag

thank you, indeed. you're really gifted!
does this come all automatically to you or have you learnt this or came along as you advanced on ypur path, if i may ask?

Terran resistance: taken years to learn.

taken years to learn.

butterfly: years

thank you for sharing

Terran resistance: for example

the spanish flag has three flowers on it right?
what connects that to orion?

the god anu carries the fleur de lis flower and he represents Orion.

butterfly: direction

this is impressive, really. you're showing me a new direction of studies.... :-) a field i was told to be just stupid tales, as a kid, by teachers.....
those dancing human symbols are also surprising. before i was just thinking that they are innocent drawings...
i need to check but i think having seen these/similar from australian aboriginals too. as their flag indicates.
i am wondering, after all these, if any country on earth was actually formed out of love and good intentions.....

Ecbra de Oaoj: ...

duality will increase if you feel; need. to choose. any side.
flags and names will appear to shine in mind; calling atention and asking; fight for me.

but not are licit to us dead for any cause.
when we swin in duality is to increase balance; when it happen
we return to road and infinity.

so; believe in intuition. govern your self. Jesus or any Profet was to offer blood;
Crist and all Krisnas and Budhas bring Love; not claimed blood. and they are Masters of Wisdon in True.

Descover your inner you; belive is possible be more than a Human, our Soul in this Eternal Ocean; We Are One, drops moving in this waves caming and going.

Peace; Harmony. Love. Life. Abundance, Prosperity. Good Troughts; Forgiveness. Solidariety. when

duality; shout to you, choose! fight! follow my name, my flag, my... ship. cause. my govern. etc.

remember: you are the choosed if you choose you to serv Love.


Edisonik, Anu77, Quinton, Tarheel, Bluesbabe, Terranresistance, Aya Shin Tara, and many others in this forum, thank you for your presence and lessons, please continue teaching us about the past, present and future of this Wonderfull and amazing Jewel that is Gaia.

Arammu Adamu...!

Aku Kia!

butterfly: side

ps: the side has been decided a loooooooooooooooooong time ago, just digging now for more knowledge.

butterfly: my ... ship

that's lovely.
i am digging deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper, discoveing the inner me.

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