Origins of the Devil tarrot card

The origins of the devil tarrot card comes from mythology where the devil is said to have two daughters.

The devil tarrot card inspired the movie poster for the film Prometheus and also inspired the two ghosts of two little girls from the film the shining who are supposed to be the Devil's daughters.

Athena and Juno the daughters of Zeus

Why is Zeus thought to be Satan?

Luke 10:18
He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

Zeus is a lightening god just like Satan is.

Acts 14:12
Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes because he was the chief speaker.

The apostle Barnabas AKA Joseph of Arimathea is thought of to be Satan by Freemasons.

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dvogel: Now you are talking about the Tarot cards.

Here is the devil in my deck:

Actually the same as the card you chose to display showing Pan.

Saturn, lord of Capricorn. Tiphareth to Hod on the tree of life. The one who bends to no rules and is ever creative, clear enemy of Christian dogmas.

I like the Thoth cards better though, since they contain more symbols.

UN.i1-PHI: whats on the goats head?

are these the blue stones/'grapes'?/('apples'??)
i dont know where i got it from but i once saw a vid(..i tought it would be zeitgeist or something but thats quite a hard time finding it back in those multiple lenghty vids..) where they were explaining some symbology on the blue grapes or apples in some jesus stories and that it was actually some special frequency stones i think it had to do with stargate technology and it was like a helmet or mask to wear on the head with those stones and maybe its for oobing(out of body experiancing/astral traveling)
or maybe even with the physical body i dont know... anyone has some more info on this pls share?
anyway i think u can search for this on internet and u can look for some 'stargate' tech stuff relating/explaining the mystic symbology of it in wich were used some religious stories of jsus i think...

btw on the left are those vine leaves or multiple smaller ones, too bad quality or small detail to see clear...

obsrvantlouie: You are probably

familiar with his work but I thought I would advise becasue I just watched video the other evening.

Michael Tsarion on "Symbol Literacy"...many references to the Tarot

Terra Tea: good post

Amazing card DV! Lots of symbolic imagery. The annunaki-like wings were interesting and the 3rd eye...curious as to what flowers were in the crown?

Terra Tea: the number three

TR- thanks for the post, this was good stuff, i never made the correlation. But funny enough i have been reading about Triptych architecture lately. The concept of using 3 doors leading in their temples. It is seen in Mexico Egypt and Indonesia. Many pictures on the web about them.

Also..the old $20 bills show the white house with a half circle of colomns leading into the building. The new currency shows....3 doors, square entrance. Keep in mind the president on the front fought against private banks...he is prob turning over in his grave.

Thoughts on it?

dvogel: Let Manly P Hall answer that question

"The three degrees of the ancient Mysteries were, with few exceptions, given in chambers which represented the three great centers of the human and Universal bodies. If possible, the temple itself was constructed in the form of the human body. The candidate entered between the feet and received the highest degree in the point corresponding to the brain. Thus the first degree was the material mystery and its symbol was the generative system; it raised the candidate through the various degrees of concrete thought. The second degree was given in the chamber corresponding to the heart, but represented the middle power which was the mental link. Here the candidate was initiated into the mysteries of abstract thought and lifted as high as the mind was capable of penetrating. He then passed into the third chamber, which, analogous to the brain, occupied the highest position in the temple but, analogous to the heart, was of the greatest dignity. In the brain chamber the heart mystery was given. Here the initiate for the first time truly comprehended the meaning of those immortal words: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” As there are seven hearts in the brain so there are seven brains in the heart, but this is a matter of superphysics of which little can be said at the present time"

dvogel: What more I can say

is that card (from the Thoth deck) is displayed with a phallus in the background with 4 men and 4 women in each testical, representing the creative energy of the "devil". It is reaching through the top of the card into the heavens represented with the ring of the star goddess Nuith and the bottom part into the earth represented with the dark brown colour.
Indeed it has the mighty staff with the globe and wings with the snake of Horus and Osiris coming out on each side. The third eye is the sign of Pans deep insight into the hidden. He is also standing with a smile on his lips representing his humoristic side "Only the ignorant is dead serious"
I'm not sure what it is on his head. I know that Pan sometimes is displayed with leaves on his head.

UN.i1-PHI: creative energy

the phallus is entering te portal at the top;P

ps nice u shared this, and what about the rest of the backgrounds with the lines like some kind of web

dvogel: now I found it

, its a crown of forgot-me-nots symbolizing together with his smile "Evil, isn't real, all is illusion, in the realm of mater"

UN.i1-PHI: meiosis cell division in the card

notice the dividing cells doing meiosis in the metaphase-I stage on the bottom of the picture with the kinetochores/microtubules/'the strings' attach to the chromosomes wich pulls them apart after in the anaphase-I stage and how in the right ball/cell the human figures, male and female, are trying to keep holding eachother by their hands but there is someone pushing them apart lol i cant make up what it is but it looks more like a bull-man than a human... and there rest of the bottom of the card is missing...

thanks for pointing out theyre flowers on the top of the head

dvogel: here is a full view

Indeed that is well noticed. The background is supposed to be tree sap (so I have read), showing the furtility. Since the phallus is as well the tree of life.

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