Origin of Knights Templar

The Order of the Temple was founded in 1118ce at Jerusalem which had been liberated from the Saracens during the First Crusade in 1099ce. The successes of the Crusaders had brought Pilgrims to the Holy Land from all over Christendom, but the difficulties these Pilgrims faced were numerous:-

There was a lack of roads and means of transport
The routes were menaced by raiders and bandits
There was a major risk of being cheated by the innkeepers and merchants they encountered

It was to afford some protection to these otherwise unguarded Pilgrims that Hugues de Payens and seven other Knights founded the Order. The King of Jerusalem, Baldwin II granted them quarters near the royal palace at the captured Al Aqsa Mosque (on the site traditionally believed to be that of Solomon’s Temple also called Temple Mount), the Knights came to be known as “Knights of the Temple” for the next ten years in additional to their regular duties they excavated the ruins of Solomon’s Temple under their quarters.


This page helped me a lot, it is really good.
Now I am looking into how the Freemasons were said to have been started by the Templars.

It is clear that the Templars were always a force for good, and they were terribly betrayed in the worst way, and for the reason of greed, trying to take their wealth form them.

Apparently, many escaped with their great wealth, and they continue to exist to this day!

They become the "Order of christ" in Portugal, which I think became the Rosicrucians (Rosy Cross). They seem to be the only True Christians, but the Illuminati have created many perversions of the RC order like the order of the golden dawn for example, so watch out.


Annunaki77: They are dust in the Wind, Absolutely Nothing

You still don't understand just how Big and Awsome the Annunaki are.
You will see what Real Power is.
They used Brevik to cause Fear and Chaos in Europe, very Pathetic.
You have no Idea what true Power is, it is beyond you comprehension.


harleyborgais: True Power:

Thank you for your comment, but it seems a bit premature....

Why do you say the Templars are dust in the wind? How much do you know about them?
(I am up to 1291 when they were tortured and killed, in an attempt to take their wealth. Then they were spread out in Portugal and Scotland, and renamed)

Knowledge is power, and the most powerful knowledge is how the mind works (and how to effect it).
The second most powerful knowledge is how energy takes form to generate all physical reality (energy waves interfere, creating sacred geometric forms, creating matter, and the forces and fields of nature)

The greatest power on Earth is the support and consent of the majority of the population.

In order to wield that power, to earn that support, I plan to work tirelessly to support and defend the general welfare of life on Earth.

At this moment, I am very close to completing the 13 sacred systems of geometry, that explain how all energy takes all form.
Then I will be able to develop any technology I can imagine.

Before that happens, I will have shared it with a lot of people though.
The time has come for Humanity to gain this knowledge, we are finally ready.

It is especially important to share this knowledge with Humanity now, because the evil secret societies on Earth are developing such tech now (making crop circles and UFOs).

If we colonize other planets with this tech before we eliminate the secret societies in our society, then we will end up at war with a superior alien race, and we will lose!

There is nothing beyond my comprehension, because I (and everyone) was created in the image of Gods mind.

I do not however know the meaning of "Brevik". Please enlighten me.

What do you think the Annunaki will do, and when?
(I also have more to learn about the origin and nature of the Annunaki, who they are, what they were like, etc.)

As for the reptilians, I see no good evidence to support their existence, and I see evidence in evolution suggesting that reptilian features are lost as a species gains emotional (4D) thought, and are totally gone before they reach creative (5 dimensional) thought.

It seems to me that people used animals heads to represent the personality and/or traits of a person using images.
(Now I am watching your video, thank you)

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