The Orgins of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Orgins of the Hebrew Alphabet.

The Hebrew language is very unique that the Star of David is a template which is used to make up the letters in the Hebrew alphabet as the image below perfectly demonstrates:

There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the other letters have different forms when they are used at the end of a word.

SO there are 22 MAIN Hebrew letters just to make that perfectly clear.

Upon further research, according to Alex Collier the terran race is descended from 22 different races of people from different places within and outside of our galaxy. What is interesting is that there are 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet. Coincidence? Maybe..maybe not?

Perhaps each Hebrew letter repesents a race extraterrestrials, for example the letter ayin. The letter name is derived from Proto-Semitic,ʿayn- "eye", and the Phoenician letter has an eye-shape aswell:

To this day, 'ayin in Hebrew, Arabic and Maltese means "eye" (‘ayno in Assyrian). The Phoenician letter gave rise to the Greek Omicron (Ο), the Latin O, and Cyrillic (О), all representing vowels.

Could the letter ayin in Hebrew represent a star system in constellation of Orion?:

The eye of betelgeuse where a race of beings called the "nibiru" (no not the planet ignore that kind of bullshit) is said to come from according to contactee Alex Collier.


According to Alex Collier, theres a star system called Cyclopsis (Syclopesus) in Orion, could this be the all seeing eye or the source of the mythology surrounding it comes from?

ET 22 according to Contactee Alex Collier:

I doubt every single letter in the hebrew alphabet represents a race of beings, I recon personally that groups of letters represent a different race of beings but I very much doubt that each letter on its own, represents one single race from Alex Collier's ET 22 list.

Though I recon the reason that the main hebrew letters are to do with the fact that we as homo sapiens are descended from 22 races hence 22 main hebrew letters in the Hebrew Alphabet.

So where does the Star of David come from?

Well the Star of David is made up of two triangles one upward and one downard facing. These are symbols for masculine and feminine. The upward pointing triangle represents the penis while the downward represents a vagina. No im not kidding.

According to contactee Alex Collier theres a race called the "nibiru" which means divided amongst two, (where we get the word hebrew from, hebrew, hibiru, nibiru), Males from sirius b and females from Orion came together and formed an entirely new race.

This is what the Star of david represents. It represents the apostle Paul in freemasonry, but also lots of hermaphrodite gods throughout mythology aswell as the race called the "Nibiriu".

Hope you have enjoyed.


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Kierkegaard: Good work

Interesting presentation. (No, Freemasons don't believe in sun gods and goddesses. At least not that I am aware of at this point in my Masonic education. It's important to note that Adepts like Hall, Pike, and others do not speak for the Fraternity. There is no grand unified body that controls all instruction.)

Terran resistance: I thought you were a roisicrucian?

when I say moon and sun god in all my presentations i am merely refering to masonic artworks which display moon and suns, which I believe are star systems to higher up freemasons.

have you heard of the black pope? kierk?

Quinton: This is all very interesting.

This is all very interesting. Thanks for sharing TR :)

Tarheel: TR , you have a lot to contribute if you lose the hatred.

Open your mind and your heart. There's no reason for dissension.

Ecbra de Oaoj: I agree, Tarheel

but I mistrust that Edisonik have reason in this; point. well...

the good info is: Darth Veider in the last scene apear with Obi Kenobi and Yoda... after help Skywalker and...
at long last.


bluesbaby5050: Hi there, I'm here too!


Terran resistance: whats up?

sky, clouds, the sun, the moon, ufos, water vapour, ozone, who wants to know?


What goes up must come down. We must unite and be strong because we have many enemies, you included Terran Resistance.
I am not your enemy, your enemies live within the bowels of Planet Earth in Advanced Military Bases.
These Enemies want Humanity Culled in Massive Numbers.

Tarheel: I thought The Enemy had been expunged from within.

They are still there, Lexus?
Last night, for the 1st time I actually thought I experienced POSITIVE frequency/ies. I had moments of enlightenment and it felt great, and I was humbled. Am I to now believe it was delusion?

gipoman: Freemasonry

Good day to everyone. I am new to this site but, not new to Alex his work which I admire.
I would like to give my opinion in regards to the masonic topic as far as I know.
All freemasons, lodges, temples and secret societies, fall under the Illuminati.
This is common knowledge. The Bilderberg group is the "elite group" within the iluminati who contol it all. But, then again, secrecy is what thrives in these societies. That's why an oath is pledged to remain everything said and done, a secret.
(Except for, fundraisings held by your local masonic lodge to make the public believe that they
also support community work.)
A freemason will never admit any of this because of fear of repraisal although, always denied.
I say that, any group or organization which, has nothing to hide, has no need for secrecy.
Secrecy is the curtain which hides everything deemed never to see the light of day.
This is and always will be a danger to the human society.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to war, war leads to pain and suffering.
The masonic brotherhood is represented in all major governmental, financial and military
institutions/organizations. This is how these societies work and have done so for centuries

Terran resistance: Hi and welcome

Your right if they had nothing to hide they wouldnt bother hiding it.

gipoman: Re. welcome.

Thank you. I hope my comments will contribute to a better understanding of our way
life and what we can and must do to better it.

Tarheel: Sorry but I know my brother, and you are generalizing.

Welcome to Truth Control ! Im sorry but you're genralizing about Freemasons by saying the FMs are doing it to "make the public believe they also support community work". I believe that the conspiracies you speak of may exist at the top, but you are WAY WRONG about the bottom/low levels. I KNOW THIS. I dont think-I KNOW. I have other rriends who are masons and they dont even REALLY know what Illuminati is/are.

gipoman: Freemasons

The bottom levels don't know indeed what the top levels are doing.
It depends on their degree. I know more then you think.
If I, were to join ANY organization, I would look for credentials before making
a decision to join and especially an organization which is shrouded in secrecy.
So, what you're saying is; what you don't hear and see is Ok ? right ?
You'll be in for a very big surprise. But, untill then, you may believe whatever you
wish or like. Everyone is responsable for his/her own life/destiny.

Tarheel: Im NOT saying THAT at all.

Im saying that , How would you expect the lower level to know the secrets at the top? If they know, the secrets arent secrets are they? Right.
No, Im NOt saying "what you dont see or hear is okay" that at all. I dont know where you got that.

What I am saying is that the BS doesnt go on at the bottom , at least not locally. The bottom tier MAY be getting a bad rap from what YOU THINK may be going on at The Top.

Im neither condoning nor passing judgement on what I dont know. Im telling you what I DO KNOW. I DO KNOW, atbthe lower level you're way wrong. Neither of us really knows about the top, now do we? All we know about the top is what we are told goes on. GW seems like a pretty cool dude to me, and he was a 33rd degree Mason. I cant believe he would have participated in any BS, but again, I/you dont know.

gipoman: Do your research, which I

Do your research, which I know will take some time and maybe that after we can discuss this
topic again if you wish. Again, everyone is free to think whatever he/she
thinks/knows and (very important), getting the right information.
I did mine's and I can assure you that it's worth the effort..

gipoman: If you know it all, then you

If you know it all, then you all should have alternatives by now and not wait till
someone new comes onto the site and start a convo with no end.

Tarheel: My "research" comes directly from members.

Yours comes from conspiracy theorists and their sites.. You've clearly brought checkers to a chess match.
You have no dog in this fight so why dont you amaze us with something else?

Terran resistance: secrecy applies to lower level freemasons aswell

if they had nothing to hide, there would be no secrecy

and by the way secret knowledge is revealed past the third degree if I remember correctly.

the third degree becuase of the trinity.

bluesbaby5050: I don't think Tarheel was saying that---

He did not just say this in his thread.What you don't see or hear is OK then? He did not imply this,as I did not see this in his statement.Only in yours.This TOPIC IS SO OLD, AND BORING HERE.IT HAS ALL BEEN BEAT,AND TORN APART SO MANY TIMES HERE! Enough is enough.Please, Move On to something much more Interesting?

gipoman: "He did not just say this in

"He did not just say this in his thread.What you don't see or hear is OK then? He did not imply this,as I did not see this in his statement."
You don't need to see it in his stament to recoqnize it.
It is a topic that affects your life as well as mine on a daily basis, wether you like it or not.
The scope is far more greater then you could possibly fathom.

bluesbaby5050: Excuse me for saying so,But You gipoman, seem to think ---

From what you posted about me,on my knowledge,and my likes and dislikes you know Nothing about! You don't even know me. First of all, You have never met me,and you know nothing about me, yet you assume you think you do.Wrong.You do not know what I happen to know.So don't come here thinking you know our minds!

gipoman: Sadly I already do.

Sadly I already do.

bluesbaby5050: Sadly YOU DO NOT!

You don't know me at all! You are judging the people here,and I bet you didn't read the 3 to 4 years of history this forum holds.You just come here ,and assume you think you know the people from all over this world in this forum,and you do not! You assume wayyy too much! Sad but True!

gipoman: If you feel offended by

If you feel offended by answers then, I'm sorry. The topic was freemasonry
and I believe it still is. I'm entitled to say what I think is right and what I feel
right without offending ANYONE. And if my thoughts on the subject are interpreted
wrongly, then perhaps this is not the right place to be.

gipoman: I've been around long enough

I've been around long enough to know where I stand and with whom.
I don't need a lecture from YOU OR ANYONE ELSE.
Yes, I know about the Sumerian tablets and Enki. I can go back
to ancient Sumer, Ur as well as Mesopotamia and the ancient
Mediterranean. The center of civiliation. I don't underestimate anyone.
But, don't underestimate my knowledge. I can also talk about the function
of the pyramyds and the aquafer underneath it of which I am fascinated.
It's function and it's power distribution and more. My son and I have been
experimenting with radiant energy and other free energy devices.
What I know is more then what I learned the in the books.
I've been out of the books long enough to understand that, what I have
learned is not at all what it should be. But, I'm sorry. Thank you for the
invitation anyway.

Terran resistance: free energy

you should post some videos on youtube gipoman

Tarheel: This started with a debate, and you chose to take it...

...personally when you were proven wrong. If you think you will offend me or anyone else here and not face rebuttal, you're wrong.
So, why dont you move on to the next subject before this gets any more out of hand?

Terran resistance: if you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen

the topic at the moment is freemasons

I personally think that all freemasons are genocidal maniacs, I can't wait to see their faces when they find out their are no gods, that they are merely constellations, and that the gods are aliens.


Annunaki77: Gipoman

Gipoman says "The scope is far more greater then you could possibly fathom".

You are correct. It is Interstellar.

Tarheel: Yes, we agree at the top levels.

On the ground tiers, Gypoman isnt right. My guess is the top brass did this for a reason. The reason is to make people THINK they are a do-gooder organization, while they conduct their nastiness in the background. It's a GRAND/planned deception.

"Oh what a crooked web we weave, when at first we learn to deceive." True words, Wise One!

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