Orange Alien Species.

by Chris on August 13th, 2014


Origins: The Bernard Star System in the constellation Ophiuchus , approximately 5 to 10 light years from Earth.

Attitude Towards Humans: Unknown

General Description: The Orange is allegedly race of beings which has been on earth for at least a few hundred years, and is still living in subterranean bases in the southwestern part of the United States. There are purported references to them in Native American Lore as Red Haired giants.

The Orange are thought to be comprised humanoid and Reptilian genes, are taller than Earth humans, and have mostly human features and perhaps eyes and some characteristics of Reptilians. A supposed distinguishing signature feature is their coarse red-orange hair.

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bluesbaby5050: I have heard of these types too......

They have had small wars with the surface humans, because they were kidnapping humans, and eating them after.This was reported in North America, and a connection was found with a tribe of the same in South America. It was reported that some kidnapped victims had escaped, and they told this to their tribes in both areas. Also a group of them were described as looking the same after the reports, and an examination of the remaining bones were discovered when a investigating team of researchers heard of these reports of the red haired giants living in a cave in South America, and doing the same things to the humans down there as in North America. It was reported in a village history in South America, that this village had many wars with those red haired giants, and of their habits of kidnapping and eating humans in that area, and so they tried to kill them off by warring with them. In the reports, it said that the giants were given the chance to come out of the cave and fight, but they refused by staying in this cave, and so they died in a fire when they were being forced to come by being smoked out. This had been aired on a national geographic program, because I had watched this when it came on Netflix. The history of this cave was told to a team of reseachers, and they decided to find this cave with the help of the elders of this village. They were told that when the war had ended, and when the few that was left was found hiding out in a cave outside a village, and they were told to get out and fight, or be burnt in the cave if they didin't. None went out to fight, and so the fires were lit in front of the cave to smoke them out. None came out. And so those few that existed after the wars had died, and the kidnappings, and the eating of the humans had finally stopped for those village people, and for the villages in the surrounding areas. It was said that those giants had bright orange, red hair, and that they were very loud, and mean, and wild acting. They would raid the villages, and take anything that they wanted, including any humans they could steal no matter what the age was. It was told that they were a menace, and a threat to those villagers.

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