Operation Mockingbird: How the CIA knew how to manipulate the world news

by UN.i1-PHI on August 28th, 2014

The American army appears to manipulate social media with fake accounts to influence discussions and spread Pro-American propaganda. This is done under the name "Online Persona Management Services'. Every soldier must create up to 10 fake accounts max, also called/known as "sock puppets".

The purpose of this program is, according to the British newspaper The Guardian restricting free speech. The project is compared by internet experts to attempts by China to limit Freedom of expression/speech on the Internet According to critics, this way contrarian views can be snowed under and debates nipped in the bud.

According to project leader Centcom, the program is intended to provide a counterweight to extremist and enemy propaganda outside the United States. Two years ago the dissemination of misleading propaganda was legalized in the United States . A new law allows the American government is able to spread among citizens. Misinformation in a legal way

In addition, the CIA, the largest news agencies in the fifties has been infiltrated. At that time Operation Mockingbird launched a secret campaign in which during the Cold War, disinformation was spread through the regular media to other countries.

During congressional hearings, it became clear that editors and journalists include The New York Times, CBS News, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Associated Press and Reuters were bribed. It is not clear whether Operation Mockingbird ever been terminated.

The respected British investigative journalist Nick Davies wrote in his book 'Flat Earth News' that newspapers nonsense writing and news programs are full of lies. "Some colleagues hated me, they hated my book, even threatened me with physical violence," said Davies. "They could not stand that I made our own failures public."

"But then I got messages from journalists from around the world who were glad I have written. The They recognized it, because it is so everywhere. Journalists are no longer searching for the truth. They sit at their desks, and writing reports of news agencies and PR organizations. They do not have time to look for something or check and it does not matter their bosses. As long as they sell newspapers and attract viewers and listeners. "

The reason for his book was the news about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Weapons that are subsequently found not to be. "What frustrated me is that we blame the false information put by governments and intelligence agencies. While the media were just as guilty of spreading false information, and thus the war in Iraq. "

The coverage of the swine flu, according to him an alarming example of the manipulation by the PR industry. "The World Health Organization warned of a pandemic. Tens of thousands, perhaps a million would die. That has not happened. It turns out, according to a recent report by the Council of Europe? Pharmaceutical companies have infiltrated the World Health Organization and persuaded to warn of a pandemic. The result is that governments around the world have spent for medications that we did not need. Millions of our dollars, euros and pounds It was one big scam. "

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