by edisonik on September 1st, 2014

Humanity will achieve their DESTINY . Humanity will TRAVEL THE STARS, Humanity is LOVED BY THEIR CREATOR, Humanity is BEAUTIFUL, there will be bumps on the Road to DESTINY, but we will be with you every step of the way , my Loved Adamu.

Marchin On (OneRepublic) - Humanity

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edisonik: END WAR , START LOVE

EDWARD MAYA presents Violet Light - LOVE STORY (Tribute to Mexico)

edisonik: know me

Feel me , know me , open your heart to another Reality.
A Reality you have been denied by Traitors.
Feel me , know me , open your heart to another Reality.
A Reality you have been denied by Traitors.

Know a New Way.
A Way of Hope , Love & Ancient Wisdom.

Native American - The Bald Eagle

HebrianDaniel: just wondering 1 thing. mr

just wondering 1 thing. mr edi. are you vegan am I right?

bluesbaby5050: HD .....

Edisonik is a meat eater, and eats reptilians. ( he said so himself a while back, remember him telling this to the forum? lol!

HebrianDaniel: those who eat meats. are

those who eat meats. are supporting animal suffering and therfor cannot be peaceful creature.

obsrvantlouie: You have fangs and molars

Plants and animals are both 'dead' upon human consumption. Nothing wrong with eating meat but eat organically and 'non GMO'


first of all mostly plants are not dead upon consumption and stay well alive for a while and can live/function further after disembodyment of the main plant itself, fruits etc can endure pretty long being alive, that is, in the right conditions ofc, as with anything alive, -yes fruit can rot and especially rot quickly due to too much heat for example, but a fridge could disrupt the bio-rythm and break down the cells and become sloppy, like with tomatoes, they actually should not be stored in the fridge but at roomtemperature and out of sun-light so they won't rot quickly,- just think about how a seed can sprout in the ground, how a branch can become a clone of the whole in the ground, so you see how these plant-'organs' can be self-sufficient, however if you would peel an apple, it will die and rot fast, especially if you would cut it all into pieces, so then the 'organ' (or however to call parts of plants) will be disembodied itself and quickly dying, and this is just like with meat, it is disembodied from the complex that keeps it alive, that's why meat can be considered (very soon) dead when it's slaughtered from that wich kept it alive, next to that you have a lot of dangerous bacteria involving meat but let's consider the concept of eating meat out of animals/humans etc,
you are eating the flesh of an organism that has already consumed and processed it's nutrients etc, these nutrients are already being PROCESSED by the body, this is a big difference with plants wich actually rather PRODUCE the nutrients in an enviorment that is also 'made' for doing that, and it's where these nutrients (i'm talking amino-acids/[(non-)essential] vitamins etc) are originally synthesized in these 'sterile/filtering' 'vegetable' enviorments of the plants wich could be also be considered as specified bio-technology to synthesize/produce/provide and ofcourse recycle nutrients and other stuff needed in ecosystems

also just think about mushrooms wich are different from plants and animals and even closer to insects because they have also a kind of chitine but they are actually composed of self-sufficient cells that connect to make hives and when they connect they make the shroom('fruit' of the fungi)

however meat cells/tissues of the flesh or actually any other cut-off piece of the body is not able to live any longer in any dis-embodied way, you could create artificial and synthetic meat that will grow and be alive, but still these still need to be connected to something that provides it's needs to grow and stay alive

another thing, i've heard many (carnivore) people saying -just as a quick tought/excuse for justificaiton/explanation- that we are carnivores or omnivores just because we have a few fangs, but if you would compare our teeth with any other real carnivore you will see how different: much stronger sharper/pointy they have to be, as animals eat RAW meat straight from the bone and have rough tongues to help em grasp the flesh with grip, also the jaw needs to be very strong too, anyone who has played with a dog -for example- and a rope, letting the dog bite and struggle with the thick piece of rope and even hang his whole boy weight with it's teeth&jaw, and would think of doing this themselves as a human could recognize the difference because the human jaw&teeth would break/crush much easier


pasqualie: it depends on which theory you use evolution or et theory

if you use evolution or at least part of it, the human brain could only develope to that size from eating alot of fruit from jungles. essentially bioflavenoids. so the theory is humans at least originally lived and developed in areas of lush jungle where there was tropical fruit 24/7 for the brain to develope. it is also said on that diet they had a more balanced brain or right dominant brain. but something happened and the jungles were destroyed, and they had to move out onto the plains. where their diet changed from fruit based to grains and meat. and thinking changed to a left brain analytical ego based thinking. if you look at animals and insects and birds that live on this diet you see they have small brains. from ancient legends from different civilizations, this was the begining of the fall in the change in thinking to left brain ego based thinking. because along with analytical, fear and separation thinking also began. its why the human brain when they measure and weigh it, its actually been shrinking since the early skulls to present time.

this is Tony Wrights view on it

pasqualie: Left Brain ego thinking

Its fear based with separation form self, source and others. so it is the human mass consciousness that is projected out into the world.

its reported on media 24/7 so humanity has a victimization mind program which is fear based according to swerdlow. so we allow or attract these situations into our lives or around us by our thoughts and where we focus them, because by doing so we accept that mind programming.

also use of sexual energy as well, in part because it important. its why you have so many reports of sexual crimes of adults and children in the news.

because most of it goes unreported, and the ones that dont get councilling or therapy to deal with it, most abused become abusers. because as demented as it is, it becomes imprinted in the human mind that way. so your first sexual experience becomes the way you like or enjoy it. its why you have so many messed up adults.

also fear is the begining of paranoia, emotional instability, and the beginings of insanity. its why fear programming is used so much to disempower people. because they are more easily controlled.

its why its important not to be drawn into the drama or polarity of situations in your life or happening around you. because in doing so you are feeding it into the mass human consciousness.

instead try to not be emotionally attached to things as difficult as they may be. learn to release things and focus your emotions as much as you can on the positive or high energy energies or emotions.

pasqualie: also

everyone in one form or another on this planet has experienced trauma. even if its not to the extreme cases, if you dont learn to release it, you live an unhappy or polarized life of fear.

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