One World Order (OWO)

Governmental structure system were the "Interior Government" works "behind the scenes" while a "puppet government" maintains the illusion of freedom for the people.

(Voyager I – Page 109)

Establishment of a totalitarian rule on Earth by the UIR (United Intruder Resistance)

Anunnaki’s vested interest in their intended One World Order dominion agenda and subsequent seizure of the Halls of Amenti star gates requires the temporary use of humans to open the Security Seals on Earth’s Star Gates, which the Fallen Angelics cannot fully access without human biology (i.e. DNA-12 Strand Template)

(Voyager II – Page 254)

There are 3 competing One World Order agendas:
1) In 9,560 BC through the Luciferian Convenant the:
a) Pleidian-Nibiruian Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki ("Blonds")
b) Sirius B Marduke-Anunnaki (Anunnaki + Omicron "Dragon-Moth")
c) Enlil-Odedicron (Anunnaki + Reptile-Avian)
d) Thoth-Enki-Seohelium (Anunnaki + Zeta)
e) Marduke-Necromiton-Luciferian (Anunnaki + Alpha-Omega Centauri Blue Centaurs)
f) Galactic Federation and the Nohasa Atlantis Jehovian-Urantia and their respective Annu-Mechizedek races
enter full alliance under the One World Order Anti-Christos Agenda formally mandated through the Luciferian Covenant.

2) Omicron-Draconian and Omicron-Reptilian races of Orion from second competing Orion-Drakonian One World Order Agenda.

3) Main Sirius A Jehovian-Annunaki ("Bipedal Dolphin People") race form third competing Jehovian One World Order Agenda.
(Voyager II – Page 320)

The elite "Masters of War" that have held by force positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert "World Management Team," are the Illuminati hybrid "Sleeper Races."

The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly Representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic legions, and they have been the motivating force behind all "human" politics since the 9,558 BC "fall" of Atlantis.

Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations, but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure.

Like Earth Human races, Illuminati Sleepers races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian indoctrination.

(Voyager II – Page 355)

(See: Fallen Angelics, Archangel Michael, Intruders, Alpha-Omega Alliance, UIR)

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