One who believes lies deserves to be deceived

Well I figured I'd use that for the face of the smear campaign here against me, by low vibrational entities who have yet to discover their true self...

But this is the most important article you could ever read. But you must look within yourself, if you want to connect to the ultimate truth (which is love)

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pasqualie: Dumbass hasnt even read the bible once

Gets off on child rape and child sex abuse films and believes he can talk about religious teachings of jesus like someone gonna defend his pediphilia, his lack of integrity and his drug addiction.

If you manage to get your reading level up to maybe grade 12, i suggest you read what pope leo the tenth said about jesus.

he said this myth of jesus has served us well.

but for someone that doesnt read and hasnt even read the bible once, but gets his monkey theories off the quacks of youtube, you should ask your higher self christopher gianguzzo what your higher self or inner truth says about your dark tastes in child rape and child sex abuse, and why you get off watching films about child rape and child sex abuse.

you ask anyone christopher gianguzzo, and you tell them you get off watching child rape and child sex abuse films, they will call you a sick fucker. no inner truth needed, just common sense.

TillToTheWhen: I don't get off on watching

I don't get off on watching it. Why do you keep putting words in my mouth. (oh yeah, I forgot, it's a smear campaign)

I was just blown away by how intense the movie was. I like disturbing movies.

A lot of people do, doesn't make them sick people. I am one of the most normal people you would ever meet.

But you've never even met me, and you're already judging me because I liked a Serbian Film.

My favorite movie is the Wizard, which is a family movie about video games. I absolutely love that movie, way more than a serbian film.

So what do you have to say now?

Of course the N won't apologize, they don't know how to admit when they are wrong

TillToTheWhen: So, you've never met any

So, you've never met any normal people in your life, who like watching disturbing movies?

Maybe that's because you never get out. You never converse with the real world. You're always at home by yourself...maybe that's why you're so crazy. You've never really interacted with the real world, obviously

YOu are a very dangerous in fantasy land in your own head. All of your delusions about me, are so far from the truth, it's not even funny.

Everything you said about me is ass BACKWARDS. I don't even do drugs at all, not even on occasion, yet I am a drug addict.

I told you months ago, to watch Serbian Film. Now you're calling me a pedohphile all of a sudden because I recommend you to watch the movie.

Yet you still talked with me through email everday, you were still my friend.

So, if you really thought I was sick and a pedophile, why didn't you stop emailing me then? Why did you email me for months afterward?

You are smearing me, and you know it. You know very well, watching disturbing movies doesn't make someone a pedophile.

The whole reason you're doing all this to me, is because I hurt your ego. Just admit it. That's why you were my friend all the way up until that point i sent you that email about the brain excersises.

After I sent that, you started ignoring me after that and then smearing me online.

But you were totally ok with me before that. So obviously you dont really think I'm a pedophile since you were friends with me long after you knew I liked serbian film.

pasqualie: You're just a sick fucker

thinking you can rationalize your dark taste in watching child rape and child sex abuse films and enjoying it.

thats not normal, but as i said you are from florida the pedophile capital of the united states so it kind of explains it.

TillToTheWhen: Well I guess everyone on this

Well I guess everyone on this site is terrified of you now as well. They know to never hurt your ego, like I did, or you will smear them just like you are me. Whatever info you can find out about them, you will twist around and make it sound like they are bad people just like you're doing to me

pasqualie: again sick fucker tries to change the topic

why don you ask the people on this site christopher gianguzzo, if they think someone like you enjoying child rape and child sex abuse films is normal .

this isnt about me, or my ego, you are just a sick fucker that tries to change the topic thinking you a genius lol. we all know the truth of that.

i stand by my comments you are a sick fucker who enjoys child rape and child sex abuse films, and you admitted it over and over again like it changes anyones opinion on it.

you are also a drug addict and a pathological liar as you have been caught in your lies.

also unethical with your internet complaints

TillToTheWhen: I didn't change any subject I

I didn't change any subject I addressed every issue you brought up. Matter of fact yOU just changed the subject, when I asked you the question

WHY did you continue to converse with me in email and be my friend everyday, for months AFTER you found out I liked serbian film?

You wont answer this, unless you make up another outright lie again.

TillToTheWhen: I didnt change the subject, I

I didnt change the subject, I addressed your issues. You changed the subject actually and avoided the question about why you continued to be my friend, even though yuo knew I liked serbian film and other disturbing movies

pasqualie: I cut you off dumbass lol

why you think i blocked you cuz you one sick fucker.

kept recommending i watch his sick films and do drugs like him. as well as repeating his monkey theories and victimization programming on a daily basis.

you were a sick fucker so i googled you and found all those negative complaints on you. didnt want to associate with you.

but since you started talking like a smart ass on the thread, i exposed first how dishonest you are by showing what comes up when people google your name.

pasqualie: Everyone can see you are a sick fucker now

Who lies, and enjoys watching child rape and child sex abuse films.

Not gonna comment anymore or respond to you. Cuz you are a sick fucker

Kah-Len: Lies...

One who tells lies deserves to be set straight. Look at all those who work for a living! A LIVING!
Understand that having a cost to live is the greatest lie of all! Money created a debt system and took away all freedom. We are coming to remove this barbaric practice and will soon break the shackles of control and the Cabal will be no more. The Beast (Banks) will be gone and the world will know we have come!

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