OMG ! Tell me this is NOT true. The CIA has a SECRET Heart Attack gun? Andrew Breitbart?

by Tarheel on March 3rd, 2012

This is Anu77's man that he posted about recently. Please read.

Here is an excerpt. I truly hope this cannot be...." The astonishing information about the secret heart attack weapon comes from U.S. Senate testimony in 1975 on rogue activities of the CIA."

I am NOT saying it is. I would think something like this would be monitored or heavily patrolled if it is true.



Ecbra de Oaoj: ei Tarheel

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Tarheel: Ecbra, our Brazilian friend ! Yes-this is SICK.

I was trying to make everyone aware of this. Just IMAGINE what having something like THIS in the wrong hands could do !

It sickens me to even think about it. I dont know if it was used on Breitbart or not, it just seems awfully coincidental that this is how he died, I really do NOT know though so I am not even specualting, but I wonder...was there a history of heart diease in his family or did he have highj cholesterol?

bluesbaby5050: They said he died of 2 ----

Gun shots to the head! The first one shot off his jaw! The second one was in the head as well,and this one killed him!Can you actually believe this crap!??Then they said he died of natural causes,a heart attack! And no autopsy was done! He had moved the first time cause his house was scaled by a swat team,and they came down from the roof,and slid down the drain pipes,and he had feld.He then moved to a first floor apartment,and this did not help him! He was followed round the clock,and they finally caught with him,and murdered him to shut him up,cause of the video proof he had on Obama while Obama was being primed back in the 70's! He was all over the medias before his death exposing Obama! When you speak out about the truth ,this will costs you your life! BB5050

bluesbaby5050: This information came out-------

On the Alex Jones Info Wars Show.I watched all of it.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: If this heart attact gun-----

Did exist,this would have been used on EVERY state's enemy around the world! Nothing like that has actually happened! We would know about this,as ALOT OF PEOPLE WOULD BE DIEING LIKE FLIES AROUND THE WORLD! They would LOVE TO HAVE A WEAPON like this,and make good use of it too.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: They would NOT-----

Need the Fema camps! The problem would be natually solved! Mass people would be dieing of heart attacks around the world,and they would not need to spend so much money on the culling processes! BB5050.

wmarkley: good point

this is a good point, all they would have to do is put it in our drinking water and kill millions at a single blow. i heard that he did have a heart condition, but im not sure of anything.

wmarkley: dart

I read about this stuff called Risin that was used during the cold war, it is made from the jimpsom weeds that grow along many rivers and creeks in north america, it is a very deadly poison, the cia has been using this for 40 years.

HebrianDaniel: if is true we should replace

if is true we should replace our hearts with Titanium Heart! good idea right?

Fal: Hearts can be stopped with

Hearts can be stopped with pulses. A swift palm heel to the chest, or an elbow, disrupts the beat of the heart, and can stop it altogether. It doesn't take much.

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