OMG! FDA goes after Organic & Small Farmers !

by Tarheel on September 24th, 2013

Attacking small farmers under the guise of "Food Safety". PLEASE. Who do ya think is behind THIS one? Please tell me you know the answer already. This will make you spew your spaghetti all over the tablecloth.

Title- FDA Rules Against Good, Organic Food with Food Safety Modernization Act

Excerpt- There are further significant points, but it goes back to the obvious. As long as Big Pharma and Big Ag are running the show, the FDA is nothing more than a puppet institution passing into law, practices that continuously disenfranchise the small farm. It is on the small farm that non-GMO and organic growing practices take root and spread. Show me a single organic farm that can currently compete with the likes of Monsanto or Dow chemical.

There isn’t one, because these companies continue to aim at controlling the entire food supply. They seek to:
◾Eliminate the small farm, making all food stuff the business of a few, elite corporations who already control most of major crops.
◾Lobby to give Big Agriculture and Big Business the right to make laws without having to pass the sniff test among scientists or generations of farming families who question their models of business and agriculture. Monsanto spends 8.7 billion annually on seed-patents. That would supply a lot of organic, heirloom seed to small farmers throughout the world – a world Monsanto and Bill Gates say is slowly starving to death.
◾Eliminate small farms by suing farmers who save seeds, thus causing them to go bankrupt, or even better, turn over their land to Monsanto and their buddies in a debt settlement.
◾Take away the rights of farmers with things like the Monsanto Protection Act, so farmers can’t sue Monsanto for ruining their livelihoods.
◾Charge exorbitant amounts for GMO seed and convince everyone GMO is an absolute necessity for food viability when in fact small scale, organic farms and personal food gardens will save us.

The FDA’s rules only support Big Ag in their convoluted reasoning, and further promote the bloated bottom lines of companies that are poisoning the planet. Judith McGeary, Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and a member of the advisory panel for the Cornucopia Institute said, “. . .In practical terms, the FDA will be able to target small farms one-by-one and put them out of business, with little to no recourse for the farmers.”


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bluesbaby5050: OMG !! This is OLD NEWS.............

They have already Attacked the Amish farmers in PA., and in the state of Northern Maine, U.S. 2 years ago! It had been on the TV news, and on the Internet news as well. They are EVEN GOING AFTER THE PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN BACK YARDS! They want to OUTLAW SMALL HOME GROWN GARDENS TO FEED THEIR OWN FAMILIES! Where have you been? The FEDS are all over the place pulling this crap! Willie Nelson , and others have rallied for the Large farmers back in the 80's. It's business for the Anunnaki as usual.

Tarheel: Posted 9/23/13 and I'll always be against Big Ag.

The problem lies between your ears. I will rally against GMO's/Big Ag & whatever cause I want as long as it is a social issue. The fight is on and I'm not packin' it in until they go down. If you don't like it, don't read it.

bluesbaby5050: You can Toss around INSULTS ALL YOU WANT TO.......

Because, you will never be able to bother me Tarheel Cowboy. Because you see, you are really an unhappy man, and alone and an unsatisfied man in your 50's alone in your life, and that's why you have only 4 dogs in your apartment in the woods. I wonder why that is? Maybe your the CAUSE, because you see, YOUR THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DESTINY, AND WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR OWN LIFE IS ALWAYS UP TO YOU. NO ONE ELSE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU, BUT YOU! I was referring to the farmers, the big ones and the small farmers. And this started back in the 1980's, and it will keep getting bigger until people UNITE TOGETHER TO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE. IT AFFECTS ALL OF US! WE HAVE TO EAT, AND THIS IS JUST A FACT OF LIFE. SO, YOUR NASTY COMEBACKS ARE A REFLECTION OF HOW YOU RALLY ARE AS A REAL PERSON INSIDE THIS FORUM, AS WELL AS THE OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM. I SPEAK THE TRUTH, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! I AM NOT HERE FOR BROWNIE POINTS, OR TO MAKE BUDDIES, AS I HAVE ENOUGH FAMILY, AND FRIENDS FOR THAT. I am here to speak the truth about the hidden Anunnaki's and their hidden agenda for humanity, and I am only doing what I WAS ASKED TO DO. TOO BAD YOU CAN NOT SEE THAT. Funny thing......When ever anyone does not agree with you, male or female, or they happen to speak about something you just can't seem to understand, YOU GET NASTY WITH THEM, and I can pull up OLD POSTS from many people besides me to prove this point about YOU! You still have a long ways to go.

bluesbaby5050: I have a REALLY GOOD IDEA TARHEEL..........

GO Buy some Heirloom seeds and plant them in the woods, where those cows roam, and make good use of all that cow manure, and grow those vegetables, and then GIVE THEM AWAY, for FREE to those starving woman with many children in those mountains where you live IF YOUR THAT SERIOUS AS YOU SAY YOU ARE. Potatoes are easy to grow too, and they will go far with a Rootceller. Why not show people how to do this, and add your FREE LABOR while your at it. Free anything is ALWAYS better when serving the people.

Tim Lovell: chill out people..

chill out people..

Tarheel: "Chillin' like Bob Dylan" is how I roll.

I never read her posts except for by mistake. There was zero offense intended in my commentary. It's Buffoonbaby5050 you need to direct your commentary to. She's incapable of bothering me. It's beyond hilarious to me.

I have covered and will continue to cover GMOs weekly until the issue gets resolved. She's delusional to believe that if GMO's have been addressed in the past, the perpetrators will go away. She dwells in Fear and is in the demon manufacturing business, but you know that. Same old story, same old song & dance, my friend.


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