by Annunaki77 on October 24th, 2012

Mount Olympus was Glorious and nothing was more Glorious than it's chariots and it's Horses, from the Horses that ran Apollos chariots to the horses that Served Olympus, I give tribute to Panhellenism and to all Horses the Symbol of Olympus.

Tribute to Olympus Way To Go

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Terran resistance: my god

you post the biggest load of bollocks ever
you have got to be on drugs seriously, olympus?
people who ran around in underpants believed in that shit.
olympus............ jeeezus christ.....

Annunaki77: My Patience has run thin, You will taste the Power of Heaven

Terran R I have been as nice as possible with you and you still mock the Kods.
I am so sorry for you my Son, but it is time for you to Learn a Lesson about me. You throw Insults to someone you don't even know.
The time is short Little One.

I sense a Great Fear running down your spine, a great fear.
You understand don't you.

Terran resistance: when will you people learn to let go of the dogma

there are no gods, reality check!
the gods = ets
grow up

Tarheel: This for you, TR. For nobody else but YOU.

I'm not a big Bible guy, but there are some great lines in it.
For TR- Isaiah 5:21 "Wo be unto them that are wise IN THEIR OWN EYES."

People can believe as they wish. And MY Anu77 forgot more about the past than you will ever know. One difference in him and you, all he has to do is WANT to recall what he forgets, and it's back in his mind. You? You cant forget because you never know to start with.

Open your mind, tunnel visionary TR. You shall call him Master.

Terran resistance: lol you really dont have a clue

lol he has already been debunked

hes a loser, and the fact that you believe him makes you the least open minded of them all.
so carry on woshipping your idols such as enki and this muppet becuase your world will eventually collapse around you one day XD

Tarheel: "Here cometh the Dreamer (TR).....

"Here cometh The Dreamer (tr). Let us SLAY him and see what cometh of his dreams."

bluesbaby5050: Hummmmm...............

What -cha-got in mind? (Giggle)

Tarheel: A Stoning in Town Square, complete with shackles.

Almost anything indignant would do though.

bluesbaby5050: Nah........

I'm not the one that hands out Karmic Dept Penalties. I was just curious because of your comment you made to TR that's all. I didn't know you were still at it ( stabbing )again.

Tarheel: Me either.

As you can clearly see from my HUMOROUS reply, it was a joke. I'm neither empowered nor qualified to hand out such penalties-nor do I pretend on either.

But, I do have an opinion. It's the mockery & disrespect that bothers me.

My quote for this is: "Leave be those and their beliefs for free will is theirs." That's what I TRY to live by. If only others would respect Free Will then there would be no issue here.

bluesbaby5050: I do understand your point Tarheel.........

Some people can not. Remember they MOCK what it is they do NOT understand,and sometimes this puts them in a state of fear,and denial. This is their normal way of reacting. (Fight or Flight.)

Annunaki77: They are my chosen

You will realize the error of your ways Terran Resistance.
You will call me Master, sooner than you can imagine.
When your Little Island starts to have the shakes , you will Pray and your Prayers will be Ignored for mocking the Kods.

bluesbaby5050: We ARE well AWARE that those beings of long ago.....

Those beings that Lived Long Ago were Actually Aliens Too! ALL of them WERE! Here's THE Reality Check!

bluesbaby5050: And They STILL Exist !

They are still ALIVE, and WELL on Different TIME LINES! THE PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE ALL ARE RUNNING THE FILM OF LIFE ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It is a MUTI-DIMENTIONAL REALITY! You Live in a Multi-Verse! You all are Multi-dimentional LIGHT BEINGS! You CAN Travel With YOUR MINDS TOO! Every time you think of something you did in Your past, you are in your past, but in your mind, and you are Really there, but WITHOUT Your Bodies, and this is the only difference! When You Think of Someting that Could happen in your future, like a new house, or new car, or going to the beach , or whatever you Think then you are there! BUT, With OUT your bodies! You Think into your Existince of how you would like your life to be, and what you would like to have in your life. You are CREATING YOUR FUTURES! All people do this. What do YOU want YOUR Future to be Like? What your always thinking about WILL BRing this to you, into your future, like next week, next month, next year. This is how this works! YOU HAVE THE POWER OF CONTROL! You are a CREATOR TOO! The PTB NEVER wanted YOU/Us to know this Power You Hold. This is the Secrets they Held Back from us Humans! It takes about 3 weeks to a month of steady thinking of someting on a REgular basis, (not every second) on a regular basis I said, Then it manifests in to becoming a solid Thought Form. Creation STARTS in your MIND FIRST! IT IS A THOUGHT FORM! If you can do this , then you will see changes in your life. This is the truth! This is how, and what the Occult EXPERTS Work Their WILLS into action. They do it to create an action to happen! How Strong is YOUR MIND? The stronger it is, the Better you can Manifests anything! Example- an invention was a Thought Form First! ALL OBJECTS WERE A THOUGHT FORM FIRST! You can change events = actions into thought forms, and then they Become your reality= your life. Also when you Write it down on paper, IT WILL GIVE YOUR THOUGHTS MORE POWER TO BECOME A SOLID! This is another secret for you to learn of. When your angry with a person,and you do not,or can not visit them,or call them, you can do this,just write down what is in your heart, and say what you want to to that person,and then burn it,and always say THANK YOU,because your speaking to the powers of the universe,and there is very much power the universe holds. You are using this power from the universe to help make this happen. Prayers work in this way way too.You can forgive someone across the planet while your still at your house. These are simple excerizes for you to learn,and use. It works for good,and works for bad. YOU MUST REMEMBER ,THAT BAD THINGS WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU TOO! So remember how you work with these energies! You will always have Rules to follow. Use your powers wisely! There is Karma to pay when you ask for darkness. Do NOT ask for harmful things to happen to a person, because this will Always come BACK HAPPEN TO YOU! Remember this WARNING!

Tarheel: THAT is one GORGEOUS Horse !

Wow, he's a Masterful example of genetic superiority.
I am unaware of exactly what a "Morgan" is, but if I were to want a horse, I'd like one exactly like him.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you Annu77.............

Thanks for this beautiful video of these handsome Horses! They are so exquisit! It is said that they have a higher IQ then dogs. Maybe Because of the larger brains? I don't remember the source I read this, as it was long ago. Horses have done so much for humans in our shared Earth history.I am thankful for them. They are very special creatures!

Tarheel: Not smarter than MY Dogs ! Ha-ha! Laugh BB! OWLS about!

Ive never heard "they have a Higher IQ than Dogs" said before.
I love you and I trust what you say, but I gotta question that. PLEASE dont talke it the wrong way. PLEASE.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, It's the truth............

A while back I came across a some material that stated some Intelliengent Calculating tests was done over a long time period,10 years.And this was actually done on the mammals species only (warm blooded). Monkeys,some breeds,cats some breeds,dogs, some breeds, dolfins,and horses, pigs.This is how I knew this. Dolfins were rated the highest, then horses,then pigs, then dogs then cats But the degrees were not that much difference between them.

Terran resistance: dolphins are sentient

and are alot smarter than people make them out to be, they speak in trinary apparently
that is in my list of top ten crazy shit that people dont know XD
never mind the fact that the earth is hollow etc. Dolphins are sentient!
this planet is so fucked up, japanese eat them for dinner, they have no idea!

bluesbaby5050: Not just the Japanese! Mostly it's the Asians that do this.....

I know this about Dolpfins, and yes this is true about what they do to them! I HATE what is done to those Dolphins! Slaughter for Profit! This is so Sad! Asians eat Anything that they can catch! Simply, They don't care. And they Should care just because of this fact!

Tarheel: DONT confiuse Mahi-mahi with Marina Mammalia.

I am NOT saying ya'll are, but dont confuse Mahi-Mahi (dolphinfish) with Marine Mammals Dolphin. It is a common misnomer to do this. I dont know what Japs eat, but Mahi-Mahi is good and it is called Dolphin too which is VERY CONFUSING.

I would not eat Marine Mammals, but Mahi Mahi is awesome. Here is a difinition I found.

The common English name of dolphin causes much confusion. This fish is not related to the marine mammals also known as dolphins (family Delphinidae).
Additionally, two species of dolphinfish exist, the common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) and the pompano dolphin (Coryphaena equiselis). Both these species are commonly marketed by their Pacific name, mahi-mahi.

Marine Mammlia Dolphin protect Surfers from Sharks OFTEN! My surfin pals would NEVER allow anyone to eat them, and I wouldnt do it any way.

bluesbaby5050: Correction.......

The Dogs, and the Cats are close in intelligence ,but each species Adds something Unique to the Mammal groups. It is their diversity ,and personalities. They are all social animals,and we all share this trait. We have the abilities to express LOVE!

Tarheel: Yeah, but it's the owners itellect that makes the difference....

..and since I'm ......well, MY Dogs are as well. (JUST JOKING , GUYS! You BETTER be laughing.)

I read that the poodle is the 2nd smartest dog and the Labrador Retreiver is 7th, according to Pets.com. I have both breeds(4 altogether), and they are all full of LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL love, which is THE best.

Wandaharley: Dear KOD, I been haveing

Dear KOD, I been haveing trouble with my ears, people say the energies of the earth are vibrating a higher frequency, this guy on you tube says liquid cystals being dumped in the atmosphere is causeing some people to hear ringing and huming sounds in their heads also there is more solar radiation cause by this grid of liquid cyrstals in the air, this radiation is actuallykilling humanity off. he says their are no Reptilians that all the alien stuff is just propaganda. The Shaman know and the ancient Gnostic text refer to these electromagnetic entities that are low in the evolution dept., as stupid and powerless and wouldn't even exsit if they couldn't feed off human mental and emotional energies, Mind Parasite= Archon. I got this from a site and wrote it down, Listen to the drumbeat the holographic body reverberates with the wind of light every cell listens to the drumbeat of the Earth attunes its spiral DNA Structure to the composition, and sings its unique chord; inducing resonant vibrations throughout the cellular molecules,---- I'm trying to find out what is causeing this drumming sound that I hear and a high pitched humming in my ears. I think Miss Lu Lu TiTi therory has played out its course, what we got is demons that the Satanist conjure up these archons that can mimic other living and created things, like I heard they could appear as a object such a car . Any way I know we got to stop the Cabal and the Lucifarians because I believe they are behind all of mankinds troubles not the imaginary aliens that the archons can appear as. Only I expect somewhere in the solar system that there are other life forms and even highly advanced ones, I think the Arcturians are real, I saw them in my mind a few times, thing is even our own minds like to play tricks and games with conscouisness. What do you suspect maybe that I am hearing?

Tarheel: I cant say, BUT.....

...I have been hearing aural frequencies for quite a while now. The pitch has changed. It is much higher, and I believe it's PART of the tranformation into the 4th D. It's a much nicer frequency than what I was hearing when the Negative Frequency Machines were rolling.
I dont know about your liquid crystals theorybut as Anu77 said, they've got our back with that which we have zero control over.
Oh, the alien "stuff"...it is NOT propanaganda. He sounds liike a disinfo agent WandaHarley Davidson.
I have read much about how a heavenly body hums a distinct frequency, and that when we do travel the cosmos, that we should avoid those that dont synchronize with us, and we shouls seek those that sounds beautiful.

I would say that Earth/Ki/Gaia is being tuned into a much more beautiful precision tune. Check around though.

Peace !

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