by Annunaki77 on August 24th, 2012

Harmony Reigned on Atlantis, a City surrounded by the Vast Oceans of Poseidon (Enki) , the Awsome Power of the Oceans surrounded Atlantis, the Oceans which Da Aya Terra Formed after the Battle of Olympus, Sirius & Orion.

Atlantis was the Supreme example of Harmony and Awsome Power, no Civilization can even Compare to Her.
Atlantis was a Hub for Learning , Creativity, Music and Meditation, Love and Compassion. It was the Hub for Eternal Knowledge and Spiritual Awareness. No one went Hungry, No one Suffered Abuse or Torment, No one was Polarized against each other with War Tools such as Religions, No one was Corrupt or Conspired against each other for Personal Gain.

The Alien Wars have caused much Grief on Planet Earth and it's Peoples. The Flood caused a Reset on the Planetry Evolution of the Human Species. The So-called Divinities made sure that the Dammed (Adamu) never Evolved.
Who can make such bold claims but the Arrogant Divinities who only Understand Enslavement and Oppression.
They say you are SIN because you were created with Beast DNA. Is that your fault?, no that is not your fault, it is Destiny.

To Oppress any Evolving Civilization is just Wrong, but to Understand such Extreme Awareness is to Understand why the Fallen Ones have fallen because they believed in Freedom, to other Empires in the Heavens ,Freedom is considered a Great Evil and Tyranny a Great Good.

No one can decide your Path, Your Friend has given you a choice, you have the Gift of the Feather, you always have a Choice, Free Will & Destiny VS Enslavement.
Many are Enslaved because of their Giving away of their Free Will to these Religions.

Free Will is a choice that is not found on Sirius or Orion,neither your Canus and Reptilian Neighbours have this Jewel called Freedom which is found only on Earth and other far away Planets.

Always remember that a Piece of Olympus is flowing within your Heart & Soul. For the Sons of God (The Titans & Olympians alike) have given you a piece of their DNA to you the Adamu.

For you are not Biological Robots or Slaves but rather Free Beings with Free Choice and as you move along through your Reincarnational Cycles you will know what is right and wrong from within and not from any Engineered Holy Book.

From within your Beating Heart you will know the Holy Me.

I Cry for you , tears of Joy because your Future will be truly a Glorious Future for all Humanity.

Love will Replace Fear. Love a Force which has been labelled a Weakness but is in fact the Most Powerful Force in the Universe. Love is always Underestimated and never taken Seriously, Love moves the Universe.



enejenny: thanks for your love towards

thanks for your love towards humanity.

Tarheel: Anu77, share with us what you know about Atlantis demise.

Share what made Atlantis implode. I've read that "the Atlantians misused their technology" and Ive read that "Pleadians ultimately were to blame ". Ive read so many THEORIES that I dont know what to believe.

We agree with you on Humanity's future. If only Humanity knew more about The Power they hold.

We love you Anu77.

enejenny: i dont know much,i want you

i dont know much,i want you to teach me

Tarheel: EneJenny-Read Annunaki77's and Edisonik's posts....

....from the start of Truth Control. You can access their posts via any post they have. There is much to learn from them. Keep in mind-TR is full of shit, full of hatred and is a discontented soul.
Anu77 and Edisonik dont want you to worship them and they dont want your money. All they want is to wake us up and teach us what they have learned through their years. They send messages of love, Passion, Free Will and Destiny and they ask for nothing in return except that IF you feel so inspired, share their message.

TR is of the devil, truly a misguided soul. . He blames his poor life on the system and he is able to, but chooses not to do anything about himself. We cant help someone who is in denial and doesnt want to help himself, so we leave him to wallow in the cesspool he has created for himself...a cesspool of hatred and deceit. It's sad.

enejenny: am grateful ,i will do learn

am grateful ,i will do learn from them and spread the message......

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