The Bolivian farmer, Carmelo Flores seen here next to his 67 year old son, says a steady Andrean diet of Quinoa grains, and river mushrooms, and around the clock chewing of the native Coca Leaves is what he believes he attributes to his longevity. Speaking in the 4,000 metre (13,123 feet high) hamlet where he lives in a straw-roofed hut, Flore says that the traditional Andrean diet is what has kept him alive for 123 years, and he is still going strong! Flores says in his native Aymara, the only language the man nearly deaf speaks, he says that potatoes, and Quinoa are very delicious! According to Flores birth certificate, Flores was born in 1890, on July16th. And this birthdate is also listed on his baptism certificate also. Flores has the National Identity Documents based on the certificates. On August 26th,2013 the Bolivian government official will award him the title of," Living Heritage of Humanity. The title of the oldest living person belongs now to France's Jeanne Calment, who died at the age of 122 years old in 1997, according to the Guinness World Records. Aymara Indian, Carmelo Flores lives in his home town of Frasquia, 110 km (68miles) North of LA PAZ, SOUTH AMERICA.

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bluesbaby5050: The people that live in the mountains of Bolivia have a larger..

Have a much larger ribcage, and by having a much larger rib cage makes it possible for them to breath in the higher altitudes of the Andes mountains. The people that work in the Ore mines in the higher ranges of these mountains need to chew the native plant, the Coca leaves that they also grow, and harvests all year long. People that venture into the higher altitudes have to make a long trip of it, as they can not breath the thin air. They get sick, and they will become dizzy, and light headed, and then they will vomit, and some actually have died from trying to do this. Many tourists are warned about this, and they are told that they can pass at their own risks. The Andes mountains are a very rugged terrain, and many people are sent back, before they become sick..

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