“I want this sent across all channel’s Khepri Thoth, do you understand the meaning behind that?”

    Oh boy, he used my full name, I snapped to attention and centred myself, realizing his gaze was upon me…

    “I do your Maje..” Khepri paused, remembering where he was “Sir…are you sure it is time?” but that question melted away under the cold hard stare he was use to feeling many a times throughout his existence.

    “I’ll read the message once more Sir” and with that, Khepri launched into reciting the boon that a hidden man now begs of all his kind:

    What I write here is not for most people, I am merely lighting the Singularity Beacon of Light for all My Kind. I am not here to discuss what I have written, either your Soul Spirit will be triggered to follow with me or it won’t. This is a message to all Light beings, I now awaken you to the final calling on this poisoned and dying earth. Control your physical being and tame all Ego’s, lower your Cognitive Dissonance level’s and unload your Latent Inhibitions; I will now reboot your biological systems: LISTEN to my words for the GREATER understanding and feelings within.

    I am a very old soul. There are many reincarnation terms for my spiritual existence. Perhaps the one that will inspire vision among all is the name: The King Soul. I have reincarnated a number of times for millennia’s, having completed my training ‘ages’ ago. For simplicity sake, you may now look at me as a ‘wandering teacher’, but my physical existence here along with my awakening at this point in Earth’s timeline goes much deeper then that.

    We knew before my coming here to help humanity that there would be a moment in your existence where the unveiling of who I am would become very important. Not only that, but everything about my words would have to be supported by all your known history: false, true and everything in between. This time, there would be no argument, no question as to what was happening. Every angle, each point of knowledgeable Light I illuminated from the darkness would be backed by the very data that threatened to smother all before us. This was not an easy task to envision, especially with all the alarms in place to squash any attempts to seize control back from the corrupted establishments that guided the fate of all people and Mother Earth herself.

    For those reasons, my spirit group and I chose a family line with an amazingly natural set of gifted talents that spawned from your current day and back into history. We would use the very corrupt system against itself: the same tactic’s it used to control, subvert and blind the children of earth against the Light, we would use it to hide my plight towards the final awakening.

    Of all the talents my family naturally possessed, I understood that I would be denied them outright, only having my innate senses to guide me early on in life’s existence. I knew that my given names would be needed to unlock an understanding for those of the Light who were very much in touch with their spiritually awakened side long before I would be. I knew my walk in this final chance for all of humanity to save itself, would be a lonely, empty and loveless one, for a very long time and I would never understand why until much later in life.

    But more importantly, there are those of the Light as a whole, awaiting my Beacon to become lit and my named lineage to become the Keystone of their final awakening. They are part of my direct family of Light or associates thereof; the warriors, sages, priests, servants, scholars and artisans, sent here ahead of me to prepare themselves for my arrival. As in past travel’s, they once again wait for the summons to the Round Table of Enlightenment. I now invoke that call: To all those of Light, here, from far and wide across the known universe, our time to act has come.

    I call for all Light Beings to come on mass around the Table of Enlightenment and pay heed to the one King’s Soul; he who came here to lead the awakening on mass for all humanity and stop the circle of destruction that threatens the very existence of our mother Earth’s all loving realm.

    This has been my life’s burden, my life’s climb to where I now stand upon the shoulders of everyone before me. It is your power that gives me strength to lead and see what we, together, can ultimately become and create. I KNOW the chaos, I see the order. I have been genetically trained to ride the waves towards a new reality, collapsing where needed thus painting a path to the gates of a new ecosystem filled with love, beauty, kindness, creativity, expansiveness, unlimited abundance and receptivity; a lush new rainforest built for all to grow in, not just the select few. Now heed my charge: Search within yourself, seek the loving Truth behind these words and obey the call: Humanities End Game has begun, Light Beings assemble, this, the One Old Soul King, commands.

    For those uncomfortable with the reality of this story, I merely present the opening preface to a book entitled: The Old Soul King Awakens. Sound interesting enough?

    Khepri Thoth

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    Tarheel: A very strong message

    This is not a challenge.
    So you are The God of Rebirth-the morning Sun ? Could you explain the biological reboot-what is to be expected ?
    It's a great message, but certainly you would have to expect people to be leery after all the false messengers.
    I love the name and the message. I must meditate on this but certainly I will have a seat at The Table of Enlightenment.

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