Old Donald Duck cartoon makes fun of Satanic Adolf Hitler!

Old Donald Duck cartoon makes fun of Satanic Adolf Hitler


You can watch all the way through if you want but what I'm talking about, starts at 5.34

Now compare it to this image of stereotypical Baphomet also known as Satan:

So you see Donald Duck makes fun of Adolf Hitler for being pro-satanist.

The gesture Donald Duck makes and Baphomet makes is known as the "As above so below" gesture, which is a reference to Satan being king of Hell and heaven.

The above so below saying is constantly taken out of context all the time, not many people knows that its Satanic in orgin.

Alot about Adolf Hitler is still left out of the history books!

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edisonik: Keep Mocking, I Pity you.

You have no Idea with who or what your messing with.
You have absolutely no Idea.
I won't have to explain myself but you are creating a Sirius Problem for yourself Mortal.

Terran resistance: It's spelt serious not sirius

you muppet, what are you banging on about now, take your happy pills!

edisonik: Hitler was a Lord of Darkness, a Reincarnated Atlantian Warlock

He understood Polarity and the Secret Knowledge of Atlantis, he wanted a Master Race but he didn't understand everything, this is why he was not Worthy of Earth.

Polarity gives you Failure and so does War, War is Big Business for Bankers and Reptilians alike, but this Blasphemy can no longer be tolerated.
Humans cannot be used for Banker Profit anymore.

Bankers will get it the Worst because they have funded this Heresy long enough.

Tarheel: I'd LOVE to help ya'll punish the bankers.

I beg of you to let me help with that.

bluesbaby5050: You have an Army of Humans ----

To Back This Up! I/WE ARE 100% With You !

Terran resistance: -

I really dont see what bankers have to do with hitler and donald duck

Terran resistance: Hitler's second book on the new world order

Hitler the satanic Aldebaran twit.

Hitler's second book after Mein Kampf is rumoured to actually have been called the new world order.

so a new world order, is a nazi idea!

whether or not the rumour is true or not, is uncertain, but probably true.

bluesbaby5050: There is NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS !!


edisonik: They are all in on it!

The Nazi and the NWo are one and the same.

bluesbaby5050: I AGREED WITH YOU.

I AGREE.This is Correct. They Mirror each other!

edisonik: They are all Pawns for the Orion Queens

Queen Elizabeth is an Orion Queen. She is no Ordinary Woman. She is Extremely Powerful, I feel sorry for the Slaves of the U.K.
Some might say how can this be for she looks Human!, nope!, wrong again that is her shell which she must keep in Human Form with Human Sacrifices , Human Blood is what is needed to keep the 50/50 Human/Reptilian DNA Balanced, otherwise the Royals turn back into Reptiles.

Believe it or not , it is just a Fact.

Poor Terran R, you reap what you sow. Oh you live in the U.K. poor , poor Soul.

bluesbaby5050: I know---

I am Glad I live in the US.With all it's faults,I am still Proud to be an AMERICAN BORN WOMAN! Good to see your back here with us again My Lord Edjakhan. I LOVE YOU! Remember this!

edisonik: I Love you too bluesbaby5050

Me and you as well as Quinton ( though he is not sure yet ) Tarheel and many others understand. There are various Agendas at work on this Planet.
Many Agendas and many Players, Some Kods, Some Human, some Non Human.

Terran R is probably running back with his tail between his legs to tell his Superiors what he has learned or what I exposed.
Do you think I care, Nope!.
Run along little Minion of the Reptilians.

Terran resistance: hahahaha edisonik

your so inconsistent its laughable

you have got to be the worst shill in the history of mankind!

"Terran R is probably running back with his tail between his legs"

probably? So you dont know for sure? I thought you were a psychic, telepathic, alien, master teacher who knows everything



for all to see edisonik the fraud whos claims hes an ET, psychic, telepathic, god.

bluesbaby5050: I had TR Pegged from the Start!

I even told You this too.WE KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS! TR,and his Buddies Think they Have me/ the Humans Fooled. WRONG ! They DON'T! They ARE A BUNCH OF SLIMY COWARDS! ALL COWARDS HIDE!

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