Okay so can someone help me with auras

by Kizuna on April 24th, 2016

I notice that when use both of my eyes I can see my aura which is green but lately I get the feeling that its not my aura for the simple fact that when I pick up a inadement object it emits a green aura objects are not soppose to produce an aura is that correct?

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RickyJG: Everything produces an aura

Everything produces an aura because everything has energy. The aura that it's picking up is probably the aura from the person that produced that object. For example a table. The person or people who created the table will go into the aura of that table. Solid material still has energy because everything is energy. Everything is moving all the time and the energy that you see is just simply the energy created by those that helped build whatever you're seeing.

LoliApolys: That was very well exsplaned

That was very well exsplaned :) Ricky has it right. Iam glad to see your learning fast kizuna. Just keep up the good work and you should also try reading your friends or pets some time too. This helps you train harder and it make sure your still sane. Sorryz I can't be there to test you. Perhaps after I get to know you a bit more we can Skype and I can test your ability :) there is many help aids in the spiritual form here as well. Many sources of knowledge is good but putting them to the test is key. Some techniques may work for you better than others. Sorry I haven't privet message you it doesn't seem to work today

Terran resistance: what i find interesting

what i find interesting is quantum probability control, this isnt as scientific as it sounds trust me, for example you look at something then you assign probability to black or white, say white was yes and black was no, say the example was that a ball was going down a pocket in a game of pool or snooker and then you think the color of the ball and you wait until the snooker cue is in the right position and it feels white then you hit it to find that it goes down the hole, you dont hit it until the ball feels more white than black. Thats an example of me seeing color WITHOUT auras by assigning colors like black and white to probability, the problem is that you need to be very psychic to be able to do this with high accuracy.

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