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by edisonik on April 28th, 2011

Sitchin tests his ET hypotheses with data--astronomical, geological, biological--as well as statues, ruins, clay tablets and logic we can evaluate. Sitchin's information, as well as data from Richard Thompson, Michael Cremo and Michael Tellinger frees us.

Sitchin cites archeological records the Nibirans dictated to Sumerian scribes: an atmospheric crisis 445,000 years ago on Nibiru made Nibirans mine Earth for gold. Most Nibirans left Earth in 2024 A.D. Some stayed here and others left then returned to Earth between 2012 and 2050 A.D.

The ETs from Nibiru (the gods of old)The Canus Dogs enjoyed more advanced technology and great longevity.
300,000 years ago the Nibirans grafted their genes into the genome of Homo Erectus (a humanoid species devolved from earlier Homo Sapien settlers of Earth) to breed mine slaves--us.
The gods shaped our physical, social, intellectual and consciousness evolution. They programmed us for patriarchal hierarchy, violence, obedience, lust for gold and disdain for the consciousness of underlings.

445,000 ago, Ea, a Nibiran Sumerians call Enki, rocketed to Earth. Medical officers, 600 miners and 300 crewmen followed him to Earth to get gold to contain and shield Nibiru’s atmosphere. They found gold in Africa and South America. Enki instigated miners in Africa to refuse to dig more. Then he pressed Enlil, the Expedition Chief, Pardon the mutineers. I'll replace them with mining slaves I’ll create.

Ea/Enki engineered the slaves with his genes, the mitochondrial DNA from his sister Ninmah and genes of Homo Erectus (a local hominid devolved from ancient human survivors on Earth long before the Nibirans or a locally evolved hominid). The hybrids-- we Homo Sapiens of today--look like the initial Nibirans on Earth, though they were seven or eight feet tall and some had longer heads and bigger brains. Male Nibirans lack the foreskins of our males and we lack the Nibirans’ longevity.

Enki created us, and we bore babies to him and to men and women from the Expedition. Children born on Earth of Expedition members begat more babies with the hybrids their parents begat. Our ancestors dug gold and copper, tended crops, livestock and mansions for the Expedition people. After the Deluge, 13,000 years ago, Expedition bosses ordered us to call them "gods" and build them temples, palaces, hangars and cities in Sumer (Iraq). They taught us warfare, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, herding, writing, architecture and geology to support the cities and palaces, but we they owned and controlled us.

Enlilites, gods of Sumer and India who descended from Enlil, ordered us to war against the Enkiites, Enki's descendants, the gods of Egypt and Babylon, especially Enki's son MARDUK an Marduk's son Nabu, taught their slaves to war on Enlil's. The war between these two patrilineal factions climaxed in 2023 B.C.. Enlilite gods nuked their own Sinai Spaceport to keep it from the Enkiites.

Fallout from the bombs spread to Enlil's Sumer but not Marduk's Babylon; Babylon nestled safely north of the deadly cloud. Sumer’s Enlilite gods fled, but their slaves died. Marduk ruled Sumer for a while.

The gods and certain of their descendants hide this history and still chain us in matrices of religion, war and business. We remain their economic and intellectual slaves until we embrace the truths of our origins. The messages Sitchin shares manumits us.

Gods of both lineages taught slaves to expect war, violence, slaving and defoliation. Each god insisted on his or her slaves’ unquestioning obedience. Some slaves, however, escaped the mines and cities of the gods and fled to hinterlands, far from gods’ abuse and wars, no longer fodder for spears, arrows, chariots, then explosives, lasers, gas and biological agents.

The heirs of the gods dumbed humanity down genetically; they deliberately shortened our livespan. They enslave us in matrixes of religion, war and business until we embrace the truths of our origins, once we wake up we can take back our freedom and our rightful place among the Stars.


Quinton: Great post! I have a few

Great post!

I have a few questions that somewhat pertain to this, if you could:

Does the House of Windsor represent Enki or Enlil?

Does the Vatican represent Enki or Enlil?

Are the Phoenicians/Canaanites descendents of Enki?

Thanks much :)

edisonik: History has been twisted

The Windsors and the Vatican is the Orion Rebel Draco Faction of the Reptilian Queens of Orion.
It doesn't matter how you cut it Ikiki Warrior, they care not for Freedom, Destiny or Free Will.

So do not bow yourself down to them because their Mentality is that you are Worthless Beasts, Cannon Fodder for Wars.

They are the enemies to Freedom and Free Will.
I should know, trust me on this, many Adamu's are very gullible to Royalty they kiss the Boots every time, they should get a slap in the face and wake the hell up.

Remember Ikiki Warrior Lord Aya was Anti - System so therefore Anti Monarchy, A Reject and Rebel against Tyranny.

Live well and Lifetime after Lifetime Quinton, you who Served King Zues of Mount Olympus.

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